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Tis the Season (Looking for Male)

Started by Ravensahnk, December 04, 2011, 03:05:20 PM

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So I'm not sure how popular this is or not, but currently I want to do something starting off around the Holidays.  Possibly meeting at a mid-December Christmas Party or an unfortunate turn events that cause the meet and greet on Christmas eve.  I was thinking it would be something romantic and consensual.  Here are a couple of possibilities or you could suggest something as well.

Plot 1[/color]

Their families had been friends since they could remember, every Christmas eve was spent together drinking and celebrating a new year come and past.  Now that they are adults they too join in on the drinking.  Except now, this is both their first time seeing one another in almost four years.  They both went to college exploring their own interests and she had moved to New York to accommodate a new job.  Now this year she was able to come home and visit.  But in that four years both of their hormones matured and upon seeing one another, the old friendship sparks into something more.

Plot 2

She had just recently moved into the neighborhood by herself when she got an invitation to the Johnson's annual Christmas Party.  Figuring it was a way to get to know her new neighbors she went with a party dish and a bottle of Wine for the party and went to join the festivities.  When she was sipping at a drink talking to a few of the neighbors that she had already met, a man who had been born and raised in the neighbor hood caught sight of her.  It could be something instant or something innocent that quickly starts to heat up.


I was looking at Plot 2 and I like it.  I was wondering what kinds of fantasy roles a person could take into the RP.  I noticed in your RP On's and Off's that you like Time Travel as a setting and Fantasy or Gothic.  I was thinking something along the lines of the neighbor in the house isn't from her time and when she enters the house she is actually trapped inside it because he is floating between times.  So if she tries to leave she could end up anywhere at any time.

What do you think?
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Quite an interesting take on it.  PM me and we'll plan it out and try to get it started.


Hi Ravensahnk. I was also looking at the role marked 2. I was thinking of adding a special Christmas twist to it. I was thinking that the neighbour could in fact be an elf. One from Santa's domain who actually comes to check who is naughty and who is nice.

Would that be something that interested you?