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Started by Raigi, December 04, 2011, 04:21:56 AM

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Raigi's Requests

My ons and offs can be found here. https://elliquiy.com/forums/index.php?topic=117443.0

I am dedicating more time to Freedom denied that I had previously thought I would given the post length. I would still be interested in a second roleplay but it would have to really tickle my fancy (yes your ideas for plots are MORE than welcome I love other folks worlds.) so I'm going to say that for now apps are tentatively closed.

Plots -

A lord without his Lady -

Liberated from a tyrant the land surrounding Rime Castle now knows brighter days. Roads that had fallen into disrepair and been plagued by bandits were once again safe and easy to travel. Trade once more boomed in the region bringing it a much needed economic upturn. The tax rate fell to a reasonable level and no longer need people fear the castle knights when tax season rolled around. The ruling class suffered a great deal however, their pockets no longer as heavy with coin as they once were. Though it caused the castles coffer manager to work a little overtime to find a way to make general upkeep while keeping a steady reserve of coin work out in the math all seemed to be going well for the bustling city. The people had only themselves and their oddity of a new lord to thank for their freedom, they being the ones to rise up against their former master under the leadership of one not even of their own race. (Note I can also play one of my human characters for this but I usually would use Raigi or Lans for it, descriptions to come soon!)

Though he did not ask for the title or anything in return really the young leader of the revolution was crowned lord of Rime and over the course of 3 years had made it into the bustling trade hub it was today. His work was a labor of love not only wanting a comfortable living for those that had so bravely stood beside him against their own but also to see his kingdom flourish. All his work had seemed to pay off, the people were happy and the city gleamed but he couldn't help but feel like something was missing. What he seemed so oblivious to however his subordinates had caught. He was a lonely man, always racking his mind as he met quill with parchment. The beloved son of Rime had nobody warm to hold or to crawl into bed next to when the days were over somehow it didn't seem right.

Any time his advisers tried to bring up his lack of a lady the young lord would only blush lightly and shake his head, none had pushed it past that point. So begged the question though, this man had ruled over the most prosperous time the city had seen in over 50 years what would they do for an heir to continue this legacy if he would not marry a girl from one of the noble houses? The captain of the Royal Guard had suggested a harem while another had tossed out the idea of a grand ball held within the castle walls. Whatever comes of their banter it seems clear that Rime would soon see itself with a lady, that is...if the lord survives. Having lightened so many pockets has made enemies and there has been an attempt or two on his life, will he live long enough to find someone that tickles his fancy?

Chronicles of a Paladin!

A young boy one rainy night found himself at the doors of a prestigious chapel, lost, alone, and with no memory of where he'd come from. With a hesitant hand he reached up to knock only for the door to open and an elderly cleric poke his head. "Ohhh, I thought I heard something out here, come in boy out of that wet!" He exclaimed ushering the hooded child inside. The boys clothing clung to his body and he dripped all over the floor as the cleric sat the silent child on one of the benches facing a grand statue and altar. "What's your name boy?" He asked guessing it was a male. A short while passed before he got an answer. "Lans.... I think." He replied timidly that being the only name that came to mind. "Well then Lans where are your parents eh? Cold night out to be alone." The boy shook his head. "Ah...I don't know. The last thing I remember is walking up your steps sir... uhm... " He was shushed there.

A pained expression took over the old mans face it wasn't the first time he'd seen this. "Abandoned *sigh* so many end up here like that. Come lets get you into some dry clothes. Lans was it? I'm father Clancy." The elder replied. Imagine his suprise to find the boy wasn't human but some kind of cat - human hybrid. His skills with a blade as he grew were second to none and he was always so well behaved, a very quiet and diligent learner. He wasn't well excepted by the other students at first, being picked on often and having few friends. As he grew however the people there eventually came to accept him the strange young man becoming just like any of the other boys there. There was...one difference however.

Paladins at this church were well known for their ways with women, wooing them with their gleaming suits of armor and imposing visages. It helped that they were somewhat well payed, an interesting parallel to their supposed selfless nature, though it was a nice luxury. Lans was no different for someone that wasn't human he had an exceptionally good effect on the girls learning there. Sadly his childhood had left him quiet and reserved many of the girls attempts to get him to notice them being met only with a bashful smile. Standing at 7' tall he towered over his comrades in arms and soon it would be time for he and his kin to embark out into the world to aid where those who would tyranize and murder dwelled.

I would like this to be a simple romance story, perhaps he leaves and a priestess with strong feelings for him takes flight after him in the dead of night. Or perhaps he's been sent to a crime laden city to eradicate the members of a syndicate mob? I am more than open for ideas as this suddenly begins to look more like a character description than a plot!

Freedom Denied -  (Taken)

Being a rare species often has its downsides. Raigi would soon find this out as he one day was overwhelmed by human traders taken from his free life and thrown into a dark world of slavery and pain. He's endured much but has he been scarred by it yet? Fellpools (catfolk) fetch a high price on the slave market for their rarity and desirable nature as housekeepers, bodyguards, and even lovers on rare occassions. He looked to be badly abused several painful swells having formed on his legs arms and cheeks though it was impossible to see the bruises and cuts through his fur (more about that in his description.) He's been assured that if he doesn't get purchased because of resistance more of the same would come.

Many would come to look upon him the young man shying away from them all bunched up in the corner of the massive cage that held him. Attempts to touch him were mostly met with him shuffling away from the strange groping hands. He was resisting, there was still a spark of fight left in him though he was quickly losing hope for a comfortable life. Perhaps someone nice will buy me, the thought ran through his head but it was unlikely.

For Freedom denied I don't really have a good story made up for it. It's more of a I want to get to know how forum roleplaying feels starter than anything. I'm not real familiar with forum roleplays and kind of want to ease into it. I'm looking for a female to play the buyer and was hoping for either her to be somewhat disturbed and broken and for him to help her warm back up or for her to offer a gentle touch and let him know that maybe there are people out there that are good.

Characters I Play

Name: Raigi Fanlith

Age: 19

Race: Fellpool (animal person)

Standing at 6'7" he wasn't impossibly tall but he certainly towered over almost anyone he met. His body was somewhat heavy not from fat but the dense toned muscle that had come from a childhood wrought with an abundance of physical labor. Unlike a human it was difficult to see the result of all the hard labor he'd endured as a youngling due to the tan colored fur that covered his body. A black stripe came down each of his eyes and over the cheeks much like a puma. A 4 foot long thick and somewhat heavy tail extended from his rear giving him a rather exotic appearance. Adding to that exotic allure on the top of his head sat two triangular cats ears poking through his slightly darker chestnut brown hair. Aside from the fur, tail and ears he appeared to be for the most part human the differences only being a longer life span and more powerful legs. The fur was amazingly soft to the touch the thick but short silky strand all very well kempt as it seemed he was fond of bathing. His eyes were human for the part a striking grey color though the pupils were slitted much like a cats.

He could be wearing an array of different clothing as this is my main character and it will depend on the storyline in question. If he is to be playing a slave per se, he would probably have been recently captured and dressed in torn peasants clothing fresh with blood from a small gash on his forehead. Or perhaps he's playing as a paladin in dull grey armor the youngest graduate of an old order having lived out his life in a monastery. Or perhaps he's a skilled hunter that happens across a maiden beset wolves. Whatever the case I'll fill it out when it's appropriate.

Personality 1:
Cheerful and friendly he finds it difficult to avoid letting alone those he can see are suffering. An innate need to comfort fears and show compassion where there is none sets him apart from many that would otherwise go along uncaring. Those that would enslave or tyranize others will find him an enormous pest as he isn't afraid to take up arms in the name of what is right. He has a bit of a weakness toward women however being easily manipulated those that would seek to play on his compassions. Striking a woman is a last resort to him and he would never resort to such a measure without a desperate need. Those he would catch abusing the fairer sex would be hard pressed to find themselves on his good side. A competent fighter he's somewhat simple though in a refreshing way with how he deals with conflict.

Personality 2: Shy and somewhat broken inside. Having grown up with little more than foster parents be it a kindly priest or farmer he grew up with a skewed view on the world. Despite the kind folk he was raised around he was distant and quiet always heavily clothed as if hiding behind the fabric / armor. The young man sees himself as little more than a vessel to serve those around him, his life is worth very little to him and he sees no possiblity that a female would see him as anything more than a friend. Despite this he has a few female admirers that secretly would like to get to know the reclusive and exotic fellpool better but aloof nature rarely allowed for comfortable contact.

Personality 3: Angry and jaded he has lived a harsh life, raised as a slave and beaten on a regular basis for the most minor of mistake he has little reason to show compassion for humankind. Trained in hand to hand and swordplay combat he could serve as an extraordinary bodyguard for royalty but he was instead stuck with a noble family that had fallen into disarray its assets quickly rupturing from bad investments. When it came time for the family to tighten their belts what better as the first thing to get rid of than their worthless fellpool slave? Now with his future uncertain he finds himself in little more than rags, stuck in an enormous cage at the slave auction. He hated it all of it but nothing showed past those nearly lifeless eyes. Any hope of a comfortable or happy life had left him long ago. Pain was the norm for him and he knew not the pleasure of a soft touch, the very idea almost inconcievable in his mind.

( general concept, I tried coloring it but ah...well.. I had to smooth out a lot of the lines myself and add some where there were none. I'm terrible at art so bleh. but still it's close enough to my characters it should fit.)


12/31/2011 Additions

As a note I am currently craving a sort of forbidden love scenario with two races being at war with one another. I was hoping to make it a point that they could come together with maybe a few other people or NPC's to achieve a greater goal than victory for either side. Mainly this is a craving for the ancients amulets storyline but please bear in mind it can be changed to fit the needs / wants of my partners. None of this is set in stone it's simply to give you an idea of what I like / have done in the past! Also I am not too much looking to play Ariana at the moment but should someone wish to tickle the fancy of some of my ons and offs I could certainly be persuaded.

Characters I play

Ariana Laywin

Age: 25

Race: Wood elf

Appearance: White silken skin unblemished to time gave Ariana an almost angelic appearance. Her frame was petite the young elf only standing at about 5'2 but sporting a hefty D cup pair of breasts only making her that much more of a sight to see. Almond colored eyes gave her a bit more of an earthly appeal while her pure white hair framed her lovely face within the confines of a dark brown hooded cloak.  A modest green tunic covered her small though shapely form along with a pair of brown skin tight shorts. Thigh high leather boots with skin tight gloves rounded out her attire giving the girl that sort of air of adventure.  A bow and quiver appeared to be her only weapons but a spark of something more seem to tingle about her just out of sight.

Note: Ariana is a mage as well as archer though I'll leave to my partner to learn more.

http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1208564    ( Labeling this NSFW even though there is no nudity as there may be some on the site.)

Tristram - No last name given.

Age: 22

Race: Feline

Appearance: Well dressed by all accounts in a nice black cloth set of dress clothes with white bordering. Short grayish hair a suprising color for one so young was allowed to grow out just a bit with his catlike ears poking through the fur on them matching his hair. His tail was about 3 feet in length with fur also matching his hair color as well as being short giving it a silken feel. Almond colored eyes stared almost boredly matching his expression it seeming as if any spark of cheer was long since snuffed out of his character. He exterts an aloof nature accentuated by his expressions and choice of clothing.

http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=928316   (labeling this NSFW even though there is no nudity as there may be some on the site)


The Ancient Amulets - War of the Dorai  (As a side note this is by far my favorite plotline as I've used it many times and never been disappointed.)

( I will be going through this and changing / updating things that aren't to my liking. It took me ages to write before joining this site but I want to ensure it's got a good solid foundation to start on.)
The World of Marna
700 years have passed since the fall of the Goddess of Magic from her throne, her golden tower still standing tall on an island near the center of the earth. The chosen of the goddess children live in hiding to avoid the many bounty hunters that seek them for their high value. To kill a Dorai and present proof of the deed to royalty is to earn a place amongst the nobility of the great expanse of human kingdoms across the world. Although there are some Dorai and mortals that desire peace with one another their numbers are far outweighed by those who wish nothing more than the complete destruction of their long standing enemies. To date only a single battalion of Dorai are known to exist and are lead by the oldest living and most cunning of all the Dorai. A man named Aldarin Va'Lain, known by humans the Black Death for his swift crushing attacks on the Kingdom of Coritani's outer forts. It's yet unknown where he and his battalion reside but it's sure that he has a permanent settlement somewhere under the humans noses.

The attacks by Aldarin have been of little true threat to the Kingdom of Coritani's safety but it is believed that they are a precursor to a larger assault on the Coritian countryside. Aldarin was not the kind of man to waste his time on useless attacks. The food and weapons they had been pillaging from taken then immediately abandoned stations had to be part of a plot. Feeding into this theory the Kingdom of Coritani had been receiving reports that the leader of the band of dorai soldiers wielded powerful magics both light and dark, two faint glows emanating from his neck when he used the spells. These gems that hung about his neck were a mystery to the humans, their history books never having told of these amazingly powerful trinkets. Two questions surfaced that boiled amongst the human aristocracy. Just how many of these amulets were there and what could their purpose be? Whatever the case, if the man known as Aldarin wielded them then they were almost certainly weapons for use against the mortals.

Will the Mortals and Dorai settle their feud or will the fires of war consume the countryside in the wake of their bitter hatred. The story has only begun to unfold, if these two artifacts had surfaced then surely someone had found the other two, perhaps not realizing their true value. Now the search was on for Aldarin and it was left to the Mortals to uncover the mystery of Aldarin Va'Lain and just what he was concocting. However, now word of the existence of these relics have spread, there are those that seek these treasures hoping to unlock their secrets!


The world of Marna is relatively young, its inhabitants having only advanced to the age of swords, castles, and kingdoms. Humans are by far the most numerous of the worlds inhabitants, followed by the reclusive High Elves and even more rare Forest elves. Fellpools(Anthromorphs, crosses between humans and animals with primarily humanoid features but abilities according to their race.) are known to be highly reclusive and tend to avoid other humanoids except in rare cases. The last of the major inhabitants of the world, if they can still be called a major inhabitant are the Dorai. These people can consist of any race, be it human, elf, Fellpool, or otherwise. Their eyes have a dark purple pigmentation, a side effect of the magic coursing through their beings. Other races exist in this world as well but aren't considered major powers for one reason or another.

In the past, several thousand years ago a goddess of unparalleled beauty came from the heavens above to guide the hands of this worlds inhabitants, teach them to prosper and advance. This was first done with trinkets, items that mortals could use to channel mana without bringing it through their bodies, an act that would result in a horrible sickness followed soon by death to those without the goddess gift. These trinkets limited the mortals use of the gift and over time of course they became addicted to the magical force they had done nothing to earn. After several years of devout worship the goddess saw fit to bestow upon her most faithful servants the ability to channel magic through their bodies, a gift that would create a new race known as the Dorai. The new gift allowed the Dorai to explore deeper boundaries to their magical prowess, allowing them not only amazing longevity but the means to expand their magical knowledge beyond that of what trinkets would ever allow.

For a few years the dorai blood mixed with that of the subraces this creating a handful of Dorai, fabled children of the goddess. With the aid of Dorai magic the various peoples of the world advanced at an amazing rate, erecting castles and feats of craftsmanship far beyond what they should have been able to comprehend in such a short amount of time. Everywhere Dorai lived they ushered in a sort of golden age, their powers seeing that there would never be a shortage of food, water, or fire to craft materials needed to build. This grand harmony was to be shortlived however, discontent began to spill into mortal societies where Dorai were looked upon as slavemasters rather than protectors. Why did the goddess allow only a chosen few the gift? Why didn't all of the peoples of this world have it so easy as her favored children? Why couldn't the goddess simply give them all the power she entrusted to so few? These questions brought out the worst in the masses, anger and jealousy eventually breeding hatred toward the goddess children and even herself. Mortal faith in the her judgement eventually waned, and paranoid ideas that they were merely slaves to these magic users spread about. With these poisoned thoughts....too came rebellion and violence.

The mislead propaganda provoked mortals everywhere to turn on their Dorai elders, killing those that resisted and capturing those too helpless or surprised by the sudden uprising to offer resistance. The goddess upon receiving word of the mortals betrayal was devastated, the death of a dorai was to her like the death of a child. Enforcers were sent to the rebelling cities to quell the uprisings and restore order and if possible prevent further needless deaths but it was too little too late. The goddess forces were overwhelmed, their strengths were far greater than those of the mortals but their numbers so small that they were quickly overrun by the hordes of angry and confused mortals. Soon enough her tower was her final bastion of power, her great golden tower standing tall before the invading hordes with her faithful children fighting ferociously both for their survival and the defence of their goddess. Her children being cut down before her was too much for the young being of divinity to bear and her great power she erected a portal and ushered as many of the remaining Dorai as she could to a safe place, away for the time being from the persecution of the human and elven armies.

A fledgling goddess she used all of her strength erecting the portal to move her people to safety. Only she and her personal guardsman, one Aldarin Va'lain remained blade drawn in waiting as the doors to the goddess throne were bashed in. The mixed armies flooded into the room only to be greeted with flames and ice shards cutting into them, ripping through their ranks. The most powerful of the dorai fought valiantly against the invaders but bloodied and weakened from the first 12 soldiers he fought and killed he stood no chance against so many. The goddess in a bid to save her servant dashed between he and the cold steel of a blade that would've dealt his fatal wound. Time seemed to slow as the divine beings flesh gave way to the cold steel her blood staining the floor and splattering across the nearly felled Aldarin's face. The brave knight's expression went blank as he realized what had happened, his mouth hung open and he stared in shock as the blade was ripped from her body to be replaced quickly by another. She would die soon, there was no doubt about it but with one final effort to save her protector she screamed out in agony and a massive burst of energy expelled the masses of humans out of her out of her tower with gale force winds. It formed a force field around the whole thing as well, preventing their entry. It was after that she fell back against Aldarin her breathing slow as she bled out onto the floor every last ounce of her divine powers spent to save her last remaining servant.

Aldarin held his creator in his arms after the ordeal, the thrashed knight trying to at least make her comfortable as her life blood was drained out of her. Reaching up the goddess stroked his chin and spoke. "Followyour brothers and sisters now....I...urgh.." Her body was giving out as she began to let herself go. "I am lost....to this world..." As she passed on her body seemed to fade into nothingness, however her essence remained forming into four small amulets. A diamond, a ruby, an Obsidian, and sapphire. Aldarin cursed the mortals, screaming aloud in his anger at the primitive easily manipulated masses, his fury at losing something so dear to him nearly tearing him apart inside. He went to take the amulets only to find that when he tried to pick up any of them aside from the onyx it faded from his grasp disappearing somewhere out into the world. These jewels must've had a purpose and he could only guess they would hold the key to the destruction of the mortals and prosperity for his kind. When he picked up the onyx trinket however, his body was overcome with a tingling sensation and he passed out. When he awoke he was a forest somewhere along with the rest of the Dorai refugees.

Since that time Dorai have been known as the one true evil in the world, their numbers so beaten down that they cannot reestablish a firm powerbase. Bounties have been placed upon their heads, an attempt by mortals to rid them of what they believed their one true enemy to be. Sadly....this policy hasn't allowed for old wounds to heal, and now even those that wish to make peace with mortals suffer a life of persecution living in the shadows. Long have the past events been forgotten, the goddess and her tower having fallen into mere myth and songs. All that exists now is generation of inbred hate between mortals and Dorai, the majority of either side blind to why they're even fighting in the first place. There still remains one that remembers however, and he and his band seek retributions for the wrongs against them...they seek a new era through the amulets which they believe lay in human hands.

note: please keep in mind the previous text block is my experience with this world. none of it has to be set in stone for the world, it's more for setting than backstory really. I will not be posting nations or anything like that so that players can dream up their own version of my world! Also there is a much more sinister force behind the mortal betrayal than just jealousy, it'll be revealed eventually but don't think just because you pick a side that you're the bad guy! The lines really are blurred here.



Humans- Industrious and amazingly adaptive, the shortlived humans are the most numerous and powerful race in all of Marna. With such strength comes arrogance, as more powerful nations have been known to enslave conquered peoples. Because beliefs and ideals differ from person to person it is impossible for humanity to ever unite as one collective. Broken into nations and countries, humans are looked upon as not just one, but numerous superpowers.

High Elf - Tall and beautiful creatures, these elves are the most numerous amongst elfin kin. They are built much like humans with some subtle differences, namely their elongated, pointy ears and thin build. Generally light skinned high elves are accustomed to living in the forests surrounding human lands where they freely trade with their allies for the materials to further their growing civilization.

Wood Elf- Slightly more secluded than their High elfin Brethren these elves are found in deeply wooded areas untouched and protected from the expansion of civilization. They make their homes in the trees themselves and are deeply in tune with the nature that surrounds them. They are often known as the protectors of the forest and are friendly to those that respect the land around them.

Forest Elf- Rarest of all the elves there are no known settlements of their kind. It's believed they live deep in the lost woods but due to the vast expanse of land that the woods take up it's nearly impossible to navigate and is usually avoided by travelers of all kinds. All of the forest elves for however brief a view are describe as beautiful but wary people. It's been noted that few wear more than loin cloths and those that do are generally garbed in simple clothing made from foliage. They're believed to be peaceful but not much else is known about these wistful beings.

Fellpool- It's unknown yet where these creatures come from. Animal species with humanoid bodies are the only way to describe the fellpool race. They have little social standing and are usually looked up as either animals or monsters by humankind. Some of the more docile and intelligent fellpools have found their place within human lands though few ever really achieve a standing higher than that of peasants. They are known to have varying degrees of intelligence and aggression. Some also appear more human than others but sadly their numbers are quite small and thus they have few settlements of their own.

Dorai - A race shrouded in misunderstanding. Dorai are made up of a collective of any and all races with the only difference being that they can use the ancient art of magic. There are few Dorai that do not have some level of hatred for humans as such they gather in Aerie Peak under the watchful eye of the oldest known member of their Race. The only defining attribute of Dorai aside from their terrifying powers is they all possess Dark purple eyes. The few that break away from Duran and his mission to exterminate humans often live a hard life of persecution from both humans and Dorai that see them as traitors. Dorai are seen by all other races as a dangerous enemy and the head of Dorai will fetch a high bounty.

Many other races such orcs and trolls inhabit this world as well but are often the smaller part of this world.