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April 02, 2023, 07:41:56 am

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Author Topic: ivygrowth's cravings (NC/Extreme)  (Read 1025 times)

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ivygrowth's cravings (NC/Extreme)
« on: December 04, 2011, 01:48:08 am »
Please reply to this in a PM if interested so I can keep the thread clear.  Thank you. :-)

I tend to prefer harsher content that falls under nonconsensual or extreme, with my limits being mutilation and anything involving excrement.  I don't have any real interest in F/F scenes or in traditional romance, so anyone interested in roleplaying with me would need to be willing to roleplay a dominate male.  I would like to see bondage, humiliation, multiple partners, light torture, monstrous partners, etc.  I don't mind slavery, animals, body modification, etc.

I do like a decent plot included, but depending on the idea that could range from no plot to a full plot with occasional sex.

The Sorceress (Fantasy)

Lily always knew that she was something of an oddity among her peers in the College of Magic.  She was a powerful sorceress and successful researcher, but rather bored with the sedate lifestyle of the Academy.  At the age of fifty one, though still not looking a day over eighteen, she set out into the world to have some fun. 

It wasn't about doing good or making money to Lily.  She wasn't some silly Paladin, and could easily acquire any object she desired.  No, for her, it was about knowledge and exploring her own limits.  She wanted to study the monstrous races, wanted to learn about them, and wanted to enjoy herself while doing it.  She set herself up to be captured, knowing that she could heal any injury inflicted and escape even in the face of death...

This game would focus on a powerful, but bored, Sorceress who intentionally puts herself into situations where she will be abused.  I would like a loose plot, though I'm not sure what would fit with the character. 

City Guard (Fantasy)

Crystal was a Lieutenant in the City Guard, and the Commander of the Temple Watch.  She was responsible for ensuring the safety of the dozen temples spread throughout the city.  As the officer in charge, punishment fell on her head when something went wrong.  Many would have refused the job, but Crystal knew it was the route to further power and prominence, maybe even a noble title.

The Guard Watch were the members of the City Guard responsible for policing the rest of the organization.  This meant that when someone screwed up, they were the ones that decided the punishment.  When a new male took command of the Guard Watch, he decided he had had enough of women in prominent positions.  Crystal was his first target, and he went about setting up her downfall...

This game would focus on a power play between Crystal and the new commander of the Guard Watch.  He would obviously have the upper hand, and would put her through any number of unpleasant situations to try and break her or scare her off.  The plot would focus on a number of scenarios were he sets her up.  If he succeeds, he is able to choose her punishment, if he fails, she is able to investigate the situation to try and learn more of what is going on. 

The War Reporter (Modern)

An adrenaline junky at heart, Helen chose the profession of freelance reporter in the hopes of seeing the world...

This idea is obviously not as fleshed out as the others, but the general idea is to follow the adventures of a female reporter going to all the worst parts of the world.  The plot would probably be focused on her trying to track down some big international criminal who is somehow involved in the various disasters.  I could also see this as being more of a special agent story instead of a reporter one.

The Hiker (Modern)

Jessica loved nothing more than to explore nature.  Every weekend of the summer she set out to try a different trail, to explore a different part of the natural world.  Unfortunately, on this particular weekend, she would run into a group of men only interested in one thing...

This is a simple idea with a heavy focus on adult content and less on plot.  It would follow the fate of a woman kidnapped by a nasty group of men.

The Party (Modern)

An attractive woman in her late twenties, Viola lives in a large house with a husband who is often away on business.  She is a favorite of the local men and boys due to a habit of never closing the curtains on her windows, and often walking around in the nude.  One Halloween a group of sixteen and seventeen year old men decide they want to do more than just watch...

This is a simple idea with a heavy focus on adult content and less on plot.  It would follow the fate of a woman who is attacked in her own home.
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