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Author Topic: A Supernatural World: Demons Vs Humans  (Read 933 times)

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Offline Mistress IceTopic starter

A Supernatural World: Demons Vs Humans
« on: January 18, 2008, 10:29:13 AM »
In a scared world full of monsters from vampires to succubae, from fallen angels to ogres, there was a group of humans who defied the hierarchy of monster over man. They no longer wanted to live in fear and grow up to become food for their masters. This first group of hunters has long since been killed, but the movement it started continues on in the hearts of humans worldwide.

Threatened, the most powerful demons have formed their own coalition to combat this rebellious, deadly threat with their own soldiers. They have pledged to keep their cattle in line and to keep the correct order of things intact.


This is a world with only the start of technology: before computers, before airplanes, before the atomic bomb. There is running water, the first beginnings of cars, muskets, and a mixing of fashion from the medieval ages to the early 1900's. Vampires tend to wear older fashions, with some of their slaves (as they refer to all humans) following their example. Other rulers, such as incubi and succubae, only let their humans dress if it is cold outside. But always, in any place throughout the world, it is the monster ruling mankind.

More detail: There are flintlock muskets (very unreliable guns, resembling those found in the 1700's) and handguns similar to these muskets. Cars are the early Ford models (beginning of 1900) and mostly owned by powerful rulers (demons), while humans use carts and buggies. Technology and clothing varies by region, however, depending on what the rulers allow and don't allow; most places have running water, at least for drinking, though if you want a bath you need to warm the water. Most humans have a water pump and an outhouse, whereas even the lowliest demon has a house with a toilet and sink.

This freeform game has a fantasy/supernatural theme. Characters can be the human "slaves" or the ruling class of demons (preferably the latter). Any creature you can think of you can play. There will, of course, most likely be heavy bondage or non-consensual tendencies in the thread. This is a game for a small group of people, about a max of 5 (4 or so other than me). Every player can have a handful of characters, or help play various NPCs. I will act as a pseudo-GM if need be, directing the overall situation, but I'd prefer everyone to guide themselves along with their character(s)' goals. Therefore, players of this game will need to have a good imagination and motivation. I'd like people who enjoy to collaborate and "go with the flow" of the story. Just please remember your place: if you are a human, you're not going to suddenly smack a vampire (as part of a plot) and get away with it. (In true battle, however, autoing will not be allowed unless agreed upon beforehand.)

If anyone is interested you can either PM or respond here. Include details of the character(s) you would like to play, their powers if any, and what their role would be. Remember, the basic plot is 'demons vs humans', preferably leaning toward the demon side. A good role could be one hunting humans who are challenging the order (like an Inquisition type) or even one of the victims. Most humans will end up being NPCs, however, and can be auto'd freely by anyone unless otherwise stated.

If I get interest, I will post an OOC thread for character lists and descriptions and rules. We'll figure out how to configure the thread(s) from there.
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Offline Sabby

Re: A Supernatural World: Demons Vs Humans
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2008, 04:02:22 AM »

So in :)

Offline Mistress IceTopic starter

Re: A Supernatural World: Demons Vs Humans
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2008, 09:56:06 AM »
Yay, I've got interest! Three people so far. Which means I'll post the OOC thread and my starting thread soon in the NC Exotic Freeform small games forum.

Here's a rough draft of the "Guidelines:"
1. Be flexible. We can't control everything that happens to us in our lives, and characters can't either. We do decide how to react, however.
2. A plot action is different from battle, such as slapping someone because they were rude, and this can be auto'd within reason. Keep in mind the other character's powers.
3. Don't be afraid to speak up. If something someone did isn't right, such as they auto'd in battle, please say so if you aren't comfortable with it. And if someone speaks up about you in this way, saying you broke a rule, please don't take it badly. (I don't think we'll have this problem)

Battle Rules:
*No autoing against PC characters. This means hitting without permission or advance notice. This includes anything with a weapon or magical power.
*No god-modding against PC characters. If you are fighting another demon such as yourself, you are going to take some hits. Sometimes even a well-placed attack by a human can hit you. Be open-minded about this. As always, though, demons definitely have the unfair advantage here, and godmodding may occur but be reasonable.
*Humans do not have magic. However, part demons do. Demons most definitely do. There are limits, however. Please stick to the kind of powers that kind of demon would have. Vampires have mind-control, transformation powers, immortal life, etc. The weaknesses must also be like that kind of demon's. Vampires get hurt by sunlight and staking (I've never been fond of garlic, however). I do realize there are different versions of these beings out there and I won't pick over it (it would seriously suck not being able to enter uninvited).

I'm more of a free-form type of person so we won't count hits and I'll rely on you guys to conform and be open-minded. However, there most likely will not be much battle against other PCs and rather against NPCs. Unless otherwise stated, anyone can write for an NPC. If it is an important NPC, a player can claim them as a minor character and control them similar to a PC.

Offline Mistress IceTopic starter

Re: A Supernatural World: Demons Vs Humans
« Reply #3 on: January 20, 2008, 10:21:53 AM »

Offline Mistress IceTopic starter

Re: A Supernatural World: Demons Vs Humans
« Reply #4 on: March 01, 2008, 11:30:56 PM »
We are down to two players who will continue to post. I would welcome more. The first post is updated, and we don't require you to post every few hours or anything. It may be a little slow-going, though we may have numerous threads and plotlines if there's enough attention. We would value your input!

This game is about playing demons and ruling over humans, having full control over 'lesser beings'. There will be battle, killing, and of course sex. Sometimes NC sex. (No rapists tho, please.)*

*What I mean by this is to describe a person who is completely not enjoying the experience being raped. I wouldn't be able to stand that and I don't wish to make any players uncomfortable.

You can reply here, send me a PM, or go to the OOC thread to find out more, or join up! :)