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May 23, 2018, 06:20:38 AM

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Author Topic: [M for F] The Curse of Blood [NC, Possible Ex]  (Read 302 times)

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[M for F] The Curse of Blood [NC, Possible Ex]
« on: December 03, 2011, 11:08:25 PM »
Jack once had a beautiful wife and a baby girl. However, their happiness caught the attention of a wealthy, cruel, and jealous duchess who resided over their land. She sent her guards to take the family captive and bring them to her court, where she imprisoned Jack and had his wife raped and tortured for many months until finally murdering her. The daughter she spared in order to dangle the last remaining vestige of that old life over Jack.

Many years passed and the torments of his imprisonment, torture and being coerced into pleasuring the duchess in exchange for the safety of his daughter, weighed heavily on Jack's mind and fraying the boundaries between sanity and madness, filling him with hatred of the duchess and obsession with his daughter, each night praying to anyone or anything that would listen for a vengeance, until finally his prayers were answered, but at a cost.

In time the duchess developed an unnatural love for Jack and believed that he could love her as well. However, on the first night they made love without the watch of her guards Jack tore her throat with his teeth and in his wretched and loathing hatred drank her blood from her flesh and fled from her land wounded by her guards.

Jack he escaped but he had left his daughter behind and had been cursed for his brutal vengeance, forbidden forever from ever again feeling the warmth of the sun or taking the pleasure of food or drink, but instead subsisting only on the blood of women, living in the dark as a monster.

Many years passed and Jack, in order to satisfy his murderous need for innocent blood in secret, had taken the identity of a young noble and used that wealth and influence to obscure his nature, murdering and feeding on travelers who stayed at the city inn, putting their bodies into the river and out to sea. It was seldom that the townsfolk would take up concern with strangers passing through.

Then came a night Jack had taken eye to a beautiful young woman who'd purchased a night's room at the inn. Much like the others before her, he came to her in her sleep and tore from her bedding and clothes until she lay bare, opened her legs and raped her, before drinking the blood from her throat and leaving her still. However, the next night when he returned to dispose of her corpse, he found the girl alive without any sign of what he'd done to her. Once more he fell upon her and bound her, enjoying the young warmth between her legs and the blood from her throat. However, again he found her with her flesh unmarred and remarking at the miracle spoke with her only to find that her tale chilled his cursed blood - the girl had been raised in captivity by a Duke whose wife had been murdered by the girl's father so many years before. Becoming a young woman she had fled unattended out into the world to seek out her beloved father. She is now cursed in her death as her father before her as final debt for his vengeance years before, the girl is hunted by the Duke and his court and bound to her father who has raped and murdered her.