LF hyper hung muscle stud to be his pretty boy brother's slave (Ex MxM CBT)

Started by PaleEnchantress, December 03, 2011, 04:26:37 PM

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Hello, so I'm looking for a short-mid term rp to satisfy a few of my cravings. Incest plot between two brothers with me playing the younger dominant one who is a intellectual and a exceptionally beautiful snarky gothic pretty boy. The older brother (probably half brother) is a towering muscled behemoth with a set of genitals so large they are an embarrassing deformity. He is a bit simple minded but believes highly in following a sort of 'mans honor' code. The brothers probably knew each other but didn't grow up in the same household. The older brother had watched his younger brother grow into a sophisticated beauty. The older brother feels that he will never be able to find someone who compares, yet believes that even if they weren't brothers that someone as ugly, simple, and disablingly well endowed as him wouldn't have a chance anyway. He decides that he will live as his brother's provider and guardian then. eventually though his sadistic younger brother might just give him all that he wants and more.

This can be set in a contemporary setting or a low fantasy historical setting. As you might have guessed from the title im wanting some master and slave, cock and ball torture (cbt), public humiliation, bondage, petplay. If you ant we can have the older brother be a werewolf or something. The CBT can get as extreme s castration but doesn't have to.
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