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Author Topic: Visna's Abode (Searching for Everything!)  (Read 2696 times)

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Visna's Abode (Searching for Everything!)
« on: December 02, 2011, 08:00:12 PM »
Hello! Welcome to my Abode. If any of my ideas interest you, or if you have any ideas of your own, feel free to post here or toss me a message. :-) Don't be shy!

All plots are subject to change. I love discussing them beforehand with my partner, and I'm very flexible with your interests. Input is always great!

I'm up for any kinks besides scat, extreme bondage, and gruesome vore/death. Anything else is either an on or a maybe!

All character's genders could be changed. I love FxF, FxM, and MxM. Intersexed/Herm is wonderful as well! When it comes to MxF with myself as the F, I must really enjoy the plot.

I'll be adding more plots as time goes along. I'm up for any of your ideas as well, so feel free to drop a message and say hello.

Bolded is the side I would prefer to play. That doesn't mean I wouldn't be up for the others! For most of the plots, the submissive role is preferred. Left/Right is D/S.

The Hunger Games
Really looking for a Hunger Games plot. I'd prefer for it to be FxF. I have a lot of ideas, and would love to hear yours as well. I started a game recently but, unfortunately, my partner dropped out. You can check out my start and see if you'd love to take her place. Really craving this!

Who said School Couldn't be fun?

A high school boy has had it rough his entire life. He is exceptionally nerdy, taking a liking to anime, games, and all sorts of abnormal hobbies. But he has one thing going for him: he is extremely smart. He targets several teachers in school and spends a large portion of his free time digging for their secrets. Some of them are teachers who are nice to him, others are those whom he despises. He even looks into the principal. After a few months, he almost knows more about them then their own families. And then he uses this information to blackmail them. He doesn't want anything as complex as better grades or respect, he wants something very simple... sex. He forces them to comply with his wishes in return for him keeping the secrets. Some are more defensive about it, and he treats some better than others, but, in the end, all comply. The plot would follow his sexual and sometimes romantic relationships with several middle aged teachers in different settings and locations. Light NC and Bondage would be involved.

Nobody knows how she got her wealth, but she did. A strange, flirtatious young girl whose past is rather shady has come upon a fortune. Because of this, she is naturally invited to all of the rich's fancy parties. She has helped many of them with stock problems, making them believe she is has a knack for solving financial troubles. Because of this, they are indebted to her. Even though many find her strange, she is always at the parties that so many wish to be in. Whenever she is at these parties, she seems to only have one goal in mind: seduce a rich man's pretty wife. She picks her target. A trophy wife, model, and gorgeous woman. She uses her talents to get her into a bed for one night. But then, they both fall for each other. The model isn't like the other trashy women she has seduced, and she falls for the quirky girl as well. But can they continue their relationship under such circumstances?

What should we name him?

Things have been going down for a young college girl. She got knocked up by her boy friend, who then deserted her. She is in debt and struggling with her classes, and the baby is expected within months. She has been growing more rude to all of her friends due to her stress. One of her friends has stuck by her the whole time: a boy who she met during school. He's the nice type, and even when she gets angry and takes it out on him, he always tries to help. She quickly realizes that he is in love with her. She confronts him about it and he tells her everything. He wants to be with her and even take the place of her child's father if she will let him. Romance ensues as the couple try to learn more about each other and struggle through their stressful problems ahead of them.

A beautiful, young religious woman was recently involved in a car accident. For weeks she is constantly worried. She is entirely different. But the real change came in secret to those around her. She asked around in the worst areas, trying to find a certain somebody. Finally, she finds her. A woman in her forties (or around fifty) that was a sexual surrogate of sorts. She has a rather lavish history, being in the pornography business as both a filmer and actress. She had found that the woman lives in her city, partially retired now, in a large mansion. The girl had, for several years, been extremely bicurious. She had tried to refrain from sex until she was married to the perfect man, but the recent accident pushes her over the edge. She had seen and read about this woman. About her beliefs which she would say were disgusting to her friends. The woman was a devout feminist, atheist, lesbian, and was heavily involved in the bdsm community. She often condemned others of different beliefs in her blogs she sometimes released. The young girl had lived the past few years often masturbating to porn of this same woman. She digs and finds out the woman's address and phone number. The woman doesn't answer the phone when she calls, so she leaves a message explaining her situation.

She says she is dying to be with a woman and that she is her biggest fan. She says she will pay any amount, even though she is rather poor, and lists her contact information. Most importantly, she says she needs help. The older woman debates on the matter, and surprisingly decides to see it through at first. She has not been very busy of as late, and figures it would be a fun side job. After all, she loves having younger girls in her bed. The two meet a few weeks later and the older woman asks her questions. She learns all about the girl. She especially loves that she is religious, "straight", a virgin, and willing to explore. She wants to convert this girl so that she can finally enjoy her life. She wants to change so many of her views. She agrees to an expensive, day long session of bondage and sex. She has the younger girl even sign a contract.

Their event goes by and the younger woman falls in love. She explodes out of her shell, abandoning all of her old beliefs... But then the problem comes of trying to get the older woman to continue and how to pay for it... The old woman sees it not only as a business opportunity, but as something fun for her. She signs a new contract with her, this time as her manager in the porn business to pay off her debt to the mistress.

Summer Sweets
FxF, MxM, FxM
For many girls, it was the last summer before college. The last few free months with their families before moving out for a new life. For one girl, those last few months turned into the best of her life. She was out of school and her parents worked throughout the summer. This left her with free time to hang out with friends and also hours on end to waste. Most of the people around her were old. She lived in an upscale neighborhood where only those near the end of their career in their prime could seem to pay for. Still, she often invited her friends over for parties in her house. She had one neighbor who always seemed to be around though. It was an older woman, around the age of forty or fifty. She was often outside sunbathing, and the girl saw her checking the mail and doing regular tasks quite often. She knew the woman, but only from a few neighbor dinners that her family had attended. During one boring, hot day the woman invites her over to sunbath alongside her. The bored girl accepts since her friends seemed busy at the time. The two have a nice few hours, tanning and oiling each other. The older woman seems especially happy. She seems to relate so much to the younger girl. The girl quickly comes to trust the older woman with her secrets, even her most biggest secret. She has a crush on one of the other girls at school! And, she is trying to figure out a way to tell her and come out before she leaves for college. The older woman, although married, is bisexual and finds this young girl beautiful. This flips a spark in her and over time she becomes more flirtatious. The younger girl takes it surprisingly well, and even begins to flirt back. Then the flirting turns into erotic touches, which eventually leads into the bedroom one afternoon. It becomes the best summer of both of their life times.

Sucking up to the Boss*
FxF, MxM
The manager and chairman of a large manufacturing company has always been good at finding loopholes to get what he wanted in both business and bed. He was married and had kids, yet he found ways to sneak prostitutes into his bed on vacations or "work nights". Close people knew, but they didn't want to be the one to rat him out and face wrath. He worked along with a lot of the number crunchers and divisional managers in the leading office building of one of the branches. The company was large, and even though he controlled only a small portion, he was beyond rich. It was summer, and that means college interns were beginning to flood in. He sees one of these new recruits, a young male whom he finds attractive. Although he is married, he flirts all the time, and even has a dark attraction for younger men. This boy fits exactly into his personal preference. He is pretty, a bit feminine, thin, and young. He has a close worker do the digging to find out what he can use to get this boy into his bed. He finds two things. One was that he visited a gay bar two times in the past. The other was that the poor was deeply in college debt and lived alone. He calls the intern into his office and lays down his offer. For one hour of sex with the old, fat man, he would pay off his debt. For an hour of 'work', the intern would earn more than he does working regularly in months.  The boy is actually completely straight, and only went to the gay bars to visit friends. Still, he finds himself accepting. He needs the money bad, and figures this is the easiest way to do it. He plans on it being only a one time thing, but the boss has money to waste and each time he offers something better and better...

The New Manager

FxMxM, MxMxM
Two boys are popular among the anime convention community for two things. Their cross playing, and their support of gays. The two boys have their own cult like following, often attracted a decent amount of fans to their stalls that they set up at conventions as they travel from site to site. They sell stickers talking of gay pride, and even condemn straights as boring. They're a couple, and often blog about their romance and nights for their fans. But then they mess up.

One night, after a convention, the two are in a shared hotel room together. They're preparing for their celebratory sex to reward them on the job well done with their advertising. Many companies have pay them to advertise their products locally, and they also sell some fan items and cosplay costumes themselves. They had a rather decent amount, but they only ever get enough to get by on minus the travel expenses. They hear a knock on the door, and the two go to see who it is. At the door is one of the many fan girls who seem to always stalk them around conventions. She found out what room they were in and decided to pay a visit. The two sign something for her and expect her to leave. But instead, she turns the tables on them. She makes an offer. She will pay them whatever their yearly salary is in return for allowing her to stay in their room all night and watch them make love. The more quiet and kind of the two tells his lover to turn it down, saying something isn't right. But the more headstrong accepts nearly instantly. He loves money, and doesn't care if she stays and watches one night of love. He makes one rule though: no cameras or revealing what they do to anybody. She accepts, and the three get about on their business.

The two boys have their fun, all the while the nerdy girl watches with content. Secretly, she has a small camera built in to her glasses that is recording the whole thing. After their love, they prepare for bed. The girl claims that she is claustrophobic and doesn't like crowded areas when sleeping. The bed only holds two comfortably, so the more headstrong of the two boys decides to go pay for another room for himself. This leaves the more timid boy alone with the girl. He loves his fans, so he acts extremely nicely to her. The two lay in bed together, and that's when he makes his mistake. He asks her how much she would freak out if he made love with her. She replies that it would be her dream come true. He tells the girl that, although he loves his boyfriend, he's always really wanted to sleep with a girl. He makes her promise that she won't tell anybody, then offers himself to her. She agrees, still filming the whole scenario.

The next day, she just won't seem to leave. Then she explains everything. She filmed every moment, and if they do not comply with her wishes, she will release them on the internet. The fact that one of the boys is not entirely gay would shock their fans and devalue their business significantly. Her terms are simple... The two simply allow her to be their manager and let her film them doing fun, sexual kinks for her private collection of movies. It wasn't her most important dream to sleep with one of them, it was actually to embarrass them sexually and film every moment of it. They have to comply, and between the two of them they begin to clash with each other on whose fault it really is.

The Arena
MxM FxF, FxM
- Set in a world (modern or fantasy historical) where slaves are commonplace. Many of the richest people buy slaves for services at home, but the most valued slaves are those tested in the arena. The arena is the place where rich men and women show off their slaves, putting them in matches to the death against each other. The matches can be bet on, and are mostly for fame for the owner. After winning a large amount of tournaments, a slave can be set free. One of the rich owners is a gay, feminine male. He has had several slaves fight for him before, and some have won their freedom, but he's grown bored with them. He hired a group of people to find him the perfect candidate for a new fighter. He wanted the fighter to be male, but look as beautiful as a woman and still be able to fight. He wanted to prove that the feminine males were not just showy, but could pack a punch as well. He wanted to see this for himself and to show others.

The men he hired find the perfect specimen, a poor boy who was sold for a low price due to his size. The men pamper him up, dressing him as a girl and cleaning him.

He is quickly thrown into the ring without any sort of training. Most of the crowd laughs at him, but he ends up winning the first fight. Overjoyed, he sees his master for the first time after the fight. So proud that he proved himself, the master rapes the boy, showing him love and pampering him with rich delights, promising him that as long as he wins his butt will be thoroughly loved when he comes out of the ring.

The boy hates it at first, but soon grows accustomed to the love, actually bonding with his master and craving him.

Not Business as Usual
FxF, FxM
 - A strange businessman or woman has been secretly working on a new project. He has been testing for several years, programming a computer program that hacks into the government's list of humans and, through a strange formula, connects a special male and female that have a compatibility with each other to form an amazing child. The children that come from the program are all destined to be famous in some way, whether it be political, physical, or mental. These couples would never form in the real world, so they must be formed through force in this way to create a race of super humans.

Putting his money into his own business, he buys a HQ and begins to kidnap people that the computer picks out. The process is complex and takes a while, but over the past year, a few children have been born that have showed very early mental developments that are far above average.

Once he kidnaps the specimen, he has them locked in a cell of all white with nearly a bed. Food is brought on each day upon requests. There he forces them to mate, letting them take their time. Since both that he locks are in the nude, it is normally merely a matter of time before they get the better of themselves and realize it is the best thing to do.

A microchip is placed in each of the women that allows her only to be impregnated by the perfect mate. One woman, who is charted to be the best female producer out of the business's entire cast, has been paired up with several men over the past few months. Each has ended up unsuccessful, and after the computer realizes this, it corrects itself and shows a new compatible couple. The man has been growing tired of the failure and has begun to believe that the computer is wrong rating this woman so highly.

The humans are kept in the cell until the computer says their breeding times are over. In that case, their memories are wiped and they are released back into the streets.

One woman, the one mentioned above, has been in her cell for many months. She has been used by many men, none doing their job. She has grown happy in her natural state. She is middle aged and a bit on the fat side, which has only grown by the ability to call for more food. After all, the humans are to be happy while they breed. Still, she has grown a bit dirty, since they leave them in their natural states, never taking them from their cell. Her constant sweating shows by the smell of the room and by the stains on the bed. She has also not shaved, which is clear to all who see her by her hairy crotch and underarms. She has long since accepted her job, seducing and breaking any new men in hopes of finally fulfilling her task.

The last man, who was boring and quite ugly, who was paired with the woman was a failure. The new pick was quite strange. It was hard to get the boy in, but with money comes ways. The boy is a young bachelor, rich and renown for inheriting his dad's business. He spent many a nights with young, gorgeous women. He is knocked out and wakes up in the stained bed of the woman's cell. Her plump, nude body lies beside him, looking at him. He quickly realizes he is also nude, and before long, realizes that there is no way out. An intercom reading begins to play telling what his new job is.

He is resistant at first, but with such an experienced, slutty woman so ready to mate, and, for once, so attracted to her partner, how long will he last before he is rolling in the sheets all day with her?[/spoiler]

Majoring in Business*
FxM, FxF
 - A man is one of the many salesmen for a large company. Most of their products that they sell are made using foreign materials. He focuses primarily on purchasing these from companies at the lowest rate. He's new, just out of college, but has already been getting amazingly low prices and is climbing through the ranks. His secret? Sleeping with the owners and businesswoman he buys from. Many in such high positions are old and have either a boring husband or none at all. Some are fat or ugly, yet he doesn't care. He sleeps with them for his own gain, waiting on them hand and foot, or abusing them if that is what they crave.

The Queen-Mother
Set in France in around the 1600's. The King died, leaving the Prince, who is young in his teens, as the new King. The Queen-Mother's role has been reduced from the wife of the King to a mere adviser to son who likes to make decisions himself. Due to this, she has spiraled into a fit of depression and lack of power. Since the loss of her husband, who she grew to not really love in their last days together, she has realized she has a profound interest in women. Her recent mistress proved to be disloyal, and was secretly disposed of. She has been sad and lonely ever since, residing mostly by herself in her bed chambers.

But then she finds her. One of the dukes that resides often in the Royal Palace, very close to the King, is to be wed to a beautiful woman from England. The girl is gorgeous and smart, and the Queen instantly falls for her. She had her brought to her bed chambers where she spills her feelings for her. She seduces the younger, beautiful woman with promises of love, wealth, and power. All things she can really give. The woman leaves the duke and secretly takes the role of the previous mistress to the Queen. The plot will follow their love, which although hidden to the public, is not so hidden to those in the palace as people soon realize that the woman has broken with her fiance, moved into a bed chamber close to the Queen's, and is often seen in her bed chamber, often simply clothed in bath robes. Even the King becomes jealous, hoping to seduce the woman as well.

McFarlane Company

FxM, FxF, MxM
During a depression, the government of a once great nation has shut down. Many are out of work and starving on the streets, begging for any food. Most of the men in one large city have begun to work at McFarlane Co., also known as a large sweatshop that produces anything out of metal. The problem with this company is that you must sign off years of your life to join, and once you join, you are not allowed to leave without permission of one of the managers. Only men are allowed, and if you break any of the rules, you are taken to the jail they have at the bottom of their large, worn down building and punished. A beautiful woman (Or a boy who is under the age limit to work), cuts her hair to appear as a male (Or lies to get in for the boy). She is lucky enough to receive a small bed chamber with the only other girl who snuck in as well. This other girl has been working for several months, and knows the lowdown of how to not get caught. During one of her first meals, a problem occurs. One of the manager's, a large, glutton of a woman (The only other woman in the company, who is allowed due to reasons I can explain), sits beside her. She begins to talk with the newcomer, and takes a liking to her. Manager's always get what they desire, and that night she sends a courier to request the girl meet her in her bedchambers, not knowing that the "boy she took a liking too", is actually a female. (Or underaged to work boy).

I Can Help You With That

FxF, MxM
A college student has been problems with their sexuality. They're so curious about so many things, and just can't seem to express themselves. One of their friends tells them of a woman she knows who can solve it all. This women is a surrogate lover. She lives in a beautiful, secluded tropical home. Her customers speak so highly of her, it is said that nobody has ever left lonely or still confused. She specializes in converting straights into gays, but has been known to host a wide variety of patients. For a large fee, she invites a patient into her home for normally a weekend. The two have a weekend alone, as if they were a couple, loving and relaxing together. The student, since she doesn't know the woman (who gives days to friends for free, and has even treated her own sister), pays a hefty price and travels for a weekend. The weekend is the most romantic time of her life, and it feels truly genuine. But what happens when the poor college student wants more, and runs into debt buying another weekend? What happens if she learns that the surrogate lover doesn't really feel the same way about her, and sees it as truly business?

The Gentle Princess
FxF, MxM
In a fantasy, medieval world, a King and Queen rule a large kingdom that contains several cities and towns. For hundreds of years, they have found no other civilizations. But finally, a scouting party finds a few of a different race. They appear human, but have white hair, beautiful skin and features, and are physically weak. They capture the lot and bring them back to the capital in secret. The King has his best scientists begin to study and interrogate the lot. The Queen was said to never be able to bare a child, but through a miracle, they did have one daughter. The daughter was ill, and only remained in bed. She was reaching near adulthood, and never was seen by the public. Nevertheless, she was known as "The Gentle Princess" to the masses. In reality, she was a spoiled, chubby girl that stayed in bed and complained. Still, she was loved by her parents and was the heir. She hears news of the strange creature, and tells her father that, for her birthday, she wants one for herself. The father, loving her, agrees. A young, beautiful girl is brought to her bed and so begins their relationship. The girl trains her new 'toy' like a pet, teaching her how to move, pee, smell, eat, and worship her every move. The species, not knowing her language, though being very smart, must oblige or be whipped as she learns how to deal with her new master.

Also a few things I'm willing to come up with ideas for.
Batman (I love the Arkham Asylum/City storylines.)
Gamer/Gamer Geek Based Romance
ABC's Revenge TV Series
Code Geass
Death Note
Fullmetal Alchemist

I'm also dying to do any FutaxM plot with myself as the M.

Hope to here from some of you soon!
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Re: Visna's Abode (Searching for Everything!)
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2011, 08:08:30 PM »
A lot of interest has been shown. Just note that just because a plot is taken, doesn't mean I won't do it with somebody else as well.

Added The Queen-Mother.

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Re: Visna's Abode (Searching for Everything!)
« Reply #2 on: December 07, 2011, 12:25:33 AM »
I would love to talk with you about your gamer/gamer romance plotline...and propose my filled storyline, amongst my request thread embedded in my signature.

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Re: Visna's Abode (Searching for Everything!)
« Reply #3 on: December 11, 2011, 08:10:56 PM »
Updated with two new plots!

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Re: Visna's Abode (Searching for Everything!)
« Reply #4 on: January 04, 2012, 09:03:43 AM »
Added several new plots. :)

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Re: Visna's Abode (Searching for Everything!)
« Reply #5 on: January 09, 2012, 04:44:10 PM »
Added a few new ideas. Always looking for more!

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Re: Visna's Abode (Searching for Everything!)
« Reply #6 on: January 10, 2012, 12:39:58 PM »
Added several new ideas. Feel free to change any plots to suit your interests. I'm very flexible. Also, I'd love to hear any ideas you've been craving if you think I would match!

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Re: Visna's Abode (Searching for Everything!)
« Reply #7 on: February 13, 2012, 12:37:13 AM »
Newbie here, shooting you a PM! (^-^)v

I'm in love with the Gentle Princess story idea!! Did you want to play the Princess or the Gift? I was hoping to hop in as the lovely gifty~ ^^

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Re: Visna's Abode (Searching for Everything!)
« Reply #8 on: February 27, 2012, 06:59:04 PM »
Removed several plots and added one new one! Always looking!

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Re: Visna's Abode (Searching for Everything!)
« Reply #9 on: March 01, 2012, 01:57:20 PM »
Added a couple new plots.

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Re: Visna's Abode (Searching for Everything!)
« Reply #10 on: March 20, 2012, 05:59:53 PM »
Up we go.

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Re: Visna's Abode (Searching for Everything!)
« Reply #11 on: April 14, 2012, 06:00:09 PM »
Removed several plots and added several as well. Always looking.

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Re: Visna's Abode (Searching for Everything!)
« Reply #12 on: April 16, 2012, 04:58:34 PM »

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Re: Visna's Abode (Searching for Everything!)
« Reply #13 on: April 19, 2012, 07:45:17 PM »
Added a new plot I'm really craving!