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April 11, 2021, 02:32:54 pm

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Author Topic: breaking through the shell. m looking for f.  (Read 725 times)

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Offline thedarkenedknightTopic starter

breaking through the shell. m looking for f.
« on: November 30, 2011, 11:52:17 am »
*looks at title*
I hope that that is intriguing enough to catch attention....
*starts typing*

despite that cyber/action tags styled bit up there, I am looking for a fairly deep roleplay.

At this moment I am very interested in having a tsundere styled pairing, with bonus points issued for an older woman or goth as a partner character.

To explain what a tsundere is here are some convenient links:

I don't have very many plots to use as examples just yet, mostly because I prefer to brainstorm with my partner for best results. However here some starting ideas:

The ballbuster:
My character is an average intern, just a guy trying to get his foot in the door so he can keep eating. Sadly for him, his boss is a woman who just got out of a messy divorce from her cheating husband. Despite his honest efforts and very quiet footsteps, the poor guy can't catch a break, and neither can the rest of the office...
Ideally, your character would be an older woman than my character, hopefully in her mid 30's to late 40's. Her husband had been cheating on her with a 16 year old and she simply can't trust men, though she actively wants to have someone in her life.

The demon girl:
Your character is as straight laced and over achieving as can be imagined for a 17 year old high school student. The only problem is that no male in school will step within earshot because they know how brutal she can be. Que my characters entry, he would be a transfer student who is similarly brilliant but is very laid back and a general nerd,not unattractive, but certainly not a ladies man and he has no real interest in being one either.
Amidst the drama of their 'violent' academic rivalry and her naked dislike of her competition, family life begins to break down and (you character name here) has no choice but to confide in the one person who bothers to put up with her.
For my part I'd like if both characters were fairly average looking, no sexy lady on average/nerdy male or hidden hunk on geek-turned-bombshell type stuff please.

The last man on earth:
(Note, I would very much like a goth styled lady for this one)
[Your character] is the average counterculture type chick, who just so happens to have a desperately smothering and heinously conservative family who insists on pushing their clean shaven, sweater wearing, prius driving 'love matches'.
All she really wants is to be left alone, so she decides to take a coworker and make him look like her parents dream come true. To make sure that nothing will actually happen, she coerces the one man the thinks she truly hates. Unfortunately, the cliche 'the line between love and hate is a thin one' rears its ugly head causing things to become uncomfortably romantic for the two of them.

The stand in mother:
Your character is a trophy wife(not a bimbo please!) Who marries an insanely rich and completely impotent 50+ year old business tycoon. His 20 year old son is out right pissed at both the marriage and the way that the divorce was handled. Being the controlling bastard he is, the father ties his sons inheritance to where he lives and decides to withhold all medical payments to the boys desperately ill mother unless he agrees to live under his roof.
Since (name here) was fed a constant stream of lies and propaganda, she hates the sons guts passionately, but for some reason she can't ignore how lonely and neglected she feels...

You may notice how vague and open ended my ideas are, as I said before I prefer to make stuff up with my partner on the spot.
Thank for reading and I am looking forward to your Pm's!