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Author Topic: [Interest check] The Skyflame citidel  (Read 452 times)

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[Interest check] The Skyflame citidel
« on: January 16, 2008, 06:58:59 AM »
Not far from the lands of Cormyr lies a stretch of mountains which for the most part go unnoticed, however little known to the kingdom nearby the dragoness Lortalmiy has resided in those mountains and has been plotting their demise for centuries. She has gone to great lengths to build an army of half dragon warriors that she and another half dragon breeds as well as secure countless alliances with the nearby savage tribes, underdark races, and mercenaries abound.

Lortalmiy is a cruel and fickle mistress to her followers but gives great power to those that please her and her ability to plan long term knows no equal. To house her armies she has created a massive tower-like structure that she has named Urat-mosi'ac, or the skyflame citidel in the dragons tongue. However the most interesting part is she often uses the idea of sex to keep her army happy, whether it be amoung her military leaders or with the countless slaves she has claimed.

The day of her invasion is still a year or two away but this is the time when she most looks to her captains to make her plans come to fruition.


The setting of the game is based very solidly off the D&D universe but easily allows for all sorts of additions and tweaks. Its also a game thats made to be completly freeform. The idea however allows the players to take on the roll of the bad guys who are ultimatly trying to screw over all the other bad guys to gain Lortalmiy's favor and allows for an extermly wide variety of character types including everything from other dragons to cat girls. This however doesnt mean that the captains of Lortalmiy's army need to be bloodthursty domineering bastards. It just means that Lortalmiy's army gives them an opportunity to complete their own goals and quests and that they are also useful in some way to her (what uses they have I leave to the player). They can easily be submissive men and women that are preyed upon by the other figures of authority or perhaps Lortalmiy herself (in fact that could be the whole reason your characters there).

The game allows for a wide variety of gaming types including but not limited to pure sexual roleplay, political intreuge, backstabbing politics (or just plain backstabbing), battles, playing oppoenents off eachother, and much more. Being a freeform game idea, if it comes down to a call needing to be made between players Ill do it myself or we will elect an impartial person for it.

Here are some ideas for anyone looking into the idea that might not be sure what kind of characters to think of

Lortalmiy: The red Dragoness has lived for over four thousand years and sired countless other dragons. In recent centuries she has noticed Cormyr's expansion into her mountains and knows that a great army will be needed to crush the kingdom and take its treasure but plans to ravage the entire continent when everything is prepared. Like all of her species she is cruel and evil beyond measure but in the last century she has gained favor from the dragon godess Tiamat who has gifted her with divine power and brought her very close to demi-godhood (she should definatly be only a dominant style character in all aspects)

A weapons/armor smith: Someone to arm Lortalmiy's army with mundane and magical goods

A logistics specialist: Someone who is good at using resources in clever ways to create more resources and who can figure out a plan to provide food, clothing, armor, weapons etc to a few hundred thousand troops.

Any kind of person that can lead and/or bring firepower or troops to Lortalmiy's army: This could include Necromancers, elementalists, shamans, vampires, dark elven warriors, orc berserkers, priests/clerics, other (albeit weaker) dragons or anything else that you like.

Slaves: I will allow slaves but I would like to stay away from the privatly owned slave idea. Lortalmiy allows the use of slaves but they belong only to her. Taking one full time for yourself would likely bring her wrath for taking her property.

Finally, if the game does get going Im taking the half dragon general idea.