Bedazzled! Or F (devil) looking for (a soul) Anyone!

Started by Jacqueline, November 29, 2011, 04:52:32 PM

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Hello stranger!

This is my second request, it's something that I have been pondering for a few days and I finally decided to do an interest check. It is based on the movie of the same name, the version with Brendan Fraser and Elizabeth Hurley.

Basically the idea is that I would play the female devil and you would play the victim erm.. poor soul .. um.. client! Yes! The client that will get 7 wishes in exchange of his/her soul, it is a very fair trade!

I didn't decide on her appearance because I think that we should agree on it, but for now I was thinking on a young lady in her twenties, perhaps a more modern version you know. I really want it to be a long term story, sex might happen if we agree on it too but it is not required at all. It should be a very funny story.

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A devil, and an artist! And willing to explore a story with few limitations....A combination that sounds intriguing. I am an older male, in graduate school, now working as a scientist in regenerative medicine but who started out as an artist. Actually an interesting combination of using both hemispheres of the mind, a trait uncommon to the male of our species. I like to add simple drawings to my writing at times, to convey the images formed within my mind.
Seven wishes may take a while to unfold as it will force me to look deep inside to doors that might normally remain shut if not for an entity like yourself enticing me to explore beyond the point of no return. A goal to draw me deep into your lair to quench you appetite for a strong soul, much like the black widow spider feeds upon the essence from her exhausted mate.
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