The Blood-Kin {yes it's Skyrim FIGHT ME}

Started by mulattaFURY, November 28, 2011, 10:26:07 AM

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My Character: A Thalmor on the run seeks protection from an Orc stronghold.
Your Character: Chief of said stronghold
So yes this is pretty straightforward I guess. I am wanting to RP some Orc/High Elf IS THAT SO WRONG. Anyway. I figure my character rolls in after committing some horrible atrocity that has the Thalmor after her yella ass. I am admittedly kind of early in the game so I don't know what atrocity that might be. Trying to blackmail/otherwise wrest power from a superior, perhaps? Making the hot sex with a worshipper of Talos? Who knows. Who cares. I figure she rolls up to the stronghold, and the chief figures that, while he could send her on some lame quest to get some stupid artifact from some stupid tomb, it's really not every day that an altmer chick shows up on your doorstep needing a place to hide, and willing to do anything for it.

Anyway I am cross-posting this from the one-shot thread because, while I am imagining this as a one-off, I would be willing to make it into a more developed story if it suits the characters.