Alone (m looking for f) rp can be NC, romantic, tragic, or anything in between.

Started by seeker619, November 27, 2011, 06:14:17 AM

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I would like to add before you read this that if this rp does not suit your taste I am very open to hearing your ideas.  I like rp's of many different genres and if I am not well versed in the type you suggest I am willing to learn and I think I do so fairly quickly.  So please share your ideas.

Daniel Thomas was raised adopted.  He also grew up with a nervous disposition.  The family that raised him was loving but they were perfectionists with interests and projects he was neither interested in nor very good at.   As a result he received as much criticism as he did love.  Loving them in return and then hearing their criticism he had no self confidence whatsoever.

In the tenth grade he moved a thousand miles away from his home to attend a new high school where he no longer had the friends he grew up with and was pretty much a loner.  He was very strong and athletic and that gave him some accolades from coaches and teammates.  However, he did not care very much for most jocks as he found them arrogant and juvenile.  He was also exceptionally good looking and in spite of many comments from others telling him so he never believed it.  Then in his senior year just as he was starting to make a few friends he moved again across the country.  He was once again a loner who had yet to experience the bonds, friendships, and relationships with the opposite sex that most develop in those critical years.  He soon began to develop a severe dislike for the popular crowds.  He found the woman just as immature always bragging about their dates with college students 4 years older than they were.  They seemed to think themselves so mature and desirable for landing a college man. They were so hung on themselves for this which he knew would soon end in their hearbreak and sure enough on some day in the near future he could hear them crying to their girlfriends that the guy they thought was so great cheated on them.  "Big surprise" he thought to himself. His attitude towards woman vacillated between longing for their company and disdain He also got in many fights which though he lost some of the early ones he won almost all the rest.  He had one scar above his eye from getting popped from a guy with a ring on.  However that guy wound up looking much worse in by the end of the fight.

Alone as he was he drowned his loneliness in booze and drugs and of course cigarettes.  Throughout college however he was always on the dean's list and was virtually a straight A student.  But the drinking continued and he never could find a girl.  By 20 he was still a virgin although he had kissed at least More than a few woman but not much more developed due to his quiet nature around woman and his fear of approaching them.  He simply never knew won well and knew nothing of how to be with them.  He also feared getting too close because he would be laughed at for his sexual inexperience.  Men on the other hand never intimidated him and he could talk to them but never found one with his interests which included reading, writing, art, politics, and at least football as that was one subject he could talk to guys about.  However look at him wrong or get in his face and it was on.  Simply put the fights continued.

One day alone smoking in a dog park with his dog Sheeba he was approached by a woman who asked if she could join him for a smoke but told him she had none as she wasn't a smoker to begin with. She knew of him but he knew nothing of her.  He never paid much mind hto her as he thought no woman would be interested in him.  It is a complete exageration but he wouldn't know if a woman were hitting on him if she stripped in front of him and asked for it. 

They will develop a relationship and he would be the dom as submitting was just plain uncomfortable to him although the possibility could be their if she says all the right things.  Is it possible her regection of him due to his inexperience and her laughter turns him into a rage which he hides until he has her in a sexual position she can't escape.  The possibilities run from nc to romance to anything in between.  It is wide open as maybe this gives him confidence to persue another woman which if you take on this rp you would play also.

Let me know if interested and we can discuss the details.  Thanks for taking the time to read this