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Author Topic: Walking on Clouds. F/F-M/F, exhibitionism, naturism, contemporary school setting  (Read 464 times)

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Offline HaibaneTopic starter

I'm looking for a partner to write either the submissive girl or the more (but not explicitely) dominant partner (also a girl) here. Please be aware that I tend towards writing highly detailed, descriptive, narrative style posts in the first person omniscient past tense. I like my games to have good consistency, continuity and realism (even in the fantasy elements). I'd like my writing partners to either match me or come close; 200 to 500 word posts without detail when I'm producing 1000 to 2000 words may make it an unhappy union, so do please bear that in mind. If you can't write in such volumes and detail, making up for this by being a lovely enthusiastic person in PMs would be great!

I do write short posts when the pacing requires them but I usually write well above the average for the site, so I'm told.

I also enjoy working through a story via PMs and planning things and generally getting to know my writing partners so you'll need to be an outgoing friendly person, able to communicate. RPing with someone who never sends a PM I find rather cold and uninspiring. I don't like the detachment, I like to get to know my partners and swap ideas with them constantly.

I don't enjoy spontaneous ad-libbed stories - planning ahead is vital to my enjoyment though when I'm dominating and have the plan all formed in my head I do enjoy springing surprises on my writing partner and their submissive character - though you can trust me that I know exactly where such twists are headed.

My O/Os are linked to in my sig. My O/O thread also contains links to a few of my favourite games which will give you an idea of my writing style.

So, to this particular story idea.

Walking on Clouds. F/F and M/F, public nudity, exhibitionism, naturism, some bondage/mild BDSM, orgies.
Based on a fantastically erotic doujin called Kumo no Michi (you'll need to download this and like it to be a suitable partner for me in this RP). A girl stands in class to read her creative writing piece only to start relating a fantasy of hers, to be naked in public, to walk about the city in daylight with everyone staring at her. Her shocked teacher angrily demands she stop at once and berates her for submitting such a ridiculous assignment, disruptive to her class. Later in study time her friends come ropund to ask what she thought she was doing. She says again that its her fantasy and that she'd love to be naked among strangers. One of the pushier, more confident girls suggests she strips right there... Some girls are horrified (though some are curious) while the boys all grin and wait eagerly.

The game is about the situation that develops from here; the girl eventually becoming the 'pet' of the entire class and agreeing to do anything her male and female classmates tell her as long as it is passed by the 'committee' which consists of the pushy girl (who is all for the idea and revealed - not unsurprisingly - as a lesbian) and the rather strict, straight-laced proper class rep, who is against it. The one is the 'accelerator', the other the 'brake'. Over time the risky games and nudity spread to other class members until the class forms a club based around being naked in public with various games, dares, punishments and rewards.


Please PM me with your interest.
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