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Author Topic: May Day  (Read 698 times)

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May Day
« on: January 14, 2008, 08:25:54 AM »
Looking for either one person to play as one of the nurses, or a small group of 'survivors'.
The premise of the game is set during WWII, on a mysterious Island that holds many secrets. The Japanese are present, but why they are interested in this Island is unknown.


“May-day! May-day! This is Red Robin, we’re going down!” The Radio Man was beginning to sound a little desperate. There was still no response. The co-pilot was rapidly trying to figure out where they were while Captain Connor O’Fearghail wrestled with the flight stick. With one engine on fire, they were steadily losing altitude and power. The gamble of flying through a cloud bank had not paid off. Not only had they flown off course, but the Zero had managed to track them.

He hadn’t noticed it until it made its first attacking run, appearing out of the sun. It had caught him by surprise – at first he had thought it was a Mustang come to check him out. That quickly had changed into fear when he noticed its distinctive shape and markings. What a lone Zero was doing out here was beyond him.  He had played dummy until the last second, sharply banking to the right and down into a cloud bank. It had been enough to avoid the Zero, but a Dakota was a notoriously hard plane to maneuver. He had cringed when he heard the moans from the wounded soldiers he was transporting in the back, but if he didn’t avoid the bullets from the Zero, it wouldn’t matter how comfortable they were.

He had flown for a few minutes through the cloud bank before rising up again. But the Zero had been circling over head, and this time made no mistake. Bullets chewed through the tail fin and then the right wing, tearing up the engine which sputtered and burst into flame. The Zero had backed off then, knowing that the Dakota would crash and burn somewhere in the pacific. A slow, painful death to any who survived.

And that was exactly what was about to happen.

A speck of land rose up out of the ocean to meet the descending, smoking plane. It was a large island, with what was either a mountain or volcano rising up on one half of the island. It was covered by Jungle and there really was no good place to put the plane down – not that he would have much say in the matter.

“Brace for impact!” He shouts through the open door into the fuselage. Many of the wounded soldiers wouldn’t make it, even if they did survive. The nurses and the few soldiers returning home for leave used what they could to brace themselves, faces looking grim as they contemplated  their fate.

Connor  felt like his arms were about to break as he tried to keep the plane as level as he could. He shut off the other engine, hoping it would prevent them from exploding into a fiery ball of death on impact. He strapped himself in too as the ground began to rise up even faster.  It was the best he could do, steering the plane into a valley between two hills, the sound of tree tops snapping as the bottom of the plane came in contact with them, shortly followed by a jarring tug on the plane, sheet metal ripping. He closed his eyes as the view turned green, shortly before darkness swept over him.

Online MagicalPenTopic starter

Re: May Day
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2008, 11:52:08 AM »
I've got one interested party at the moment, and would really like to run this as a *small* group game, with characters being a mix of Nurses/Soldiers/Pilot. Think of the TV show LOST, set during WWII, but with all factions trying to kill each other. I suppose thats one way to look at it. Based on who signs up, we can talk details, limits, etc.