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Author Topic: This time I will not stray from the path! Oooh, a cookie!  (Read 1308 times)

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Offline Le RandomBlokeTopic starter

This time I will not stray from the path! Oooh, a cookie!
« on: November 25, 2011, 02:24:42 PM »
Greetings, I am here to put on display a story or two in case that someone is interested. If you have a story of your own, that you feel will be enticing enough to make me go.. err.. some sort of loud verbal expression of joy, then feel free to elaborate on said story. Most of the time I write a ridiculous intro, but I will refrain myself from doing so this time, I should not waste any one's time with my jibberjabber.. foo'! 

Note: You'll find that I am in the mood to play a somewhat refined evil type of character, though not the type that will most likely appeal to those with more.. extreme tastes. My on and offs will remain highly accurate. (Oh, and please don't expect me to add pictures and a character synopsis at the start of a story, I know many people like doing this, but I prefer that my mind is able to do all the imaginative work. D: )

An even more amazing title!

Tl;dr: A world filled with hybrid monster-humans and 'pure' humans, both living in hostility towards one another. One human male decides to venture out where mankind is not suppose to travel and meets one of those kind creatures. As they journey together, they learn both man and hybrid alike do not approve of the two being friends, let anyone anything more than that.

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Sticking with the oh-so fun fantasy worlds, I would like some sort of 'monster girl' as my partner here. Just throwing it out there, before some people waste their reading it all only ending up finding it bizarre.

This one is fairly basic and has it's perhaps not-so-obvious influences. Basically, on this world, aside from humans, there are the monster types. Creatures that are a mix of both human and animal, many various of these creatures exist and they all have the intelligence of humans. In fact, they even share the same language depending from region to region. However, despite these similarities, both live in extreme hostility.

This mainly due some of the combinations being very dangerous, having forced the humans into villages and towns which are very defended. Some more anti-creature than others, though none of them kind in any sense of the word. Though some have a kind nature as well and the both could coexist perfectly together, fear of the unknown and a huge sense of self-importance on the human kind side make the two live in total isolation from each other.

One child in one of these villages has always been fascinated, however and has a lack of fear one can only call naivety. Unable to talk him out his crazy obsession with what he considers equals, when this child grows up he decides to venture off the safe roads and deep into the areas considered off-limits and extremely dangerous. Although naive, he is not a fool and is an excellent fighter and general survivor.

Anyway, the idea is very simple I guess. During his travels he meets one of these creatures, which severity of mixed species and kind I leave entirely up to you, whom is equally fascinated by meeting a human. Of course, the dangers of the wilds for his kind still persist and also the dangers for her, as just like all things in the world, there are the predators and prey. Much can be discussed here, the idea is just that the two grow close to one another during their mutual travels. Their mutual curiosity ending up in something much more.

The unwilling servant!
Tl;dr: A scholar of a bizarre school and her designated servant. At first they fight and argue, a really unconventional relationship, though as they grow closer to one another the one thing that forces them close is threatened to vanish underneath them. Will either of them take action?
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The title will be deceptive, so no, this will not be about a woman forced to do unspeakable things against her will. Phew, glad I got that one out of the way eh!

Given how obsessed my mind has been about magical-driven stories lately, this one isn't an exception. The story takes place in a world where all the myths and urban legends you did not expect to be true, really do exist. To be more precise, the tale takes place in a school, where strange beings and humans with magical capabilities come together. The lessons are tailored precisely to their needs, how to control magic or simply how to control their very nature. (Werewolf etc.)

Your character is one of these people, who even in this particular world are considered special and therefor have a higher status than regular humans. As of such, at a very young age they are assigned a servant in this school to help and assist them during their educational journey. The servant, of course, humans. These servants, in return for their service, get food, a roof above their head and other comforts.

While not treated bad persé, they are most definitively not treated as equals. The idea is, your character is a bit clumsy and therefor messes up quite bad in her studies. Unfortunately, she gets assigned a young man as her servant, who is not anything like the others. He complains, outright refuses tasks given to him at times and seems to have a general lack of respect towards just about anyone. Not horrible enough to get kicked out from this 'job', but annoying enough to frustrate her to no end.

At first she is very reluctant and demands someone else, though being refused this request she decided to take out both the frustrations she gets from him and the ones she gets from the not-so-smooth running education out on him. Though slowly they start to really get to know one another, along with some secrets. (This mainly because the servants are not even allowed to know anything about their master, as the living quarters and school are separate.)

So when they do eventually get along, sort of, the only reason they really get to spent time together is because of this servant obligation, but what if that is going to taken away?

If you need further elaboration on specific things, again, encouraged to do so. I left the actual female character's story as vague as possible as I mainly desire for those blanks to be filled in themselves. 

Eh, cheerio o/

I probably could tell you more about these, but that should give a general idea of what I'm aiming for there. Might add more, who knows, we'll see. Also, I'm quite good with titles, as you may have noticed. Oh and ehh, if you believe you have a story yourself that might be relevant to my interests, feel free to take the chance and ask, I won't bite.
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Offline taino

Re: This time I will not stray from the path! Oooh, a cookie!
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2011, 09:58:44 PM »
If this is still available, I'm interested.

Offline Le RandomBlokeTopic starter

Re: This time I will not stray from the path! Oooh, a cookie!
« Reply #2 on: December 25, 2011, 11:51:43 AM »
Through some friendly advice I decided to give my stories from before and from now on a tl;dr portion, putting the larger gist of it in a spoiler tag for a better view. Nobody likes a wall of text after all, more to come later.