Love spell gone wrong. As always this is Extreme x

Started by Ophelia Jaxon, November 25, 2011, 08:54:53 AM

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Ophelia Jaxon

I'm using the example as M/f, but as per my norm you can always sub a F in for the M role. I'm not fussy with genders :)

Summer wasn't popular in school, but she wasn't un popular either. She had friends and stuff, but what she didn't have...Was a boyfriend. She did however have a crush on a boy. One who is well out of her league. Captain of the football team, dating head cheerleader. The cheerleader found out about the crush and being the bitch she was used it to her own entertainment.For a week the couple pretended to be split up. The boy came to Summer and invited her to a party. He'd noticed her in math class and wanted to hang out. The party wasn't for another week and during that time he paid a lot of attention to her, even going as far as sitting at her table at lunch. He even KISSED her. It was her very first kiss!

They agreed that instead f him picking her up that they should meet at the party and arranged a time. Summer was just on time, she stood outside and waited and waited. She must have gotten it wong. Maybe he was inside. Inside she went and there was her 'date' making out with the head cheerleader. Summer turned to leave, but then the laughing started. The cheerleader said something about her being pthetic. Someone like him would never be interested in a girl like her. He chimed in saying she was pathetic and disgusted him.

Outraged, she went home and did some research. The next day at school she managed to pull one of his hairs out. Which made her even more of a freak, but she didn't care. She'd show him.

So she worked a spell of love. He was to love her more than -anything- how was she supposed to know it would turn out this way.

He dreamed of her that night. He thought of her during the day. Thought of her while with his girlfriend. He sat with her at lunch, but she just left him sat there, getting up and leaving. She thought it was anothersick joke...well she was't going to play along...not this time. Of course he dumped his girlfriend for real and started following Summer around. His every thought was of her awake or asleep. She had to be his.

Each time he made a move, she shot him down. Torturing him. All he wanted to do was love her. Why did she love him back? There must be someone else. The thought made him so mad that he literally punched a hole through his bedroom wall. If she wasn't in love with him....Well...He'd just have to MAKE her love him.
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*smiles*  Oh, I do like the way you think.  :) 
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Ophelia Jaxon

Thank You? :D I like the way I think too. This plot is very up in the air to anything can happen :)
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