One toe in...(M Seeking F)

Started by MagicalPen, November 24, 2011, 03:28:18 PM

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So, trying to get the old writing wheels working again. Started hand-writing a journal but now I am ready to get back on the computer and back into some more sexy ideas. Again, my posting rate won't be daily but I should be able to post a few times a week. Also, please read my On/Offs before sending me a PM - it certainly eliminates people I won't be compatible, a few plots I am craving (in order of preference, I think).

I am just going to post the most basic of information. If you have a more-fun direction for the plot, let me know.

Female Teacher (You) x Male Student (Me)
-Age Pairing can be HS or College.
-I want to see a Teacher seduce a shy, virgin Student of hers.
-AKA this won't go straight to the sex, but lots of foreplay and teasing and 'everything else' in school, before 'popping the cherry' either in a Motel or her home.
-Would then like to explore their relationship post-sex, how he grows in confidence, etc.

Mother/Older Woman (You) x Son/Younger Boy (Me)
-Sexual education of a younger boy by an older woman.
-Can be Mother/Son or Neighbor/Neighbors Son or Aunt/Nephew (or other pairing)

Female CoWorker (You) x Male Coworker(s) (Me)
-Similar aged coworkers in Corporate America
-Female is shy and conservative, but has some dirty sexy secret
-Male Coworker blackmails her secretly into dressing more provactively and doing sexual acts.
-Eventually leads to sex between them, possible group sex at Christmas Party, etc.

My On and Offs
When the Ink Runs Dry

Looking/Available for New Games