Incest roleplay

Started by I dont know, November 24, 2011, 12:16:06 PM

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I dont know

I don't really know if im doing this right. So bare me, lol.

Anyway, i would like to create an incest roleplay if someone would be interested in doing it.


Abusive, consensual, let me know.

My turn ons are: Bondage, humiliation, incest also i love romance stuff. Turn offs pretty basic i'd say. I don't like scat or watersports also a big no to puke. Too much violence is not accepted aswell like gore stuff.

Once we would get to know wich option you would like to play, i'll throw some ideas.

I dont know

Adding ideas to play out:

Letters to daddy

Reaching the age of 18, daughter is being sent by his father to a summer camp. She would rather spend a time with her father, but he doesn't have much time, meetings, work and business trips. Arriving at a summer camp and soon getting lost after hiking through the woods she ends up in a house in the middle of nowhere. it belongs to bunch of boys, they take on the girl, capturing her and putting her to do all the chores and most of all to please their needs. They are ttaking care of her and most of the time treating nice to her, except for few boys. After living for awhile in the house she's finnaly allowed to write a letter to her dad and realises how much she loves him, saying she's allright. The girl is starting to have sexual fantasies about her dad. One day she confesses her father that she feels something more than just family kind of love after remembering the past spent with her dad, realising that he could feel the same.

I dont know

After a while I have decided to return to role playing. And the incest ones is that I crave again. Hope anyone is interested in doing an incest role play. Settings are the same.

Would love to play one where there is the whole family involved. I can play multiple characters if needed. Dad, brother, sister, Mom. So if you're interested post here, PM me. Let me know so we can discuss potential plots.

P.S Particularly I'd appreciate female interest in this.

Thank you for checking into my thread. :)


*WAVES* ME ME ME ME ME ME! I love incest roleplays as odd that sounds!


I'm interested in the brotherxsister pairing.

I dont know

Bumping this thread for interest as I am once again available for incest role plays and I feel a crave for them I hope you do too ;)

I have this fantasy for over a year or so and I have played for quite a bit. It's about a family where everyone is having sex with each other, but their daughter is used as a sex slave to fulfill every need of other family members. It's rather an extraordinaire way of expressing love to each other - getting and giving sexual abuse (normally it's abuse, but in this family it's considered as not an abuse)

So there's a dad, brother, mom. It is possible to add some more family members if needed. Whatever you want to add or remove we can discuss it. PM me for interest.


So would you be the daughter or is that still open?
If sex was a roller-coaster, I'd ride it over and over again.


I dont know

Any more takers? I'd like to play with some more people. I have already one role play going on at the moment, but really wouldn't mind to start at least one extra rp. I feel like I want to write a lot preferably not one liners. at least 1 or better 2 paragraphs. The more the merrier.

I'm also from the european region, saying this only because if you're from Usa for example the roleplay might go slower as I might not be up when you are. probably one post per day, if lucky to catch one another more often then it's great and we can make the rp go faster. So far several people have stopped responding to my pms since it took some time to respond like I described before (because of time zones) so if I take longer to respond, doesn't mean i'm not interested, i'm prolly just not online at that moment.

So everything else is pretty much the same what is explained before about the role plays and what I want to play.  can take on multiple characters if needed, but will definitely focus more on player characters.

So to not waste too much of your time and start the role play almost right away, we would probably role play on PMs, send me in a message what you'd specifically would like to play and CS of your character and then we can start.

I dont know

Resuming the Incest roleplays. PM me if you're interested. For extra info look up the previous posts.

Thank you for your attention!

I dont know

Still accepting partners for incest roleplay. I'm currently interested in playing a submissive male slut for his sister, brother, mother or/and father.