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Author Topic: Inerrant's RP Thread! (Now with porn/hentai plot genderswaps?)  (Read 13659 times)

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Inerrant's RP Thread! (Now with porn/hentai plot genderswaps?)
« on: November 23, 2011, 11:01:39 PM »
This thread is currently being cleaned up!

If you're interested, PM me, and also please look at my on/offs page for a more detailed account of my tastes when you have the time. You can be assured that I've done the same before PMing you back.  ;) And please don't be afraid to talk to me if you like part of an idea but not another part- you'll find I can be flexible. :D

My favorites

So, I have a few plots here that I absolutely adore. You've probably seen me pitching them before and even writing them out with partners. I am loathed, extremely LOATHED, to rehash the same old idea over and over and over again... but I do treasure these ideas so. I hate to wear them out time and time again with partners who I either can't correspond with (I have an odd schedule, and spend 2 months of the year without internet) or... quite frankly, are not up to par.

As such, I humbly request some thorough discussion prior to, and maybe even a one-shot or something so I can gauge our compatibility, before I even consider starting an RP with you regarding these ideas... I am sorry, but I've been burned too many times in the past.
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Re: Inerrant's Ideas For The Holidays
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2011, 09:49:55 PM »
PM'd you an idea!

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Re: Inerrant's RP Thread! :D
« Reply #2 on: September 01, 2013, 12:24:12 PM »

Mass Effect

It is the year 2179. The Systems Alliance has made leaps and bounds in the galaxy, in a mere twenty years becoming associate members of the Council, with rumors of full membership being only a few years away. There is even word of a human being considered as a Spectre, an honor known thus only to the Council races.

The rapid ascension of Humanity has not gone unnoticed, however. In order to stem the rising distrust and uncertainty about humanity, the Systems Alliance and the Council Races have initiated many joint projects. Among these include the construction of the SSV Normandy SR-1 and, more unusually, a joint species task force, composed of all the Citadel Races. This task force is an arm of the Council preforming missions under the ideal that each species in the Galaxy can make their own unique contribution to any mission, and can be relied upon to operate with as much fidelity for another race as they might for their own. As a matter of politics, the task force is composed of all the Citadel races (excluding the keepers), although not all members will serve in combat roles. The organization consists of 13 Asari, 2 Drell, 2 Elcor, 1 Hanar, 1 Human, 11 Salarians, 15 Turians, and 3 Volus. If this experimental unit is a success, it will become the model for more like it in the future.

Quote from: Dossier
Name: Valessa Lin Mehra-Harper
Race: Human (1/4th Han Chinese, 3/8th Indian, 1/8th Korean, 1/8th African American,

1/8th Irish)
DOB: 09NOV55
Rank: 1st Lieutenant (MVC: N4)
Class: Infiltrator

Description: Olive complexion, brown hair, brown eyes. 1.67m. 62kg.
Notes: Enlisted in the Alliance Navy in 2172 at the age of 17. In four years made
Service Chief and was recommended to C-Sec as a Special Response Officer in 2176 for 18
months. Earned a battlefield commission for her actions in the Theshaca Raids of 2178. Quick-
thinking and decisive, very capable on and off the battlefield as a special forces operator in
the Alliance and as a hostage negotiator in C-Sec. Skilled in both sniper rifles and pistols,
and proficient in hand-to-hand combat.
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Re: Inerrant's RP Thread! :D
« Reply #3 on: September 01, 2013, 12:41:24 PM »
Lazy Girl Seeking Cash/Dick

These are tough times... and it's hard to get into a good school. In her junior year of high school, an attractive and jaded young woman finds herself a little short of options for the future. Though she has what appears to be a strong work ethic, AP classes, track and field, a summer job- this girl is really just a slacker. Her grades in these advanced classes are average at best- her performance in sports lackluster despite her athleticism. She's a babe, but doesn't seem too interested in boys.

All in all, jaded.

She supposes that if she's going to get anywhere in life, she'll need to land a good college and float her way through. But scholarships are hard to come by and it could take years of saving up the money. She isn't patient enough for that. So what does she do? Start turning tricks on the side. Since school is boring enough anyways, she might even go so far as to arrange 'dates' right after class. Since the name of the game is contrast, I'm looking for such situations as a young woman, all prim and proper, maybe even wearing a uniform, going to a gas station after work to kneel down on her knees in the bathroom and work a 'pay-per-use' glory hole... I want to see a petite girl; 4'10", 90-something pounds, get demolished by a fat trucker that weighs three times as much, every thrust sending her tiny frame reeling from the impact...  ::)

She could start doing it real trashy, no more than a streetwalker- then maybe she moves up in the world, so to speak, becoming something of an escort or higher-end call girl. Of course, she gains a reputation for a willingness to lay down with any man, no matter how fat or ugly he is- and she's kinky enough to lick an asshole or two, finger a man while she sucks him off, take a strap-on to 'em, dress-up, maybe even take the virginity his fat nerd of a son.... who might have fetishes of his own. At first, she's merely content with it, more focused on the money than anything else- but in time it might even begin to get her off...

I just want the contrast. She's petite, her clients are fat. She's proper, her clients are dirty. I hate to play the stereotype, but she's a skinny white girl, her clients are big black guys. She's experienced, her client's son is totally clueless.. ect.

Hot for Student

A young and attractive single teacher gets tired of the old club scene, of all the men her age that just want that one thing... Sure, it's fun... but she wants to be valued, she wants to be remembered. But all the boys of her class... the awkward, the unsure, the innocent. They'd remember her, they would never forget how she made them feel. And the girls of her class, not the popular ones, but the shy wallflowers. She was smart enough to know who liked who... but some of these girls just didn't have the confidence and experience that she had. Just like she was when she was their age. Maybe they'd need a little... tutoring. She was content to be an enabler for a budding temptress like herself.

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Re: Inerrant's RP Thread! (Currently being revamped!)
« Reply #4 on: September 01, 2013, 04:55:51 PM »

The misfortunes of one particularly unlucky Halfling

Veonna Hornblower started her life out from humble beginnings, as most legendary chosen ones seem to. Unbeknownst to her, she had a special destiny. For this world's particular deity of lust and carnality, sex and sensuality- had deigned to choose a mortal as one of their divine instruments, to elevate them as a deity themselves- or a demigod or perhaps just some powerful agent, the gods have always been unfathomable even to their most devout servants. This mortal was Veonna Hornblower, who had begun her journey at adulthood to become divine.

The halfling had always dreamed of being an adventurer, going on quests and playing her part in all the tales she'd heard as a girl. But she was a commoner, hardly skilled in anything but the most mundane of crafts and labors. She hardly had any skills befitting a proper adventurer. This was hardly helped by her chronic misfortune. It seemed as if the whole universe conspired to make her life as coincidentally troublesome as possible. Yet still she had this dream of fame and fortune. Through another string of bad luck, she was forced from the travelling caravan of her birth- following a handsome bard who promised her adventure... only to be left at an inn when he 'conquered' her.

Men were always lusting after her, it was true. Apart from the usual halfling fetishizers, she was... disproportionately endowed. Even at her height, she could put a fair amount of human and elven women to shame, and with her figure, it was no wonder the deity of lust and coupling had chosen her. Once she started on her own, this became more of a problem than a boon- for the misfortune that plagued her all her life now put her in... sexier situations. Somehow, despite travelling through great dangers and facing insurmountable perils, Veonna never ended up hurt. Only molested, or fucked, or humiliated, or indignified in some way or another. It left her no less for the wear, though- as she didn't even feel pain the first time she laid with a man.

Of course, all these misfortunes were the work of the god/dess of sex and perversion- for Veonna Hornblower had to be groomed for the divine position her destiny ensured her. So as she went along, her abilities as an adventurer remained laughable- yet everywhere she went, the legend of a particularly lusty halfling grew; one who could take any man without pain, one whose appetite had grown insatiable over time, one who did not tire, who was never sated before her lovers. All the while she remained oblivious of her destiny, merely chalking up her almost habitual sexual encounters as bad luck.

Notes! So bear with me while I get... technical. Halflings are, at least in D&D, about exactly half the size of a human and proportioned the same. This would make Veonna's head about six inches... which is to say, your average male specimen could, to put it bluntly, from shaft to tip lay side by side her face, from chin to hair. This just one of the particular technical aspects which fascinates about such pairings. The other part being her general attitude about these things, which I can handle fine. :P In short, no pun intended, this is probably my favorite RP idea and all I ask is for a collaborative spirit to play it out with me. Here are some drawrings!

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Re: Inerrant's RP Thread! (Now sleak!)
« Reply #5 on: January 10, 2014, 03:21:02 PM »
Incest Plots!

Sweet and Heartwarming... Incestous Gangbang!
There's this family out there with a few kids, but ther parents aren't around all that much, both leading busy lives or being separated. Fortunately, the eldest child takes care of her younger siblings, all boys. Here's the thing, the boys have always been sort of... unlucky with girls. They aren't shy, and they aren't clueless either. They know what they want and wouldn't be too shy about asking for it- but for one reason or another, they can't get any. Maybe they just don't have game or their assertiveness puts the girls of their age off, maybe they're just plain caustic. In any event, their problem isn't for lack of commitment or apprehension about sex.

It may even be that they masturbate just a little too much... Perhaps they're so horny they 'practice' on each other. Recently, they have not been above looking at their sister in ways brothers ought not to... She knows this, knows how... desperate they are.  It's becoming to appear... unseemly. They needed to get it out of their system. So maybe she indulges them one day...

There is, afterall, something sweet and innocent in their boyish charms and desperation. But she soon learns that she's about to get a little in over her head...

My little sister can't be this... futa!

It's tough being an anime schoolgirl with a handsome (if awkward) big brother and a rather large penis. It can be embarrassing sometimes, and when exactly do you tell someone that you've got a little.... more than you'd expect in your panties!? It's only natural that a futanari schoolgirl have some trouble keeping a steady relationship, or even starting one... but her big brother has no such excuse! Perhaps... there is a compromise to be made between them?

They were always close, and he was the only one she could really confide to about her... particular situation. Maybe they could help each other.

Notes! Willing to play either role.

My precious halfbreed...

About fifteen years ago, the nearby village was raided by orcs while the local farmer was there trading his wares. He left his wife at home while there and while the town was razed and looted- a pair of orcs splintered off from the main party to check the farm on the outskirts of the village. They took most of the harvest that the farmer didn't take to the bazaar but they also left something... a child in the belly of the farmer's wife.

The farmer returned to his farm and town was rebuilt over time. After some consideration, the farmer and his wife kept the child. Soon, he would help out on the farm... but the farmer had soon grown to loathe his half-breed son of some other... thing. The creature that raped his wife.

The half-orc grew up accustomed to beatings and occasionally sleeping outside with the pigs. No matter how hard he worked, he fouled up somehow.

But his mother still loved him... she was always so gentle. He was grown up, now. A man in all his splendor... virginal, yet virile- she could tell. His orcs' blood in him made him a fine specimen, not like the crooked back farmer. She loved her husband once, and still had feelings for him of course- but the way he treated her son wasn't right. And they both ached for companionship...

Notes! Willing to play either role.


A few years ago, a young woman lost her brother in a tragic accident. On the same day, a puppy was born... unwittingly, the girl's brother was somehow reincarnated into the body of a dog. He retained most of his intellect and personality, but was still trapped in the animal's body, subject to its physical handicap and physiological urges. He was given to his sister as a source of comfort- something for her to take care of and be adored in return.

Soon, they were inseparable and it seemed like he had done much to ease her suffering. Now that she is older, however, and the both of them mature in their respective bodies... well, things could get awkward. When she brings over her friend from school, the brother remembers how big of a crush he had on her. It stirs up an unusual combination of animalistic lust and teenage desire. Even worse, the girls have kept him in their room while they undress and talk about... intimacies.

It becomes too much for his hormone addled body and he soon becomes the subject of experimentation by his sister's friends.. and even his sister himself!

Animal companions! More than just a class feature!

A simple idea, I'd like to play a ranger or Druid in your typical d&d type adventure that eventually leads to... amorous relations with her animal companion(s). I have already played out a game similar to this, though I was playing the role of the equine mount loyal to a female paladin. It was super steamy (you can read it here) but I'm looking for something different.

In that one, the paladin was cursed with an insatiable lust and it allowed her to express a romantic love for her horse. ::) I'm not quite sure what the twist would be for this idea. Perhaps the ranger and her animal companion don't even get along, at least initially.

It could be that the ranger's animal companion gets hormonal and becomes a liability in a fight. Or that it becomes charmed/consumes a 'love potion' and won't leave her alone.

Could be she just has the misfortune of bending over at the wrong moment, in the wrong clothes...

Here's an idea... A wizard casts Awaken on the animal companion, making it intelligent... while casting something like Touch of Idiocy that permanently (until healed) turns the druid/ranger into the equivalent of an animal, acting on instinct and lust. Even without Awaken, a paladin's mount is considered pretty intelligent for its species. Animal Companions may be extraordinary as well.. but if a woman was reduced to an even more animalistic level than her own 'pet'... well, things could get interesting as he has to take care of his old master until she gets her brain fixed..

Mounted to a Mount.

This one is a simple one-shoot that just occurred to me out of the blue. An elven beauty, handmaiden to the queen of some small but peaceful kingdom, is captured by a warlord upon the sacking of the city. He rapes the queen and many of his men take the elf's friends for their own, yet she is spared for some reason. Seemingly, they didn't even notice or see her... that is, until she caught the eye of the warlord. He has something special for her- a symbol of his dominance over the kingdom.

The elven girl is strapped to the underside of his horse, to be paraded around the city and fucked by his steed while he surveys his new kingdom..
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Re: Inerrant's RP Thread! (Incest, Beasties, Fantasy, Oh My!)
« Reply #6 on: March 21, 2014, 07:07:54 PM »


I am interested in either playing or running a game set in the fallout universe. While I don't think I can handle GMing another game as of the writing of this post... I do have a simple idea; Hawaii, untouched by nukes... but drenched in a chemical deluge owing to its strategic importance and proximity to China. The order of the day is wild mutations that are even more extreme than some of the results of FEV exposure. On top of that, the island chain might as well be on another planet, isolated from the rest of the world as it is.

But I also want to assume the role of the 'player character' in the world of Fallout, too. Likely female, possibly from some unusual vault that had some sexual elements to its experiment. Likely she finds herself subject to many molestations and rapes on her adventure, though also some consensual encounters- and indeed I imagine most of her problems will be solved on her back in some fashion.

Just an idea.


So I recently started playing a game called Path of Exile, and one of themes that appealed to me late in the game is the contrast of beauty and ugliness. One of the early bosses is a beautiful siren that slowly turned into a tentacle monster, the entire zone before her is sporadically peppered with illusions of her beautiful form beckoning you in.

But particularly towards the end, there are two temples occupied by opposing sides at war with one another. In the former, you fight through golden statues originally in alluring poses and what are basically animated tapestries (more terrifying then you think)

While in the second temple, it looks the same- with golden hallways and red carpets, but as you go deeper down, it is mostly inhabited by humans that have been experimented on and transformed into 'miscreations', until at the bottom level there's piles of bodies and literal pools of blood- some of the sickest metal-ist shit ever. :D

But I digress from the point, what I'm interesting in writing is;

A story about transformation, from something beautiful to something hideous. A basic I had took inspiration from that game, but here it is;

A sorcerer/ess begins to experiment on a male or female human... and with crazy magic, ends up slowly deforming the person over the course of the RP. The experimentee could be a lover or the crazy magic scientist is simply perverted, but sexual encounters continue unabated. Needless to say, neither character could be considered particularly sane at the onset of this story- and in fact towards the end there might be redemption for one... but probably not both.

What do you think?
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Re: Inerrant's RP Thread! (Incest, Beasties, Fantasy, Oh My!)
« Reply #7 on: June 03, 2014, 01:00:51 AM »
Future Cop Exposed by Corruption

Mia Naishera is a police officer from the futuristic City 8 on Alseides IX. In her own world, she is a skilled pilot and a competent enforcer despite the majority of the police force being corrupt. However, she angered many politicians and the own department in her crusade against the mob. In the end this led to her kidnapping and subsequent sale to interplanetary gangsters.

Sold out, Mia was sent unconscious to the head of the biggest crime syndicate on the planet. Worse, they installed a microchip into her brain that sent debilitating waves of pleasure through her nerves if the right signal was broadcast...

He is a morally repugnant gangster, old and fat and lecherous. Yet she is kept there as his slave and is helpless to orgasm at his command. Will Mia be able to resist, or will her body begin to convince her mind that being a sex slave isn't so bad after all...

Looking for someone to play the crime lord and/or his goons. Craving a bit of humiliation, pleasure against her will, and if you feel like it- crazy sci-fi stuff.
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Re: Inerrant's RP Thread! (Incest, Beasties, Fantasy, Oh My!)
« Reply #8 on: June 28, 2014, 11:16:01 PM »
Historical M/M!
Maybe some M/F too.
European Squire X Arab Warlord

During the Crusades, a European boy is brought before an Ayyubid warlord at his tent just after a battle. The squire of a now deceased knight, the youth is fair and pleasing to the eye, but also suprisingly indifferent to his capture. The boy speaks a little Arabic and proves himself to be intelligent as well. The noble is impressed, and decides to keep him around as a passing curiosity.

I think I'd like to play the younger European, as young as sixteen- and for added contrast... maybe blue-eyed and blonde-haired. Or red haired. In any case, I figure that after the initial tensions relax, their relationship turns into something of an unusual friendship. From the start, the noble might insist on taking the squire to bed. The youth will be indifferent to this as well, doing so without complaint or joy. This too eventually will change.

I am not completely adverse to sprinkling in m/f activity. In fact, since I lean more towards heterosexuality- I might be more inclined. I think it would be interested if the squire also has some desirous feelings for, say, the warlord's daughter. Or members of his harem. There would be an element of forbidden desire on top of everything else... and I do love me some dusky ladies.

Pederasty! Consensual Man/Boy Love in Antiquity!

Somewhat similar to the above, but with less of a culture clash. Essentially, a young man is taken to live and learn under a much older one in one of the civilizations that practiced such things. Sexual relationships between this student/mentor were most often common in the Greece, China, Japan, and the Mideast of antiquity.

The youth would be more amenable to sexual relations with the older male than in the above situation. He might see it as part of the 'job' and do his best to live up to his new master's expectations. Eventually, he comes to enjoy his role as the mentor's sexual playmate- but also uses it to his advantage. After all, he is there to learn from his master. Perhaps there will be a subtle exchange of power, greater favors and lessons exchanged between them. In time, the boy uses his sexual expertise to extort from his master things like, say, access to a book from the sultan's library or a famed katana in the daimyo's possession.

As above, I do think that it could be interesting if the boy has some bisexuality taste- perhaps he is infatuated with his master's daughter or is pursuing an affair with some other noble's daughter as part of his political ambitions.

Trap Maid For Hire!

This plot is simple. There is a boy, between 16 and 19, who dresses as a french maid, perhaps at the behest of his master- and not because that's just the kind of service he performs. He dotes upon him/her, scurrying about to fulfill their whims. These whims will occasionally be sexual, but the maid has the utmost sense of love and loyalty for his master.

His master could be anything- from an older woman, another young man, a much older man, or a trap like himself. Perhaps there is a longer plot at work, such as the master belonging to an aristocratic family. Another family introduces a young man/woman as a prospective groom/bride... but they detect the sexual relationship between the master and his/her maid, and things immediately get hostile.

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Re: Inerrant's RP Thread! (Now with some tentative M/M!)
« Reply #9 on: July 01, 2014, 12:43:06 AM »
Dryads and [Something that starts with 'D']!

A simple plot, really. Male adventurer walks into a forest. Meets a dryad, yadda yadda yadda.

For this I'm less interested in the common dryad appearance of a chick with flowers in her green hair and such and such. I'm more keen on exploring an RP involving a dryad more closely resembling the D&D style. IE; skin somewhere between wood and flesh. An unflattering example, but I imagine it could be an interesting take, and a chance to flex one's descriptive muscles. I imagine the dryad's flesh might be smooth like polished wood, hard yet pliable and soft. This particular attribute would also come into play during... relations. ;)

Touch and feeling would be the focus here, not so far ahead of visual depiction. Of course, there is also the personality clash between them... but I don't intend to make an epic out of this. All in all, I guess it's an excuse to explore in writing the concept of a woman/tree hybrid. :P

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Now you're thinking with Phalluses!

Hello and welcome to the Siphon Science Enrichment Center. [An image flickers onto the screen, that of a vortex-like symbol] We hope your brief detention in the readiness vault has been a pleasant one. Your specimen has been processed and we are now ready to begin the test proper.

Preliminary testing of your specimen has revealed that the count of your Ovarian Reserve is in the ninety-ninth Percentile, making you an excellent candidate for testing at the Siphon Science Enrichment Center. Good job!
[A thumb's up appears on the screen.]

Before we begin, however, keep in mind that although fun and learning are the primary goals of all enrichment center activities, the test subject's health remains a top priority. After all, prior testing has revealed that in over ninety-nine point nine nine four nine nine nine nine percent of instances, deceased test subjects are unable to viably sustain an unborn lifeform of any sort.

Therefore, the Siphon Science Enrichment Center strongly recommends that you refrain from resisting test procedures during your stay at the Siphon Science Enrichment Center.
[The image of a 'ladies restroom' female with hands and legs bound in rope appears.]

This may expose the test subject to grave injury or worse, interfere with a possible successful conception!
[A frowny face appears on the screen.]

If at any time while not undergoing regulated testing... if you encounter a sample of augmented animal, alien, unaugmented animal, genetically engineered, or biochemically engineered DNA,
[A white cream-like puddle appears on the screen] then this is a perfect opportunity to conduct your own testing! [A hand appears, with two fingers pressed into the puddle]

While testing under regulated and observable circumstances is always preferred to such base and unscientific procedures... any opportunity to test, even under ad-hoc circumstances, should not be passed up. After such an encounter, Please remember to immediatly report to the nearest fertility testing apparatus for examination.

One last thing, if at time during your stay at the Siphon Science Enrichment Center, you experience morning sickness, excessive tiredness, cravings, frequent urination, irregular menstruation, a large growth in the abdomen, a 'kicking' sensation in the large growth, or a lifeform emerging from any one of your orifices... please report to the nearest fertility testing apparatus for examination.

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Can't you just give me a warning, ma'am?

It's the start of a lot of bad pornos, the myth surrounding plenty of attractive women, and the fantasty of every mildly corrupt police officer. They pull an attractive woman over for speeding or some other violation and she offers... compensation to be let off the hook. Said compensation involves all manner of sexual favor and bribery.

But what if the roles were reversed? At least the conventional gender roles. A female cop pulls over a man for speeding and, rather brazenly, he begins to show off his charms. Like any buxom seductress might do in that situation, he tempts her with a display of his... assets. She can't help but admire him, and her own lusts are begging to be realized.

This will be a quick one-shot which will involve some costume play, role reversal, toying with dominance, public sex, ect.

I intend to play the role of the cop, mostly likely based at least generally off of the one you see here. Attractive, probably a bit of a nymphomaniac- but one who has never quite gotten her rocks off during work before, at least not in circumstances as titillating and risque as this.

I'm back.

Before she went off and joined the marines, a young woman had the most obnoxious brother. They had little parental supervision, and he was always jerking off. She'd come home from school and there he was, shamelessly masturbating where anyone could find him. She couldn't bring any friends over or he'd be drooling over them until they left. And sometimes, though this was unconfirmed, she could have sworn he was stealing her undergarments.

She caught him countless times, and he never gave a damn about it. Well, it's been a few years and though she's still as petite as ever- the young woman's become a fitness freak. And a freak in general. Their parents are off on vacation while she's taken leave... but her brother's still at home. She intends to humiliate him the way he humiliated her. She hadn't seen him in over a year, and had little doubt that she could probably take him in a fight since she'd joined the armed services.

So, while she's back at home- she decided it was time to torment him for a change.

Notes; So the girl, I imagine, will be very fit and aggressive. Her plan is likely to work out in front of him and get him all riled up and squicked out the same as how he did to her so many years ago. She may even go further and bring some guys back home and make sure to scream and moan as loud as she can. They might even be his friends.

Eventually, things will escalate...

For the brother, that's up to you I guess. I'm partial of the idea of him being an overweight nerd, not as fit as her but perhaps through sheer size- he may eventually dominate her physically.. That, and I absolutely LOVE contrast. The idea of a really fit petite girl and a large overweight guy... yum!
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Re: Inerrant's RP Thread! :D
« Reply #12 on: November 09, 2014, 10:49:16 PM »
Korra Alternate Timelines (Spoilers!)

I don't usually do canon pairings, but I can't resist an RP involving Korra and some other canon characters but I don't mind OCs as well... I have a few ideas for alternative timelines..

Book 1: Upon arriving at Republic City for the first time, Korra famously challenged Amon to a duel under the statue of Avatar Aang. When midnight struck, she was about to leave, thinking that he had refused her offer. Instead, she was ambushed by chi blockers and incapacitated. Rather than save her for last, Amon took away her bending. This left Korra in the throes of a deep depression as the president called forth the United Forces under General Iroh to deal with the Equalist threat. Republic City is in a state of martial law, and the Avatar is helpless to intervene without her bending. Mako's stoicism is of little avail to her, but Bolin and his incorrigible sense of humor and persistence might just win her over...

Book 2: With the water tribes in a state of civil war and Korra's relationship with Mako ended, she travels to the Fire Nation to ask for the Fire Lord's support. Along the way, she was attacked by her cousins and swallowed up by a dark spirit. She was swept away and washed ashore not in the Fire Nation, but somewhere along the coasts of the Earth Kingdom. Only now, she's lost her memory- not even aware that she is the Avatar. With Korra missing, Unalaq finds that he cannot open the northern spirit portal...

Book 3: When Korra was just five years old, she was kidnapped by the Order of the Red Lotus. Unalaq, Zaheer, Ghazan, P'Li, and Ming-hua managed to snatch her from the clutches of the White Lotus. She was taught in the ways of the red lotus and became their most powerful agent. When she opened up the spirit portals, Unalaq revealed his plan to become the Dark Avatar and plunge the world into ten thousand years of darkness, but he was defeated by Korra and the Red Lotus. Now that humans had become reunited with the spirits, the Red Lotus aims to overthrow all government and bring about a new world without borders. Little does she know, the next phase in their plan involves the termination of the Avatar cycle...

Book 4: It's been three years since Korra's climactic battle with Zaheer. She's gone on a soul-searching journey throughout Republic City and the Earth Kingdom, leaving behind her family, her friends, and even her best friend Naga. She scrapes by making a living by participating in underground earthbending fights, but it wears on her mind and body. There are easier ways to make money, and Korra's willing to do anything at this point. And perhaps she might, like Zuko had decades ago, meet someone who doesn't recognize her for who she is. Can love mend a broken heart?
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Re: Inerrant's RP Thread!
« Reply #13 on: November 22, 2014, 01:19:36 AM »
Pokemon ♂ and ♀!

Overarching Plot: Isabelline J. Gettum is a terrible Pokemon trainer. She may very well be the worst. Yet she aspires to become the best there ever was. She fails for a number of reasons; she's too kind to her Pokemon and lets them walk all over her, she's too kind to her opponents and doesn't have that competitive edge... and foremost, she continues to push onwards against more and more challenging opponents despite being habitually out classed.

Despite all of this, she somehow progresses.

Maybe the gym leaders take pity on her and award her a badge for her effort, maybe she sleeps her way to the top, maybe she uses some ingenious plot or just stumbles onto success. In any event, her Pokemon battling abilities are garbage.

She catches new Pokemon much in the same way she wins badges; by befriending new Pokemon instead of capturing them... by accident or because that Pokemon realizes it will be spoiled under her care. Regardless, her most loyal friends probably aren't going to be very good at fighting... and her stronger Pokemon would likely rather nap or hump her leg than actually battle.

It's a self-perpetuating cycle, as Izzy continues to advance and fight more skilled trainers but just ends up, to use game terms; earning 0 XP. It's as if you progressed to the end of the game somehow without actually beating your opponents. Your rival has fully evolved his Charizard but you're stuck with a level 5 Bulbasaur, a cowardly sandshrew, and an Arcanine that would rather have sex with you than battle.

I think for this plot to be believable, it requires a rival to pressure Izzy to keep going forward despite the most logical approach being to take her time and train her Pokemon a little more.

Note: I've tried and tried this plot so many times, but I am always craving it.. It's always been a serious case of literary blue-balls for me so I am at the same time both very excited and eager to play out this game and also very reluctant to dive into it again. Seriously, don't look through my history and see how often this and the halfling idea above have been tried.. it's downright shameful, but it's just a concept I can't get out of my head. I want to see it done right.

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Re: Inerrant's RP Thread! (With some of my drawrings~)
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Beautiful Machine

The human brain's ability to store memories is equivalent to about 2.5 petabytes of binary data. It consumes an amount of watts in the same magnitude as that of a light bulb, while replicating its abilities would require the power to light several cities. It is capable of preforming up to ten quadrillion operations in a single second... And it has become the core component of a new kind of android. Emulating the organs and other parts of a human had been easy- living skin and flesh propped up by machinery underneath. They could breathe, sweat, heal wounds. But the last step, the final threshold of perfect human emulation eluded them. For now, they would rely upon a human brain...

Despite the weight of the above, I am looking for a very erotic story. The idea is inspired by Ghost in the Shell and, of all things, Robocop. Essentially, a woman's brain is transplanted into a machine that is, externally, beautiful to behold. Whether this is a usual in this setting or she is unique among her kind, that is up to you. In reverence to the original idea, I think she would be some kind of super-soldier or enforcer. Her brain is just a processor, so her original memories and personality traits have been overwritten... or so they may think. Until then, she is as obedient as any robot and constrained by the same logic. She can be hacked into and hijacked like any other system.

I am interested in playing the machine, by the way. ;) Things that might interest me;
 * The aforementioned hacking/hijacking. Not only for sexual purposes, but perhaps a group of terrorists want to use her as an assassin or something...
 * Regaining her memories/personality. Starting to question her own existence, possibly with a romantic interest instigating these new feelings.
 * Being sexually available, yet emotionally reserved. Perhaps she has ongoing relationships with the members of her unit so that they can relieve tension or distract themselves. She doesn't have feelings to hurt and doesn't think about sex the way most people do. Problems may arise when someone begins to form an emotional attachment to her, possibly leading to the plot point above with her memories.
 * Obedience. Perhaps she is passed around as an offering, like some sort of corporate gift. Though I imagine this being a ploy... say, she is presented as a walking sex toy to the man she has been programmed to assassinate. He, thinking she's some garden variety robot, lowers his guard.

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Re: Inerrant's RP Thread! (With some of my drawrings~)
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 O' Captain, my captain... ARRRR!

This idea comes from two sources- one, a line I found while rereading the Song of Ice and Fire about Yara Greyjoy, captain of a viking-esque raiding ship saying, 'Half my crew wanted to adopt me as their daughter, the other half wanted to spread my legs' and the recent contest over at Hentai Foundry that was all pirate themed.

It's a pretty simple idea. Nothing fancy- I would like to play the female captain of a pirate ship. The actual setting of the Caribbean or the age of discovery doesn't quite interest me, so I think I'd be looking into more of a fantasy type deal. It doesn't have to be high fantasy or anything magical, not does it need to be particularly detailed and fleshed out. After-all, I imagine most of the setting that we'll see will be the ship, other ships, and some ports from time to time.

So what kind of relationship will she have with her shipmates? Well, she has to earn their loyalty somehow, though she's no slouch in combat- not even she could take an entire boat full of dirty murderous thieves with hard-ons... So she has to deal with them the easy way. Not to mention she might have her own desires, and may have a particular soft spot (or hard spot, if you will) for young unbearded men that her crew will occasionally capture in their raids. The other idea, which I'm on the fence about... she's a futa. So perhaps she has a weakness for young men and women... but isn't above earning the loyalty and even the habitual addiction of her band of pirates. So what she has a dick, a lot of other men had sex with one another on long voyages across the sea... Actually, I am warming up to the idea of her being a futa- with both male and female parts.

This plot could just involve her interactions with her shipmates or the young sweetlings they capture in their raids. Or perhaps there is an exploration bit. Exotic locales, ancient tombs and ruins, native tribes, all those things.[/size]
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Re: Inerrant's RP Thread! (With some of my drawrings~)
« Reply #16 on: January 25, 2015, 01:43:01 AM »
Martial Arts/Dojo!

I have a random idea where I would, for once, like to play the male role. :P Basically, I like the idea of a slice of life dojo RP. Perhaps there could be a romantic plotline involving the master's daughter... or another woman in the school. Perhaps it is old-timey or perhaps it is modern, but lately I've been on a martial arts kick and I would like to play around with some of those tropes.

Of course, I can't resist the idea of playing opposite strong and powerful women who could and probably will kick the 'protagonists' ass... but I also would like to see it follow a more traditional plotline, perhaps with a tournament or something. I'm open to a lot of ideas, even adding a mystical element to the story.

But as for my character, I imagined him your stereotypical underdog, and he might be short- shorter than some of the women he encounters, but genuine and hard-working and tough and doesn't afraid of anything. :P He might not always win, at least in the realm of martial arts, but I like the idea of him training alongside other women and the plot focusing more on those interactions than any actual fighting.

Heck, it might be interesting if his teacher was a woman. Now this might be silly, but I am suddenly reminded of an episode of Avatar, the original one- where Sokka makes fun of an order of warriors for being entirely composed of females. Somehow he ends up in their training program, dressing up as a woman and learning how to fight as they do, gaining a new appreciation for female fighters...

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Re: Inerrant's RP Thread! (With some of my drawrings~)
« Reply #17 on: February 28, 2015, 02:52:48 PM »
Because I need to get better at writing F/F Strangereal-esque Military RP!

This is a random idea. I have been on a military kick likely, fueled in part by Ace Combat and the like... but I find that actual RPs based on such things are difficult to do or make interesting. Especially erotic RPs. That and they get pretty close to earth, so... I propose an idea.

A military-based RP set in something like the Strangereal setting. if you are not familiar, don't worry.. because you are familiar with it. Strangereal is a setting made for the Ace Combat series of games that deliberately resembles real-world Earth without being real-world earth. It primarily exists to facilitate the game's military-driven storylines without cribbing real-world issues. Most nations are first world economically and most have a cultural adoration for fighter pilots. The other minor thing is the asteroid fragmentation that provides much of the backdrop for the wars that happen in the series continuity BUT ANYWAYS...

What I propose is something similar in terms of setting. It's like Earth... but isn't.

Now, what about the plot and characters? Well, my first inclination was a f/f pairing. Two female soldiers. I feel like a lot of 'war RP's kind of limit what you can do within them, but what do I know? I am also fine with m/f soldiers. But the basic idea I had was that, well, they'd find comfort in each-other's arms. That's it.

That's all I have. :P

Of course, I am not limiting myself to that and I look forward to whatever ideas you might have about this idea...

Also, I should note- I am in the military myself. While I am personally always concerned about how authentic I am, even in completely made-up settings and the like, I don't quite mind what you do nor will I demand that you know esoteric things like military colloquialisms and the like. That being said, I always love RPing with someone who, like me, tries to learn more about what they're writing about so that, to both the casual reader and someone familiar with the subject, it appears authentic. :P

Beauty is only...

So this is an idea I am very apprehensive about. And you probably shouldn't PM me about it unless you're pretty serious about it. I am not about to plunge into something like this without ensuring it's done just right, as I feel like due to the subject material, this could end up very unsettling and insensitive if mishandled. Anyways, here's the idea. I would like to play the male role (for once. :P)

Pre-bellum Virginia. In recent years, wealthy plantation owner has retreated to his manor since the untimely death of his wife. With no children of his own and his parents long passed, his only company lately has been his slaves and the men he has hired to oversee them. On the surface, he is like any other plantation owner of that time and place- he will espouse the inferiority of the African race and the moral justifications for their enslavement. He is often accompanied by a woman, a house slave, who is demure and docile. She rarely speaks, only when spoken to, and obeys her master's every command.

Yet behind closed doors, the master is helpless to his desire, and the woman is in complete control. She speaks in a commanding tone, and he obeys. He relies upon the advisedness of her every word. While he cannot control his lust for her in private. Though he firmly believes in the words he espouses to his northern peers, he has never been so intoxicated with such a woman before... he is wracked with conflict. On the one hand, he wants to protect her from harm... and also to please her. On the other hand, she is not worth his kindness... even his attention. She isn't even supposed to be a person like him... And she is cunning, perhaps more intelligent than he is, despite all his learning and his books.
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Re: Inerrant's RP Thread! (With some of my drawrings~)
« Reply #18 on: May 22, 2015, 09:29:51 PM »

Wuxia Female Teacher and Male Student

Stop! Before you read the rest, quickly skim over this. Now, assume that this RP will take place in a setting where Qi and Jing are real things.

This is a story that take place in a microcosm of the setting (and novel) I've been working on. For the purposes of this RP, you will only need to know the following two three facts;

1. The setting is a mythical alter-reality that resembles an amalgam of pre-industrial East Asian cultures. Powers and abilities, ie; magic, are a physical thing and exist fairly commonly.
2. To promote the welfare of the state, there exists two institutions. The examinations take place across the Empire to determine and quantify individuals who possess magical abilities. Families with long lineages tend to produce gifted children but the examination also exists to identify people born from 'muggles' who nevertheless develop magical abilities. This leads to the second institution.
3. All Jūnzǐ (people with powers) are assigned an instructor to teach them how to use their powers until they are about twenty years old. In return, the student acts as a servant to the instructor. They are also expected to obey their master's whims so long as they still receive instruction in return. Often, this is a sexual relationship. For the most part, there is gender equality among Jūnzǐ.

I will be playing a female instructor and you may play her male student. The plot is fairly smutty, but it revolves around her teaching the pupil how sex among Jūnzǐ works. The RP will involve the elements of Jing and Qi and their involvement in sexual acts.

True Love is Blind

In a tropical kingdom where the temple cities are raised up from the jungles and filled with treasure. When the sun sets, it looks as if the structure is gilded in gold, magnificent as it is. Within this temple's most sacred chambers, there lays the oracle. The heir to an ancient tradition, she must be blinded in order to receive her visions. Though it would be a simple matter for her to remove her blindfold, it would mean a great blasphemy and could ever get her killed... The only time she is permitted to open her eyes is in the windowless chamber that she must dress in and replace the silk cloth over her eyes. Candles are forbidden in that place, as no light must ever reach her.

It is in this temple that she has a sacred guard, sworn to defend her... but also to ensure that she does not stray from the restrictions imposed upon her. She has never seen his face, yet he attends to her every day, more so than any of the priests or anyone asking for her visions... he has always been there.

For this story, I'd actually like to play the male role for once. :P
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Re: Inerrant's RP Thread! (New; Love is Blind)
« Reply #19 on: July 03, 2015, 11:56:04 PM »

I suppose it could be considered my latest interest has been fetishizing disability, eh? I don't know if I would characterize it as that, as that particular realm of 4chan has never particularly interested me. It isn't quite about 'vulnerability' or some-such. I can safely say I'm not into any power-fantasies that you might have about upon searching for examples of that article of clothing she is wearing (the sarashi), I found this image and... well, it was just too damn interesting. She is wearing that wrap that is commonly associated with either samurai in old times or tough guy yakuza in pop culture. In either case, strength. She has a ponytail and a hell of a six pack, also characteristic of fitness and prowess. The character's design and the image itself shouts both vulnerability and strength simultaneously, like the blush on her cheeks and the closeness of her knees comes from being observed in such a state of undress moreso than any vulnerability you could associate with her lack of arms.

So, it gave me an idea for a character and a plot. I don't know if I want to RP it out here. Maybe, maybe not. But if you're interested, read on. Essentially, a woman much like in the picture. She could be a fighter, a kick-boxer.. she has the muscles, might be supernatural, in some sort of fantasy setting. I'm not sure. I don't know, I am rambling but I thought it was too interesting not to share.

The idea of a male character with a similar disability but also compensation is also interesting to me. Unfortunately, I couldn't find even one image that was nearly as emblematic of the concept, so I went with good old Guts instead. Though this is good too.

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Re: Inerrant's RP Thread!
« Reply #20 on: September 26, 2015, 10:15:14 PM »
Oh no you don't. Not so fast!

A young wizardess studying at the local magic academy one day decides to take a dusty old tome and attempt a high level spell that is much beyond her ability... She summons a demon from a dusty old tome, and he emerges from the magic circle unrestrained. She appears completely at his mercy, to be ravished and used for his sexual gratification... In truth, he has no desire to rampage and murder and kill. He thoroughly enjoys young magic girls summoning him just so that he can turn the tables on them and sate his sexual desires.

But this wizardess is unlike any other. She sought him out specifically, and summoned him with a deliberately weak barrier. She's been looking for a real man. Or demon, in this case. So after he's done 'raping' her, he goes back to the magic circle so that he can return to his own plane of existence... except she won't let him.

Monster Girl Island

In a fantasy world where seemingly there exists no fantastic creatures, maybe a modicrum of magic and the supernatural... there is a long voyage at sea where a young man- a sailor or passenger, is tasked with safeguarding a crate full of alchemical concoctions on its way to a distant port. It is a routine trip, without any real inherent danger...

But a heavy storm comes out of nowhere, throwing the ship off course until it is eventually broken into splinters. One of the last things the young man remembers before passing out was becoming absolutely saturated in the potions that he was tasked with safeguarding.

He woke up on a tropical paradise, seemingly the only miraculous survivor of the shipwreck. He finds himself soon in the company of all manner of monstrous women- mermaids, centaurs, goo girls- a countless number of strange beasts, apparently all female... and the concoction that he was soaked in before being washed ashore? It was a case of love potions...

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Re: Inerrant's RP Thread! (Now with more incest! ...Again)
« Reply #21 on: January 30, 2016, 08:47:01 PM »
Blurred Lines

I had a random idea involving brother/sister incest. The two are more like best friends than siblings, with the female considerably tomboyish. She even talks like a guy- calling her brother 'Bro' but also 'dude' and 'man'... They don't quite see each other as siblings and the brother doesn't quite even see her as female.

They have a favorite past-time; masturbating together. I am thinking of the trope of guys jerking off together while maintaining the facade that it's totally straight and not at all homo-erotic. They only have one computer or TV set and there's totally nothing gay about it, really! The idea is the same, except the two have convinced themselves that it's just some innocent past time. They never touch, so it's totally not incest!

Except of course, this is E- and things change. The big emphasis of this story, I think, will be dialogue. I alluded earlier to the fact that the sister talks and acts very 'bro-y'... and the two act like something they aren't- friends and not siblings, uninterested instead of intensely aroused by each other. They might pretend to be into the porn they are watching, but the real thrill and ecstasy comes from the warm body beside them.

Sibling Body Swap

I'm on a real incest kick lately, huh. Well, here's the idea.

A brother and sister find a book of dark magic and, naturally, play around with it. Other than a shared interest in the occult and a penchant for doing things they could get in trouble with, the two siblings have never really done anything crazy together. The guy tends to masturbate a lot, but what teenage boy doesn't? She's walked in on him a few times, called it gross and slammed the door, but they'd never actually do anything about it...

However, after toying with dark powers that are better left untouched... They suddenly find that they have switched bodies!

They can't exactly tell anyone this... the first question would be what they were doing with that book in the first place. Their only hope is to find some sort of way to reverse the spell.

In the meantime, the sister wakes up in her brother's body with all the hormonal urges he's conditioned himself with over the years... and the brother wakes up in his sister's body with all the psychological urges he's conditioned himself with over the years. The sister may or may not also have a sexually active relationship that she would like to preserve..

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Re: Inerrant's RP Thread! (Now with femdom!)
« Reply #22 on: March 08, 2016, 11:05:42 PM »
Molested on the train... by a woman!

It's a typical and lurid scenario; a poor woman on a train in Japan is groped and fondled by a stranger, surrounded by negligent bystanders. Often the objective isn't to please oneself, but to please the woman- to give her pleasure against her will. Suppose it's the reverse instead...

A young man, maybe a student or an intern, is taking a bus or a train back home when a woman begins to get a little... handsy. He might have a girlfriend or a fiancee, but cannot resist. The woman covers his mouth, restrains him, pleasures him against his will.

Dark Souls Romance?

This is an odd idea for a one-shot, but it has its basis in two things I'd like to explore. One, the idea of two heavily armored individuals disrobing piece by piece, exposing their nakedness and their vulnerabilities to one another. They meet not knowing what each other's face looks like, covered as it is under a helm.

Two, the unique situation Dark Souls can provide... two undead, cast through time and space, united for a brief and flickering moment. In-universe, they might not even be able to communicate (aside from talking rocks and gestures) all that well. Regardless, Lordran (or Drangleic) has brought them together, transcending death and time. That's quite romantic, no?

And then, at the end of their encounter, like any other, they part ways...

Oh, I suppose in true Dark Souls style, I need to end this with some cryptic laughter, heh heh heh heh.

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Re: Inerrant's RP Thread! (Now with... fully armored knights?)
« Reply #23 on: March 20, 2016, 12:33:34 PM »
Fleshing out some old ideas more...

Onna Gaijin Bus Bukakke!

A US military brat living in Japan is taking public transit one day. Either blonde and blue eyed or dusky and striking, she certainly stands out in a crowd. It's not a very long ride, only forty minutes... but she's always heard the stories of young girls getting groped and old men... exposing themselves in public. A part of her is curious, lustful, and the thought of something happening in public with so many strangers just excites her. It would be so taboo...

She goes to Akihabara often, going there to shop or enjoy some cuisine and just absorb the atmosphere. Going to and fro the otaku mecca in her school uniform tends to give the impression that she's just a tourist.

She speaks the language, fluently even, but it wouldn't hurt to act the part of the demure Kogal cosplayer that nods enthusiastically without knowing what she's getting into... Taking advantage of such naivete, the men are free to say whatever they want, no matter how demeaning. Eventually the veil will be pulled, and the girl will reveal that she's understood them the whole time... and loved every second of it.

As you might imagine, this is just a simple interracial one-shot involving a young American woman and one or more Japanese men on mostly likely a train. It may start with groping or public exhibition, but I imagine eventually everyone who doesn't want to be a part of what ensues will move to another car. Then things get messy...

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Re: Inerrant's RP Thread!
« Reply #24 on: May 05, 2016, 10:42:32 PM »
Porn Trope Subversions!

This idea is broad, and better for a one-shot or a series of one-shots just to have fun and put a twist on old cliche. The premise is this; take a porn trope and flip the genders. Sometimes this is already done, the female student/male teacher plot has already seen lots of subversion with the male student/female student pairing... at least here on Elliquiy. Less common is something like a female cop pulling over a male and lording their power over them, as one of my previous ideas is akin to. I think the idea is that these plots take place within a 'porno universe' where implausible scenarios are accepted as completely normal. I don't think the plots will include any form of the 'production', which kind of excludes that genre of 'gonzo' pornography.

I find a lot of these plots super skeezy, by the way... but I think part of the fun would be to turn them up on their head. Not saying that this is going to make any biting satirical statements about the porn industry, but I find it interesting that there's such a fetishization of Asian women in pornography (so many pigtails, schoolgirl outfits, and broken accents played up to 11) that a story involving fetishizing an Asian man actually quite interests me, just from a creative standpoint. We have the stereotype of black men having huge penises corrupting white girls who 'can never go back', but the inverse seems rare; black women being so empowered that they steal away men from white women.

I want to explore the themes that seem unique to these situations; race or sex and how they interrelate.

I actually had a hard time finding a list, because I think a lot of these tropes have become dated... Is that... a good thing?

Pizza Delivery/Plumber/Electrician Girl x Lonely Househusband?
Young man is the only one home while all his mother's friends are alone with him?
Male babysitter with single mother after the kids are put to bed?
Female burglar caught by a man and punished with sex?
Asian stepson, playing up every stereotype, seduced by his adopted mother?
Black women offering a white man things he can't get from his white wife/girlfriend?
Man discovers a perverted girl peeping on him. Punishes her with sex?
Her boyfriend's little brother is trying to seduce her and oh, how could she possibly resist his charms?
Hitchhiker picked up by a car full of predatory girls?
Just... this. It makes me laugh so much. Female criminals/terrorists take a man hostage and have sec, only for a woman to rescue him so they... can have sex?
Guy sneaks into the girl's locker-room to get gangbanged? ...He's a cheerleader and their players on the sports team?
In black and white, a female PI with a chip on her shoulder is visited by a distressed man with legs that don't quit?
A young man can't afford college so he works at a gloryhole/street corner? Either he gives cunninglingus to a lot of girls or the reverse, women pay to suck his dick?
A man is hired to be part of a very artistic film that has a number of avant-garde sex scenes that will be tastefully censored in the final production. Only there is no film in the cameras and the sex is very real?
A man needs to keep having sex or he'll die. Naturally, he's treated as a sexpot that every girl doesn't mind jumping at the opportunity?
A superheroine rescues a man, who offers his body as thanks. Naturally, she salivates at the opportunity?
A wealthy woman on a plane is serviced by a male flight attendant?
A gay man is turned straight by the power of heterosexual sex?

Hentai! Whackiness for sure...
A woman somehow gets her hands on mind-control stuff, dominating all the sexy men who've sleighed her in life?
The female coach of a gymnastics team is an overweight pervert that eventually gets a hold of her nubile students?
A young man is actually an exorcist for demons, but girl-demons keep raping him.... maybe with tentacles? Suckers?
A girl inherits a wealthy estate, moving in with a bunch of guys (including a maid, naturally) that compete to become her husband?
A girl way too into the internet suddenly orders a robo sex slave by accident. Or she makes a wish and a digital idol (male) comes out of the screen?