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April 23, 2018, 02:58:51 AM

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Author Topic: The uncatergorized ever changing rp.(starts w/1 liners and ends in mch lnger 1's  (Read 309 times)

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Hi and thanks for reading this request.

I want this to be a role play that starts of with just one sentence by either participant.  And it can take on different

directions with the drop of a dime as what you are in the mood for you may not be in the mood for later or the

next day you post.  Let me give an example but be aware it will start off as, probably but not necesarily, as if one person

is being obtuse until the underlying theme, or sexual overtone one person may be trying to reach becomes clear. 

This also may be annoying at first for some people.  Here is an example.  After the one sentece opener a maximum

of three sentences should be used until both arrive at the place they want to be and then they can explore the

action sequence, battle field, sexual activity or fetish exploration, romance or whatever sequence you want.  If one growns tired or doesn't like that direction a simple sentence can

send it somewhere comepletly different.

"Don't you hate that train as it makes so much noise coming through town every night?"

"Do you know where that train is going or what exactly goes on in that train?"

"I could care less where it is going, and what else could be going on in that train other than people waiting to

get where they want to go."

"You are right that it in the sense that it gets people where they want to go but that is simply the end result not

the activity that gets them there."

"Now you are annoying me and you are talking in riddles but OK what goes on in the train that gets them where

they want to get."

"It depends on where they want to get and how they want to get there."

"You keep this up and your not getting any of this tonight."  She said pointing to her curvy and very sexy body.

"Well then I'll shut up.  No way I want to risk losing the fine peice of ass known as my wife."

"Good answer but what was up with all that bullshit you were just spouting."

"It's just that I have fine memories of being on that train and many people got where they were going in different


"When the hell were you on that train?  OK I'll play along.  Where were you going and how did you get there."

"It is a fetish train.  People with all sorts of fetishes or no fetishes they are aware of  take the train, hook up and

get to the place of their own choosing by eventually coming to a conclusion about what their most satisfying feish

may be and their goal of exploring  the many different ways of satifying that fetish."

Punching him on the arm she screams "You went on that train and fucked another woman, cheated on me you

son of a bitch.  We're done.  Your moving in with your mother and out of my house tomorrow." she starts walking

away fast and fuming.

Grabbing her gently by the arm he pulls her back and she stands with arms crossed turning red with anger.  "No I

didn't cheat on you as this was when I was younger and I wanted to find out what fetish I found most satisfying."

"OK,  whatever, so tell me mister what did you find to be your fetish?"

"Don't you think you should have figured that out by now?"

"Fuck you.  All I know is you like it when I wear really sexy tight and or revealing things before we make love.  So

that is your fetish .  Big fucking deal as every guy I have been with is the same way."

"That does not neccessarily qualify as a fetish but it could be.  In my case it is not."

"OK so what the fuck is it and lets end this conversation."

"Perhaps it should be over already.  You don't want to know and I doubt you even know your own favorite fetish or if you are even awre you have a fetish.  I'll prove it by asking you what it or they may be."

"I love to sixty nine with you and I love it when you fuck my pussy long and hard when I am on all fours."

"Point proven.  Those are prefered sexual positions not fetishes.  You first need to know what a fetish is to find

out which ones you own.  Why don't we go home and I'll help you discover what they are."

"In your dreams.  I'm getting the feeling that a fetish is not what I thought but instead it is something only

perverst have."

"Just about everyone has a fetish wether they are willing to admit it or not or whether they are simply unaware

of them.  Let me tell you what my fetish is and why it is called a fetish since you obvously have not been paying


She was intrigued but really pissed as hell at the same time.  However she had been feeling horny all day and

looked forward to having him make love to her tonight. "You are very lucky I am horny tonight because you are f

ucking pissing me off.  We are leaving now and when we get home you are going to tie me down so I don't

strangle you firstandthen you won't ake love to me because right now I just want you fuck me."

He had an evil grin on his face and laughed.  "Right away and guess what honey.  You just called yourself a

pervert if you thinik about it."  As she stormed off she had to think about what that meant but it could wait

another day as she was cold and really horny.................

It could go anywhere from there from her finding out her fetish is being tied up to wanting to explore other

fetishes, to finding out what his is and being disgusted, to the subject being dropped as in the morning one says
something else that leads somewhere else entirely.  Maybe a day and night of pure romance, ro a man invading

their home and having him see his wife kidnapped at gunpoint because he is due for a huge inheritance and he

plans to ransom her for it.


Once the dramatic, romantic, sexual, or whatever type of actifvity it has all been leading to the posts can be as

long as need be.

Personally at this point I like lots of detail both physical and emotional.  Thanks for tolerating the example if yu

made it through as it will probably only be interesting if you are a participant and trying to get it to go in one

direction or if you are fending off the direction it is already headed.