Looking for Co-Gm(s) for EX Pathfinder RPG plotlines (M x Any)

Started by Blue Leah, November 23, 2011, 11:21:03 AM

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Blue Leah

Hey all,

I've reached a point where I feel like I can add a couple more games to my list, and have been working on a couple new plots for PFRPG games. However, between writing for my tabletop group, and GMing a fair number of games here, I'm not at a point where I can start GMing too many more games on my own.

However, a recent plot with a friend got me thinking about running these plots as one-one-one ((or potentially really small groups)) Co-Gm games. How it would work would be simple: both players would build characters, and would work together to flesh out overall details for the plots. In game, it would be pure story-stick gameplay- both players would build off of each other's posts, fleshing out the environments and the NPCs to progress the plot along. GM's would trade off combat encounters as well- i.e., I might build the first combat, and my co-gm the second.

This is probably a bit unusual for system based games, but I figure it'll let both players build and play characters, and still maintain some of that mystery that comes from a GM setting.



52 Pick Up: ((Taken))
--MidLevel (10+)
--My idea for this game is more of a light-hearted, swashbuckling style adventure. I've always enjoyed the "Deck of Many Things" artifact in PFRPG, and thought it might be fun to build a game based around the thing. This would be a more episodic game- trying to "rebuild" the deck, most likely at the behest of an oracle, or as treasure hunters seeking the power of the completed artifact. Of course, the fact that the artifact is entropic in nature means that the pieces' effects could go any direction...
--Possible contents: Transformation, humiliation, exhibitionism, excessive cum, pregnancy

Midnight Dealings:
--low-mid Level (5+)
--This game is a bit darker, and is built around an event from the Pathfinder Campaign  Setting  mythos. When the starstone fell to the earth, it opened up a hole in the world, and out poured the spawn of the god of destruction. Towns and cities alike fell to the darkness... all except one. The PC's arrive in a town called Nidal, be it as sellswords or investigators, and have to uncover the truth about the town's new "protectors."
--Possible Contents: Bondage, NC, rough sex, humiliation, multi-partner scenes

The Cleaves:
--Mid-high level (10-15, perhaps?)
--On the Paizo main site, there's a massive dungeon project called the Cleaves, aka the Hundred Random Rooms. It's a long term crawl... that could likely be modified to include slightly more E. elements. This is more of a casual game concept, but could no doubt be modified for a serious long-term project if both parties so desire.
--Possible Contents: Pretty limitless. Monsters, NC, rough, humiliation, transformation, excessive cum, bondage... A roulette dungeon has a pretty wide array of possibilities.

Keeping Oaths:
--Mid Level (5-7)
-- I generally avoid games like this (not a big vamp guy), but I've recently been hoping to try and craft a game inspired by the old Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver games. It would be a pretty undead-heavy game, with a "fallen" or darker paladin character and another player as either a similarly "damaged" hero, or perhaps someone to take control of the villain.
--Possible contents: Humiliation, bondage, mild S&M, rough sex.

More to come. Obviously, I'm happy to modify plots or try out different concepts, if people are interested.


If any of the above plots appeal to you, feel free to shoot me a PM!



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Blue Leah

-Added "The Cleaves" concept.
-"Midnight Dealings" concept is taken.
-Slight formatting changes.


I love pathfinder and am possibly interested. When you say co-gm / both players, both people in the one on one take turns running for the other and being a pc as well? How do you deal with things like plot twists and secrets and stuff that you might want to spring on the other player?

Callie Del Noire

Blue Leah