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Author Topic: Zahn's Plots [MxM]  (Read 832 times)

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Zahn's Plots [MxM]
« on: November 23, 2011, 07:13:47 am »
General Basics

ONs / OFFs
Here's the link for your convenience (and also because I'm a nice guy).

Mostly, MxM...   You might be able to get me to do FxF or MxF if the plot you give me sounds good...  and if I'm in the mood.

Post Length
I generally perform around three to seven paragraphs, but I keep to what my partner is doing.   If you post more, I'll generally keep at pace, the same occurs if you post less.  I'm not certain how great my literacy is, I'm pretty sure it's average, but you can always judge me accordingly.

My Schedule
I'm a major night owl, I tend to pop on here fairly often.
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Re: Zahnweh Zombie's RP Hunt!
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2011, 09:14:05 pm »
    General RP Pairing List

    The Burned Land
    Comedy, Horror, Action, Romance... 

    (Fallout NV based)

    War...  war never changes.

    Years after the world had been laid to waste, bathed by the hellfires born from the nuclear explosives that rained over the Earth; man struggled to regain some hold on the radiation filled land.  Those who managed to hide out in the Vaults, stepped out to find a desolate world that managed to barely survive the deadly nuclear weapons.   They came out to find a changed land, a place where the creatures that survived the radiation were transformed into terrible monsters.   The survivors of the Great War found themselves struggling to survive the aftermath.   Most died, but few managed to make it through, establishing towns and even cities.   It was difficult...  parched deserts where water was rarer than diamonds, the only water sources available are contaminated by radiation.   Mankind struggled to keep on it's feet, but they persevered despite the hardships.

    Not many places were as fortunate as Las Vegas was though.  Through the efforts of the enigmatic Mr. House, he had managed to protect the majority of Las Vegas from the nuclear onslaught.   As a result, the Mojave was spared a fate that had befallen a great portion of the world.   The people were able to reestablish cities, rebuild with less difficulty, and Las Vegas came to life...    They had christened it "New Vegas", still the beautiful gem that shined brightly in the dark Mojave desert.   During the years that followed, things developed further...  some tribes came together, others fell apart.   In all of the change, there came a man known as the "Courier".   This man was the start of a great change that took all of the Mojave by storm.   

    The change that came wasn't all good though.   He came with only one desire, revenge.   Revenge against the man who had tried to kill him.   Out of all of the tribes that wanted him to fight for them, only one actually gave him the revenge that he longed for...   The Legion.   The Courier moved forward, he gave the Great Khan the means to produce their own chems...  turning them into drug high warriors that the Legion could exploit against the NCR and Mr. House.   The deaths of Mr. House and Aaron Kimball shook the NCR at their core...   then the great war on Hoover Dam started with the Courier charging forth.   Losses on both sides were great, but the NCR had a trick up in their sleeve.   Nuclear weapons they had acquired from the Great Divide...    planted deep in Hoover Dam's walls.   The Legion didn't notice this until the very end.   A great roar of explosions could be heard, followed by the deafening sound of water rushing forth, carrying away the debris, dead corpses and radioactive fallout down over the fresh water that collected at the base of Hoover Dam.   

    This had greatly weakened the Legion, they managed to keep together, but after the death of Caeser...  they fell apart and became just like the Raiders...  killing and pillaging with no cause.  The NCR had won the war, but they were disgraced in the eyes of the public...   the people of the Mojave viewed them as the destroyers of Hoover Dam.   They were pushed out of New Vegas...  Only a few remain, some returned to the Mojave Outpost, but most simply left the Mojave in general...   Things went to hell fast.   Drinkable water became extremely rare...   Most of the clean water became contaminated with radiation.   New Vegas was split apart by the Three Families, chaos erupted on the streets.   

    Despite being disgraced and ostracized...  a few of the NCR did try to stay near New Vegas.   Residing in Camp McCarran, they watch over New Vegas...  wanting nothing more than to protect that gem of the Mojave.   With the Fiends growing ever stronger, and the remnants of Caeser's Legion both raiding those who try to enter or leave New Vegas...  the remaining NCR find themselves spread very thin.   With no support...  and little help from the people they try to protect.   It feels like a slowly losing battle. 

    (I figure that the pairing in this could either be two NCR Troopers, or whatever.  I love the idea of tension though.   They struggle to protect New Vegas, only to be ostracized and hated.   They might be together in terms of fuck buddies, or they might actually be a couple.  Then again, it could be an NCR Trooper and one of the enemy tribes like the Fiends or the remnants of the Legion.  Anything is open, but I want your opinions!)

    The Town of Mist
    Horror, Psychological, Drama, Gore, Non-Con, Bondage

    All he could feel was the gentle rocking of the bus moving on towards it's intended destination.  The stale smell of sweat and dust filled the air, he could hear the other prisoners talk amongst themselves.  It all felt distant...  he felt cold and numb, his head resting uncomfortably against the cool glass window.  Occasionally, he could feel his head bounce against the glass softly, earning a flinch from the young man as the bus rocked softly left and right.  His mind was on other things though.  Dreaming of those halcyon days, reliving the nightmares of past sins.   That was what prison seemed to do best at, giving a man some time to think and reflect.   He loved him, you see.   They were perfect for each other, complimented each other so perfectly that it just seemed to be fate for them to be together forever...   It's funny how short forever seemed to be.   He couldn't remember what started the fight...  what made that fight so different from all of the others they had.   It started so small, but it blew so far out of control.  It became hazy...   he couldn't think...  and...  before he knew it...   his boyfriend was on the floor.   Blood pooling around his head, dead.   First came tears...  he quickly knelt to his lover, lifted him from the ground and to his face.  There was so much blood, his face was so bruised from being beaten...   He screamed, he pleaded to God...   "Oh god, I'm sorry!  Wake up!  Please, don't leave me!"   His hands ached...  he pulled him close, body heaving from the painful sobs erupting from his lips. 

    He could remember what came next...  he could remember the sound of the gavel hitting wood, and he could hear those haunting words echo in his ears, "For the murder of [blank], we find the defendant guilty of all charges."   It was sobering, he could only stare at the ground, at those handcuffs that rested firmly around his wrists as the judge proclaimed his sentence, life without the possibility of parole.   All he could do was resign himself to this fate...   a fate that he had made for himself.   He could feel a tear run down his face, his eyes staring through the foggy glass, not really looking through it.  His stomach felt sour, his heart ached...   'If I could change everything, I would...   I wish I could have a second chance to make amends.'   Suddenly, he felt the bus sharply turn, his body suddenly pulled from the window and towards the left.   People were screaming, he looked around, noticing the driver screaming something.   He tried to look through the window, but there was so much fog that he could barely make out what was outside.   Then...  he felt like they were falling...  and everything went dark...   

    When he awoke...  he was alone...  his head ached, everything was so blurry.  Slowly, he got up from his seat, struggling to wipe the sleep and grime from his eyes.  Everything looked so weird, he was in the bus still, but there was no one else with him.  Everyone was gone...   even the bus seemed odd.  All of the windows were gone, the frame of the bus was bent, and it looked like it had been abandoned for years.   He looked at his wrists to find that his handcuffs were gone as well.   All he could do was step out of the bus, staring down a lonely road that seemed to stretch out for forever.  He began to walk, each step echoing out into the thick fog that seemed to surround everything.   It give his surrounding an eerie color of gray...  and leave him simply trekking mindlessly in a single direction.   Anything seemed better than staying in the bus...   but soon the trek became into a worse hell.   There was no sight of civilization...  it felt weird feeling like that was a possibility, all roads lead to civilization, don't they?  Still...  he kept on moving...   One foot after the other...  However, he wasn't prepared for the horrors that awaited him...  in the Town hiding in the Mist.  Silent Hill.

    Gambler's Luck
    Drama, slavery, minor bondage, some non-con, and anything that you can throw in!

    There is something so addictive in betting everything on the wheel, throwing everything down for a chance.   For our dear friend, Mr. Issac Calloway, he finds it thrilling just to bet all he has on the roulette reel, or on a single roll of the die.  To him, gambling is the ultimate high you can ever have.   A high that only gets better when the stakes are high.   He has been known to bet everything from his car to the clothes on his back.   Some months, he comes out with nothing but his boxers on...  other months, he comes out a wealthy man.   Sadly, he has found it hard to get that same high in gambling.   For some, they might take up some other way to get the adrenaline rush, but not our good man Mr. Calloway.   This simply means he hasn't done the biggest gamble he could make.  Sadly...  not many reputable casinos would take his ultimate bet.   That was when he heard from an old friend about a secret betting lodge hidden in the woods outside of the city.   A secret place that pretty much allows you to bet everything you have.   Money, lovers, cars...  internal organs...   even your very life can be gambled away to a complete stranger.   He found this to be paradise...  Issac waited until the middle of night, and hunted for the lodge with his friend's instructions at hand.  It wasn't long before he was inside with shady men in the small old lodge.   The night rolled on, he started off small in his bets, betting off his usual things, all of the money on his person...  the money in his bank account, his car...  even the clothes on his back.   Things went on...  he was completely naked...  left with only one thing to bet.   Himself.   Issac gambled away his very life on the roulette table...  he watched the ball roll, and prayed for it to be a winner.   After all, he had no idea what would happen to those who lose.

    (This is an original idea...  :3  I figure we could either have it that he wins someone, or loses to someone else and becomes their slave.  Up to you!)

    The Dirty Coin
    Comedy, Action, Adventure (...and whatever else you want to throw in.)

    There is only one place that mages can go to further their education on magic, the College of Winterhold.   People would come here from various holds and settlements on Skyrim just for the chance to be taught by the finest and most talented professors in the country.   The College had fallen on bad times after the Great Collapse destroyed a large portion of their neighboring city.   It was during these times of ridicule and distrust that one mage had decided to head straight into the college for a chance to learn more about magic.  He sadly had zero talent in most of the classes of Magic, only doing well in Alteration and Illusion magics.   These were enough for him though, he wanted nothing more than to perfect these skills.   After a couple of years, the young mage abandoned his studies, stole some of the books from the College's library before running away.   

    The talented mage used his talents for neither good or bad...  he simply used them to cheat and swindle people out of their hard-earned gold.   He used his magic to turn cheap iron into gold, counterfeit the gold coins that the nation used for currency, and sold people various things falsely claimed to have amazing enchantments and abilities.  He developed as a showman, using his magic to disguise himself, his elixirs and enchanted gems; he used his voice to truly sell these things to his gullible customers.  Naturally, he made a lot of enemies, people who felt rightly furious over wasting their hard earned gold on shit.   Some reported to the local guards, others had hits placed on him, and a few took the law into their own hands.

    At the end of the day though, he is still moving from hold to hold, settlement to settlement in an effort to gather more gold.   Playing nothing more than a game of cat and mouse with his pursuers.  To the young mage, this was the life.   He enjoyed the feeling of being chased, the adrenaline rush that comes from trying to evade and escape from people that want nothing more than to either kill him, take back their gold, or something worse. 

    (The good old con-artist mage x pursuer (or whatever you wish to be).   I just really love this pairing more than anything though.) 

    I'll add more in later.[/list]
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    Re: Zahnweh Zombie's RP Hunt!
    « Reply #2 on: November 24, 2011, 02:55:19 am »
    Key: Bolded: Means role I prefer, Underline: Means that I prefer you to have that role, Italics: Means I've lost interest in that pair, Striked: Means I'm already doing that one, and Glowing: Means I really crave that Pair.

    Video Games

    Resident Evil:  Male!Sherry x Piers
    Resident Evil:  Piers x Jake
    Resident Evil:  OC x Piers
    Resident Evil:  OC x OC

    Assassin x Target
    Brother x Brother (Step, or Twin)
    Inmate x Inmate
    Conjurer x Demon
    Assassin x Assassin
    Killer x Accomplice
    Mafia Leader x Right-Hand Man (Undercover Cop)
    Rock Star x Obsessed Fan

    Assassin x Target
    Brother x Brother (Step, or Twin)
    Arch-Mage x Apprentice
    Conjurer x Demon
    Assassin x Thief
    Mage Killer x Mage
    Conjurer x Warrior
    Guard x King/Prince/Someone Assigned to Protect
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