A Bard's Tale: Quest for the Shadowgate (Accepting)

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Hello everyone. Some of you may remember me, and this story from my first attempt at running it a few months back. For various reasons, it failed then, and I've been reworking it since, so that I could give it another go. So here it is, same story, same world, a lot more detail, and information. Let's have some fun with a bit of high fantasy shall we?

The Story:

Quote from: Diaries of a Duke, Volume IIIAll know of this war, and the making of the grave land of Todesfalle, but it is said that deep within the depths of that fell forest lies something that should not be. The Gate to the Shadows, the realm from which all dreams and nightmare's are born. The Three have foretold the power that can be found there. The power to take what you dream, and make it a reality, but woe be it to he who is not a master of himself that enters through the Gate. Few attempt such foolishness, and perhaps the creatures that plague our southern most borders do us good for that. Few wish to enter that dread forest and face even the weakest of the creatures that they face. Even still, we lose more year after year to that damned land, one can only hope that they find peace in the Shadow.

This was the tale that had driven her to this fair, and Rain was not going to be turned away. She had lived too long in the shadow of The Duke, and was only just now coming to realize how very much worse Daemion was. She had been so very, very naive, but that was gone now. She knew that she could never save The Duke, would never make him a good person, so she was going get Morrin back, steal back that which He had destroyed if it was the last thing she ever did. Alone, she did not have the power, but if the tales were true, she would have her way. She simply could not do it alone.

The small bard stepped onto the stage, her flame red hair dancing in the breeze where it was not confined beneath the braided net she had made of its top most layer. With its overabundance, she scare needed the burgundy and black velvet clothing that adorned her body in its fitted splendor, marking her as Court Bard to those who knew anything of such things. There were familiar faces in the crowd, some welcome, and others not so, ever the performer, she smiled brightly, and dropped into a most elegant curtsy. She was after all, one of the main events, she would not disappoint those that had come to see her.

"Today," She called out, and waited for the sounds in the crowd to die down. "I bring you a tale, a tale I wish to prove." She paused for dramatic effect, only heightened by sudden, dead silence. "I will tell you my tale, and then, I shall I speak to whomever wish to help me prove it. Many of you know me, by reputation, if not by name, and I promise you, that if you help me, I will write you a tale the like of which the world has never known, and you will go down in history as a hero." She felt a flash of triumph as Daemion's face went red, but knew that he would do nothing while she was on this stage. The Duke, for all she hated him, protected her in that way. Daemion did not dare harm her in a fashion that could be reported upon. Later, when they were alone, she could well be in trouble, but she didn't intend to be alone with him ever again. A cool, regale smile curved her lips more sincerely than she had smiled in several weeks. "Now that I've caught your attention, I give to you, The Dreamer and the Shadows..."

This is where our tale will begin, in the port city of Dalos, just south of the border with Eden. The Midsummer's Fair is something akin to a World's Fair. Lots of people from all over the place come to share culture's etc. If it wasn't made clear, I do intend to have a point A to B basic plot in which we all try to find the Shadow Gate, I do however, wish for my players to throw in their own twists and turns. There is a wide world out there, complete with maps even, and I'd like to use some of it for more than character creation. I'll let your plot twists be your own, but feel free to throw in your own twists, even if it's just things that help flesh out your character arc. It is in fact, a rule. :D I expect my players to be active in the game, and I don't mean posting super fast. OOC conversation will be essential with plot twists, and so I expect to see a bit of activity there as well. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. You don't know a thing about the world yet, so how can you come up with any ideas at all?

A Bit of History:

Quote from: Our World's Creation: A MythologyIt is said that once long ago, we were all denizens of a different world. A place far removed from here where humans came to hate all other races, and to rule them. In a desperate bid to save all our kinds, The Lady made this world, our home come into existence. Sakura, she called it, after her favorite flower, and she gave us fair and safe passage here through Faerie. Our human friends, those that had no wish to live in a world without magic or wonder she brought with us. After our evacuation was complete, Faerie's tie to that old world was severed, and so we thought that all was safe. But what we didn't know then, was that Faerie and The Fell were linked. That in bringing one, we would also bring the other to our new home, and the Demons of The Fell were not happy.

Their worlds, as it was told, mirrored the world to which it was tied, and in the change over, the landscape began to differ. So a war began, between the Fae and the Fell. A battle over land, such a petty thing now, in hindsight. They met in battle, in their dimension, over what is now Todesfalle. And for centuries, battle was joined. Blood was spilled, and nightmares reigned. The air was thick with the scent of suffering as Elves, the Fae foot soldiers were slaughtered, and slaughtered the Greater Demon's Imps as well. Many thousands of lives were lost, populations decimated. All on that one spot. This, some conjecture is how Todesfalle came to be as it is today within our realm. Through perversion by taint of it's alter-self.

What is certain, and has been recorded in the histories is that the time came that both sides were tired of the warfare. The Lady, saddened that the people that she had come to see as her own die, sent emissaries. Some called them her children, others, her Seconds, to ensure a peaceful, and fair negotiation. Little is known about those negotiations outsides of the halls of the High Court, and few who were there still live to speak of it, but they progressed, and there was peace. Until one day, something happened. It's not recorded what, and a skirmish again began. A new Accord was quickly met, and there was peace again, but it was much more tentative. Poised to break at the slightest  wind of contention. So it has been for the past years. I fear for all our safety. If this war begins anew, I have no doubt that it will spill out into this, the Mortal Realm, and those of that us are much more fragile will pay the price.

This is the most recent history to be written. The Fae and Fell have been poised on the point of war for a few decades now. No one knows why. No denizen of the mortal realm knows the true tale of what happened at those Accords so long ago. What bargains were made, what promises were broken that lead to the recent skirmishes. These things aren't really important to our tale. It's just a bit of history that anyone could know. :) Use it how you will. Also note that this is important, because older Elven characters, should they happen to come about, would likely have served in that war in some capacity. Just a little food for thought, because of course you can't create your character without a world in which to place them.

The World:
Atlantean Races:
I would like to preface this by saying this is far from an exhaustive list, and if you wish to get imaginative and use something else from folklore, or a more original idea, then I'm open to discussion. Also, humans are far from the most common race in the world. Except in select places, Alexandria and Brighton most especially, they make up less than 1/6 of the population. Some places don't have human inhabitants at all. Let's have some racial diversity okay?

Humans: Need little explanation. A versatile and adaptable race, but with little in the way of natural magical aptitude. It is unknown for more than a rudimentary learned skill to be found in that arena without a family history of it often leading back to an ancestor of a different race.

Elves: A magical race in and of themselves, elves are rather reclusive from most human society. The closest relatives to the High Fae, who are rarely found outside of Faerie, Elves are a long lived race. Strong magical gifts have been known to manifest in those of this race with little to no family inclination, but never without some kind of price. Minor gifts are held by most members of this race, though they are often overlooked as inconsequential in preference to hobbies, and other, more tangible and useful talents. It has been rumored that some of the older families hold in their bloodlines such extraordinary talents as telepathy and telekinesis, though these are rare attributes and take much discipline to master and use at command.

Dwarfs: Short, stout, and often gruff, Dwarfs are masters of their crafts. While many find their passion in working deep, sturdy mines, just as often they find happiness as craftsmen of many sorts. I magical gifts are present, they're usually linked to the working of the land, mines, or metal and stone. You'll find few who are comfortable at sea, or in human cities although smaller settlements don't engender the same disinclination.

Small Folk: Sylph, Nixie, Gnome, many others share this distinction as well. No one is entirely sure when, but sometime between Creation, and modern day, they formed an Accord. By doing so, they came to view each other as kin. While many will gladly find friends among, and places within the society of the larger races, they share information and skills most readily with those that share their small size. In most every city you will find a network of Small Folk.
Sylph: Small woodland Fae, bearing gossamer wings and natures often mischievous and occasionally malicious, these creatures are rarely seen outside of Eden. They are considered pests by humankind, and various other of the larger races and have been known to be terminated on sight.
Nixie: These small water Fae are much more sedate than their woodland counterparts. They live in many lakes, rivers, and streams all over the whole of Atlantis. They nurture their homes, and so a Nixie's waterway will always be clean and plentiful. Because of this they are seen as beneficial and  in most places it is a crime to do them harm.
Gnomes: Where the Dwarfs are master craftsmen, Gnomes are masters of tinkering. Gnomish inventions are plentiful, and often sought after, but only by the adventurous sort who don't much care if they blow up in their faces. Prone towards and interest in science and nature, you're more likely to find a Gnomish scholar than any king of warrior.
Halflings: Looking much like small humans, Halflings are as varied as their larger counterparts and extremely nimble of fingers. They're most commonly found in large cities picking pockets and heading up branches of the Small Folk's network.

Ogre: A large, civilized, race of Goblinoid, these peoples are found most commonly in the southern mountainous regions of the Continent, though they have been known to trek far and wide. Looking a good deal like their smaller, more barbaric kin, they are often seen as monsters in lands that are not used to their existence. Even still, as a race, they are generally gentle and soft spoken, despite they're gravelly, intimidating voices.  Many have no temper to speak of, and will only raise a hand in defense of themselves, their family, or their land. The most peaceful people on the continent, they are farmers, and lands keepers by trade.

Nymphs: A race purely of females, Nymphs are untamed and wild. Creatures of the wilds. They are said to be the most beautiful of maidens, but rarely leave Eden and their Glades.

Selkies: Not to be confused with Kelpies, Selkies are oceanic shape shifters. It is said that at will they can alternate between the form of a seal, and a human. There is some conjecture about if this race has males, but due to their secretive nature, little is truly known. A shy race, easily able to hide their existence when on land, they are sought after as body slaves as all it takes to control them is to steal their pelt. That is easier said then done however, it must be tricked from them, and it will earn you the enmity of the entire race to do so.

Kelpies: A malevolent shape shifting race, Kelpies trick those of lesser cognitive ability into riding them into lakes and streams and drown them to eat. On land their most common appearance is that of a beautiful steed and it is considered bad luck to leave your horse unattended by the waterside in case a Kelpie happens to be in residence and takes it's place.

Merfolk: Half humanoid, half fish. There's little to say about these peoples other than that they are territorial and can be prone to violence. It is said that some can walk the land as a human for a time, so long as they are able to keep themselves dampened on a regular basis, but none have tried in human remembrance.

Siren: Perhaps having the worst reputation of all the Fae creatures, Siren don't mean any harm, usually, they're just not very bright. Having lovely singing voices, and a wish to be heard and adored, they use them on any who get remotely within reach. Unfortunately, those that hear, and are not of a strong enough will, lose all sense to the song, and do everything they can to reach it. As Siren love to sun themselves on the rocky outcroppings of the seaside cliffs in which they live, this usually leads to disaster. As such, they are quickly driven off when they try to take up a home near an established trade route, or any form of civilization.

The Nations:

Eden: Home of the eldest and most reclusive fey. It's capitol, if this “country” could be said to have one is Ceres, the citadel on the highest peak of all the Ceresian Mountains. This citadel is their link to Faerie. There is no known official government in this region, though it is believed that the High Queen of Faerie holds sway here as well. Outsiders are not privy to a great deal of information on this place, and are generally unwelcome. Fae who walk freely within are regarded with distrust outside of it, and never speak of their time there.

Io: Butting up on the Southern most spit of the Cerisian mountains, Io is home to a thriving craft community. It's major exports are jewelry and weapons in metals such as Mithral and Adamant. Many of these things are magical in nature, and all are considered to be of exceptional quality. As such, they are vastly expensive. Io is governed by a small group of wealthy merchants, and the foremost artisans. While this creates a highly capitalistic society, hard work and talent are valued, and schooling in crafts and trades are free to those of poor family who show a particular affinity for one of them. For those who are lazy or untalented however, this is not the place to be. Since many are still there, and money is plentiful however, this has created a counter government of sorts, run by the seamy underbelly. Thieves and cut throats, selling protection and assurance that one will not become the victim of theft or murder. Of course, some don't always stay bought. All of this combines to create a country in which much is a facade and safety is never assured.

Alexandria: The melting pot of Atlantis, Alexandria's capital city, Alexia, is home to a vast library. Magics are treasured here, and knowledge is considered most sacred. A home of scholars and the largest University on the entire continent. People come from far and wide to learn and research. Alexandria is governed by an aging king. His nephew, the Duke of Mist Haven, his only heir. While the king himself is just and fair, the Duke is not, and as such the countries future looks grim unless another heir becomes apparent. This is where our story begins. In a land that is generally idyllic, but hovering on the precipice of  disaster. All of this is without considering the substantial threat posed by this being the only kingdom to directly border Todesfalle without the buffer of The Divide. Because of this encroaching threat, the Dysanara's, one of the oldest Elven families known to history hold a dukedom along the countries southern most border. Because of this they are given powers of vote, and council. It is said that they took up this sentinel position because they felt responsible for the existence of Todesfalle.

Todesfalle: A mixture of wild, jungle like forest and darkest swamp, or so it is said. No one really knowns anything about this most dire of places, though much is rumored.

Navar: Butting up against The Divide, Navar is perhaps the only truly barbaric kingdom in all of Atlantis. The creatures of The Divide, Trolls, Giants, Goblins, and many others make every day a fight just to survive as they encroach on most all sides but one.

Perth: A rich farming country, this is the main home of the Ogre, and where they find the most peace, untroubled by their beastly appearances.  This country thrives on it's exports of foods by way of ship, and has many large merchant fleets docked in it's harbors. Ruled by the people, this is the only true democracy on all the continent. Any who wishes to have as say has it, though they're not always listened to, and any who can gain enough support can raise to the highest echelons of government.

Yvan: Just as surrounded by The Divide as Navar, the people of Yvan have learned to cope with the this by flocking to large, well defended cities, and strong Garrisons. Because of the constant threats that raids of Divide monsters can create, it is required by law that all able bodied persons male and female spend at least the first two years of their adult lives serving in the Garrison, thought specific duties vary based on character and abilities. Yvan is governed by the City Lords, the strongest warriors in any given city. This title usually carries on through a family line, though is anyone is truly unhappy with the governance that they receive and do not wish to move away, they are welcome to challenge the head of the family to a duel to the death. If they win, they gain control of the city, and fealty of the Garrison that is stationed within. These challenges are rare, but in the case that they happen and are won, it is customary to keep the family of the fallen Lord as advisors, and favored friends. As much to dissuade thoughts of vengeance as for the council they may be able to provide.

Mikhal: A desert kingdom, this is a home of wandering nomadic people with tribe like governance amongst themselves, but no over arching government to speak of.

Morhan: A plains nation, Morhan is home to nomads and farmers. The best horses in the world are said to come from this place, and the best horse trainers. Agriculture is the chief occupation of those that live in this fertile country, and it counts it's wealthy in corn, wheat, and livestock. Barter is the name of the economy here, and useful skills are valued above book knowledge. Settlements are loosely scattered, and no formal government exists.

Ygdral: A land of Knights and Damsels , Ygdral is governed by strength of arms, and words of the wise. Warriors are born and bred here, and mercenaries are it's chiefest export. Simply for the love of fighting, and the strength of mind and body that come from disciplined practice, weapons are placed in the hands of children from the moment they are old enough to hold them, and they are trained to use them. Between the zealots of Brighton, and the creatures of The Divide, martial skill is necessary in their everyday lives, though they do not discount the importance, and usefulness of magical aptitude in those who display it. Many settlements will pool funds to send their most talented magical, and scientific minds to the University of Alexandria so that their learning may come back and enrich all. By no means is this land idyllic however, and those of intellect are objects of envy and even jealousy by many.

Brighton: Structure is the name of the game here, and women, considered the weaker of body, and soul are subjugated into protected roles as wives and daughters. Few women stray outside of this of expectation, and those who do not have only the recourse of fleeing the country. Magic is considered taboo here, and any found practicing it will face death by fire. Brighton is governed by a church that any from outside of this country would find sacrilegious, repudiating the existence of The Lady of her Consort, they believe that this world is not the first, and that they were stolen from a place of virtue in which a single God ruled all, and any kind of deviation was cause to suspect witchcraft. This deviation can be as small as being nonhuman. This is the only country on the continent where humans outnumber the other races, simply by the expedient that other races are killed on sight.

The Islands:

The Isles: The starting point for all of the hazardous, long, and rare journeys to the other parts of the world. This is a collection of fisher folk, and home to a large number of Selkies and Merfolk.

Siren's Haven: The accepted habitat of Siren. Seafaring folk known to avoid these islands and as such Siren, and oceanic Fae who choose to be reclusive find this to be a haven where they will not be disturbed by humans or any who seek to do them harm.

Dak A resort island, Dak is home to many wonders and just as many ways to blow all of your money at once.  Many performers call this place home, and have no issue supplementing their incomes with what quick fingers can steal from the unsupecting.

Isles of the Small Folk: A haven for those of the Small Folk who wish to be away from the prying eyes of the larger races. No one else is welcome on these islands, and little is known about what happens on them.


The Lady:The worlds creator, there are several different myths surrounding her, the most common, and widely held, that she was not always a deity, but at one time, just like one of them. She's also been said to be rather meddlesome, though encountering someone who's ever actually seen her (or claimed to have) is very rare. She is described as having hair made of red gold, eyes that are never the same color from one second to the next, and never without a white tiger. As such, they are considered sacred, and killing one is anathema to most peoples save in the case of the animal going mad.

The Cat: The Lady's consort, he's a creature of chaos, and never is there a story of The Lady without him making some appearance. His looks are never the same from tale to tale, and one is left with the impression that there are either several of him, or he's a shapechanger.

The Three:They are the Fates. The two sisters spin and weave the lives of mortals as the dictates of their mother's book tell them to do so. They create the law that it is said all others, including the gods must follow. While it is possible to bend the fates that are decreed, there will always be a consequence somewhere, and to unhinge them too far could cause the collapse of all that is.

Character Creation:

Points to Ponder During Character Creation:
What are they, and aren't they good at?
What do they fear, and what can't they live without?
What limiters do they have?
What makes them tick?
Do they use weapons, magic, words?
How do they handle conflict?
What do they look like? Is there something that makes them physically distinctive?
How old are they, not only in years, but mentally.
What is it that they want? Why do they seek the power of the Shadow, or is it fame that they're after?
What's gotten them to this point in their life?

Please note that the points to ponder are just that. Questions to get you thinking about your character and the sorts of things that will be important to this roleplay and the story that it's meant to create. It's important to understand that while I've given some general guidelines for a few of the more common races of Atlantis, this is free form, and those are to give you general guidelines so that you can feel more comfortable going outside of the realms of human. Your characters are real people in a fantasy world and so there are no classes in the sense of a system game. Their skill sets and professions can be as creative or as mundane as you would like, what matters is that they're balanced. If you have a mage that can slay a person with a look at 100 yards, for example, they're not going to be able to use a sword with any real proficiency. They wouldn't need to. Powerful magic requires specialization into magic, and a great deal of concentration and energy to use it, just as extraordinary skill with weapons requires a focus on them.

A note on multiple characters: If you think that you can handle more than one character, you're welcome to submit more than one. They will be judged and accepted or not separately. It's my preference that if you choose to play more than one character, you don't do so from the very beginning, and only do so if you have successfully done so before. This only applies to actual characters, not NPC's.

Character Sheet:
[center][b][u]Basic Information:[/u][/b][/center]
[center][i][size=8pt]Please answer as your character unless otherwise indicated.[/size][/i][/center]
[float=left][img]Your image goes here or in a spoiler[/img][/float]
[b]I am called,[/b]
[b]I am[/b] How old they are physically?
[b]I would identify myself as[/b]What race do they consider themselves to be?
[b]I earn my keep by[/b]This is where they're profession goes.
[b]I consider myself to be[/b] Gender association goes here. If this is different than their apparent gender, explanation may be in order.

[b]Others think I look[/b] How old do they appear?
[b]My hair is[/b]
[b]My eyes are[/b]
[b]Height and Weight:[/b] Answer this one with numbers
[b]If I were describing myself in a story I would say...[/b] Physique, tattoos, general clothing and hair wear choices if not covered elsewhere, skin tone, scars, anything else that comes to mind. If they would describe themselves as other than they look, please note this.

[b]I behave as if[/b] How old do they act?
[b]My favorite things are[/b]
[b]The things that I can't stand are[/b]
[b]Nothing scares me like[/b]
[b]When it comes to interacting with others I:[/b]
[b]I believe that:[/b]Moral values go here.

[b]Weapons and Armor:[/b] If you're a mage with battle abilities, this is where you tell us about them as well. Answer this in the 3rd person.
[b]I never leave home without:[/b] Items of personal value belong here.
[b]When it comes to money I'm:[/b] Money shouldn't be all that important to the game, but are they wealthy, poor? These can effect the rest of the character as well.

[center][b][u]Other Important Stuff:[/u][/b][/center]
[b]When I'm scared I:[/b]
[b]The thing I want most but would never tell anyone about is:[/b]
[b]I'm lonely when:[/b]
[b]It hurts when:[/b]
[b]The things you need to know about my past are:[/b] Go ahead and keep this fairly vague, while I usually like super detailed histories, and try to write them myself. I think we should focus more on the present and future. By all means note down traumatic events and the like, I'd just like to look more at how they've shaped the person that you're playing now, as opposed to simply what happened. Hope that made sense.
[b]I wish to go to the Shadow because:[/b] Sorry, I forgot to put this in when I first made the sheet everyone. It was five something in the morning, and I'd gotten very little sleep, please forgive me.

That is by no means a fully exhaustive list of what you can include. If there's something else that you can think of that you want to add for your character by all means do so. Also, don't feel like you have to fill out everything, though it would be appreciated.

A note on character pictures, I by no means require photo realistic, it can be hard to find in photograph what you're looking for, but I require that if you're even going to have an image, which I do not require:
It be realistic in appearance. I would prefer nothing cartoony or anime, unless the animation is mostly realistic.
It be aligned on the right or left side, or if that fails for whatever reason, put in a spoiler. Also, large images being put in a spoiler would be appreciated.
It be in addition to a physical description, and not take the place of one.
It's important that those last two guidelines are followed, because if they're not, I will reject your character out of hand, even if it's awesome. While I appreciate initiative, I do need to know that you can follow direction as well. I have the code for justifying the image to the left already there, all you have to do is cut and paste. If that doesn't work, just highlight your image location, and hit the little button that says "hide" that will put it in a spoiler for you. If you're too lazy to do it, then quite frankly, I don't want you.

I think that may about sum it up. If there are any other questions or comments please, let me know. :-)

The Rules:
1.Be as actively involved as possible. I don't mean post as often as you can. I prefer quality posts as opposed to quick ones. What I do mean is that I'm looking for players who won't be afraid to work in their own character arcs and subplots as possible. If you've got an idea that you'd just love to play out in the world with your character, do it. If you're concerned that it might be disruptive to the storyline, then poke me about it. I'm sure we can work something out. As things begin to progress, and everyone gets more used to each other, and the world, I'd even welcome a bit of scheming amongst yourselves, so long as it doesn't go too far afield. It might even be fun to figure out ways to reeling you back in. I do want a bit of free roam here. I did create a world to write in, and it would be a shame if it went to waste beyond the bit of a structured RP.
2.Remain in character in RP, and please be mature outside of it. This includes being patient, within reason, and not throwing information that I have given you back at me unless there's a very pressing reason, like for some reason I'm going outside of pre-established canon. In some cases a lack of maturity in OOC, thread and PM's may get you kicked from the RP. Please, don't feel like you can't contact me, especially if you have an issue with something, just please remember that I'm a reasonably intelligent person and treat me as such.
3.Don't make an incoherent character that's hard to follow, and exhausting to read the posts of. While I can understand that as a character flaw, in play by post, unless written damn near perfectly, it's just way too hard to work with. You don't have to be a prefect writer, I'm not, and I wouldn't ask that of anyone, but have a coherent character, or chances are it will just be dismissed to begin with.
4.If your character is rejected outright, please accept this. All acceptance and rejections will be done via PM, in case there are any questions, or chances of acceptance after a little modification. I will do my best to tell you why, if there's a flat rejection, but that doesn't mean that I want you to try to fix it. Chances are that you can't, or I would have suggested how it could be possible to do so. Please, don't take it personally if I reject your character, or if for some reason I don't think that you as the writer would be appropriate for this RP. It doesn't mean I have anything against you, I promise.
5.Not so much a rule as an apology, and explanation for the need of them in free form RP. I would love if I could just assume that these things would be self evident and common sense, and there are others that I am assuming just that about, however, experience has taught me that one or two small things can  make Gming a game a million times harder, and I don't want this to die again. That's why these things are important enough to be mentioned. So, I'm sorry that I feel the need to have them, but I do intend to hold you to them if you choose to join me in this little world of mine. ;)
6.These rules may change and/or be added to as necessary.
7.Most important of all, have fun. I want this to be an enjoyable experience, and I know that I'm not going to enjoy it if you're not.

Alright, I think that about sums it up for now. This is just some basic information to get you started, and more may be added as needed. If you have any questions, please ask. If anything isn't clear, please point it out, so that I can clarify it. XD

Best wishes, and happy roleplaying.

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Awesome!  Love the added information.  I'll resubmit my character (with some altered details as necessary for the world) soon!

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Hello again everyone. Since I've at least kept the interest of a few people, here's Rain, to give you an idea of how I'm hoping to see the sheets filled out. I've also found it can be helpful to have an idea of the other characters when trying to come up with your own.

Basic Information:
Please answer as your character unless otherwise indicated.
I am called, Rain by most, Little One by the plagues of my life.
I am approximately 27 years old.
I would identify myself as human, what else?
I earn my keep by singing for my supper, sometimes literally. I am Court Bard to the Duke of Mist Haven, wretched man that he is.
I consider myself to be female, isn't it obvious?

Others think I look perhaps 20 or so, at least that's what people who don't know me say.
My hair is unnaturally red, long and thick enough to act as clothes if I drape it just so. Maybe I should cut it...
My eyes are large, the color of cherry amber, and a bone of contention among my critics. As if I needed another reason to be considered demon kin by some.
Height and Weight: 4'11" and 73lbs
If I were describing myself in a story I would say... I am small, there is no getting around it. I look as if a strong wind could blow me over, and when I was young, they did. I have no tattoos, or other such adornment, though I have seen some that have made me consider going through the pain. I wear clothing of several fashions, depending on my location and what I am about. When traveling you will often find me in sturdy cotton, or leather in rich earthy tones. When I am on stage I wear dazzling colors that draw the eye, and fashions that flow with my movements. At court, you will often find me dressed in the highest fashions, in dark mourning colors whenever I can get away with it. The one unifying theme to all of my clothing is that it will always fully cover my back and shoulders, though my front may be exposed to with an inch of indecent when I am onstage. I'm very self conscious of my back, and the scars that it bears. Elsewhere, my skin in pale and smooth. No matter the amount of sun that I take, I only ever acquire the lightest of tans.

I behave as if I have no clue of my age. I can be flighty, at times, and curious beyond what is good for me. Despite this, I can also be very serious, and have seen many nasty things leaving me with scars beyond those common of my years. I don't always hide them well.
My favorite things are animals and children, and I am extremely curious about new, or novel things. I love kind people, and above all I adore music, and dancing.
The things that I can't stand arebullies, or those that use their power to destroy others. I do not like being stuck in the Duke's court, and I'm not overly comfortable with strange women as they are often far from kind to me. I do not know why.
Nothing scares me like being alone. I have never been truly alone, not since I was very small.
When it comes to interacting with others I:am often the one to initiate the conversation. I enjoy people in general, and the new ideas that they can give me to ponder. I am always looking for new stories to tell, and where better to look than those around me that deserve for their tale to be told.
I believe that: if you love someone, you will do everything that you can to see them well, and happy. If you believe that something is right or true, you will not stop until you have done all that you can to see it come to pass. That affection should be shown, in some form, to all that are open to receiving it, regardless of what others think, or feel about you doing so. Most of all I believe in seeking answers, where others see only questions.

Weapons and Armor: Rain carries a well made rapier, but wears no armor or protective gear.
I never leave home without:A flute, the first instrument Morrin ever gave me, and locket. A gift from Daemion when I was young, before he showed me what he was truly capable of.
When it comes to money I'm: never in a position to be concerned. I always have coin in my pouch, and my voice could always put more there even if I wasn't so "pampered" by the Duke.

Other Important Stuff:
When I'm scared I:cry, but do all I can to hold my ground anyway. I do not scream.
The thing I want most but would never tell anyone about is: To gain back the one person in the world who ever loved me for all that I was, good and bad. Failing that, to rid the world of the pox that stole him from me.
I'm lonely when: I am surrounded by others that don't care to know me, and when I can not begin to understand those around me.
It hurts when: Others hurt. When I realize how stupidly naive I have been, and begin to question my own motives and beliefs.
The things you need to know about my past are: I have no family. I was an orphan until Morrin took me in. I lived with him for several years learning all that I could, it made him happy, and I liked to please him. Then he disappeared, I never saw him again. I did some stupid things when I could not find him, out of fear and desperation, out of pain. Then I met the Duke, and I learned that he had destroyed Morrin. He took me into my court for my voice and looks, and out of a wish to have me in his bed. I refused, and I was beaten for the sin of refusing to become his wife. I was a little rude about it... Still he wanted to have me, and so I have remained in his court, hoping that I could find, and restore that which he had destroyed if I just tried hard enough. Every year I lose more and more of my freedom as he attempts to subvert me into in marriage bed, but I have no wish to be a Duchess.
I wish to go to the Shadow because:  I would destroy the Duke, and regain that which he has stolen from me.

There you go. An example character. By no means do your characters have to be all bright and shiny like Rain here. Darker characters are welcome and encouraged. She's idealistic, and the world wasn't able to beat it from her, but that's just who she is. Self serving, addicted, flat out evil but willing to hide it, mercenary, are just a few of the possible darker character traits, be creative. This is a high fantasy setting, but let's try to avoid the stereotypes as much as possible, or at least twist them.

The darker and more conflicted your character, the more fun it will be when we finally get to The Shadow, and it's trying to warp your brain. Having a character that can develop and grow through out the RP will be vital, so give them issues. Make them insane, if you can manage it and still create a coherent post. Your writing ability, and your imagination are the limit here people. Have fun.

Just one more note, so we're all on the same page. This is not, at this time, a high powered campaign. We may get there as the RP develops, but we're not there yet. Just keep that in mind, and all should be well. If a character is presented that's just a little to high powered for the beginning, I'll likely just ask you to reign them back a little. That doesn't mean that I want all the characters to be, metaphorically speaking, squalling infants, just not to the epic parts of their career just yet.

Now that that ramble is out of the way... Feel free to post your characters here, if you prefer that to PMing them, this isn't ultimately going to be the OOC once I get everything underway, or even if it is, there will be a separate character thread. I just won't be giving approval, or notes here. Those will be by PM.

I learned a lot, from my first attempt at this, and hope that I can get a few more people interested, so that I can get a chance to test those things out. It's still early times yet though, so I'll wait and see. Please, don't think that you have to have been involved with the first attempt to have a go at this one. A new cast in no way would bother me.

Also, if you're curious her is the original Interest Check. There may still be good information there that didn't find it's way ported over. I did a lot of rambling over there too. ;D
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Basic Information:

I am called:  Naomi DeMonet
I am 19 years old.
I would identify myself as: Human (for the most part)
I earn my keep as a: Fencing/Dueling Instructor
I am: Female


Others think I look   17
My hair is: Blonde
My eyes are: Blue-green (almost turquoise)
I am:  5`9” 135lbs
If I were describing myself in a story I would say :  I have strong features and unusual eye color that harken back to the traits of the Elves of Eden.  Although I am human it has been rumored that there might be a slight trace of Elvin blood in my linage, but this had never been substantiated.  I am physically very well toned, not overly muscular, but solid.  I sport a small tattoo of a Fleur-de-les on the outside of my left ankle.  I generally wear light flexible leather armor when traveling, training or teaching otherwise I wear plain breeches with shirts or tunics.  I wear little jewelry save for a jeweled pendant that belonged to my mother and a leather cord with a glass vial attached around my neck.  My blonde hair is quite long and I wear it in tight braids when traveling or teaching.  Otherwise I wears it loose or held back with simple hair clasps. 


I am 19 years old but behave as if I were:  Much older
My favorite things are: During my mandatory two-year service at one of the border garrisons in Yvan, I became addicted to an extremely potent drug known as “Pornicia”, street name; “The Dark Sleep”.  The drug is made from the leaves of an extremely rare plant found only in the high deserts of Mikhal.  Although the drug is difficult to obtain, I have no trouble getting it.  I am also fond of good food, strong drink, gambling, expertly designed weapons, well bred horses, strong men and handsome women. 
Things I can’t stand are:  Politics, politicians, braggarts, dim witted nobles, incompetent officers, disorganized individuals, milk and cooked vegetables
Nothing scares me like:  heights.
When it comes to interacting with others:  I am suspicious of strangers or newcomers and I constantly tests the loyalty of the few friends I do have.  I am normally quiet and soft spoken but at times I show a hair-trigger temper.  I am self-effacing and do not take complements well.
I believe that: It is the duty of all citizens to protect the nation of Yvan against the barbaric hordes.  It is everyone’s responsibility to train the next generation for that purpose and to guide them in the ways of loyalty and honor. 


Weapons and Armor:  I carry a 12”, double edged dagger at all times.  It is usually attached at the hip on my ring-belt and sheathed in an intricately carved scabbard.  I wear leather armor and carry a 36” or 42” rapier of exquisite quality, balance and craftsmanship. 
I never leave home without:  My weapons, armor and a small leather pouch or purse in which I carry a small amount of gold, hair clips, several small glass vials and other sundry items. 
When it comes to money I:  live hand to mouth from the monies gained by teaching and the odd bodyguard job.

Other Important Stuff:

When I'm scared I:  Stand my ground.
The thing I want most but would never tell anyone about is:  To rise to fame and glory and rule the largest and most wealthy city in all of Yvan. 
I'm lonely when:  I am always lonely
It hurts when:  I think about my father's failure
The things you need to know about my past are:  I am the only surviving member of a prominent family that challenged the rule of a City Lord.  Upon my father’s death and my mother’s suicide I was sent to serve at a distant garrison on the border with Navar.
I was considered a prodigy in the art of fencing and dueling using the rapier and began my training at the age of four.  It is rumored that I have killed six opponents in separate unsanctioned duels, but that has never been confirmed.  I served well during my time at the garrison and took part in numerous raids against the barbarian hordes.  I train an average of four to six hours daily and am an instructor of the art.  Shortly after my arrival at the garrison, I became addicted to the drug known as “Pornicia”; street name “The Dark Sleep” *see medical notes attached*; so addictive is the drug that I will do anything or pay any price to secure it.  Preferring to keep to myself, I operate a small fencing school in a quiet, unassuming quarter of the city.

I wish to go to the Shadow because: I am sick of my life and wish to rise to fame and fortune and rule over the richest city in Yvan. 

Medical Note:

Pornicia: The Dark Sleep:
“Pornicia Exteramertis vertti”: as belonging to the family “Pornicia veracitus.”

A rare plant that thrives in arid desert areas above 6500 ft.  Known for its black flowers and blood-red variegated leaves this rare plant produces a thick black oil, which, when extracted by a skilled apothecary or mage can be distilled into a highly potent and extremely addictive drug known as “The Dark Sleep.”

In minute quantities the drug acts as a mild sedative to counteract highly agitated states.

In moderate quantities the drug grants the user enhanced tactile senses as well as enhanced reflexes, speed and strength.

Larger doses bring about a dream-like state known as “The Dark Sleep.”  This trance like state is reputed to cause the user to experience dark visions and hallucinations.  In extremely rare cases or in highly sensitive individuals the user may experience a type of foretelling as in the outcome of future events.  It should be noted, however, that this state has only been documented once in the past five hundred years and should not be assumed to be a normal side affect of such high doses.  It should also be noted that death is the usual outcome of using this drug in such quantities.

This highly dangerous and addictive drug should only be handled or prescribed by a trained and recognized medical practitioner.
"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."

- George Bernard Shaw

I have taken the Oath of the Drake


Basic Information:

I am called, Daria ‘Trati’, of the Morhan's Veronessi 
I am 29, give or take a year.
I would identify myself as human.
I earn my keep by escorting (alone or with a company) travelers or dignitaries over the continent.  Occasionally, I pick up manual work, especially fishing if I am on the seaside.   
I consider myself to be a female.

Others think I look appropriately my age. 
My hair isdark, almost black.  I keep it just above my shoulders as it is easiest to maintain. 
My eyes arealso dark, with flecks of deep mahogany. 
Height and Weight: 5’11’’, 160 lbs (70 kg)
If I were describing myself in a story I would say... I am a perfect female counterpart to the Riders of Old in Morhan.  Thick, dark, straight hair is kept back in a small ponytail.  My skin is tanned slightly, a common appearance for one working on the coastal plains, like where my homeland is.  My stature is somewhat large especially compared to many toward the South, but this is probably why we bred such large horses.  I carry quite a few scars on my body, surprisingly most of the more apparent ones being from my childhood.  The ones I get nowadays, I forget as quickly as they come. 
Despite how far I travel from Morhan, I commonly wear clothing made of animal hides fashioned into supple riding gear.  For my profession and more formal events, I carry a set of Ringmail and Plate Armor.  The armor, a rightfully stolen heirloom, is almost flaxen, instead of grey-metal, from the minerals that were used in its creation.  The symbol of the Veronessi is stamped into the armor, but it has been quite some time since anyone has noticed.

I behave as if I had all the time in the world for everything, though sometimes I can feel differently.  I am usually calm, collected, and patient, for these traits were the key to my early survival.  I’ve been known to have a surprising temper; perhaps I am not as mature as I think?
My favorite things areriding and fishing.  Mountains, the sight of and from, also provide a burst of exhilaration that I enjoy.
The things that I can't stand arebeing touched by another, particularly men, and the smell of sage.  Oh, and that nasty damn root from my homeland that we were forced to peel endless supplies of. 
Nothing scares me likethe unknown night.  I often take the night shift and sleep in the day. 
When it comes to interacting with others I:watch before I speak or even approach.  I am particularly good at acquiring work due to being observant.  I prove to have more eloquence than the common mercenary brute and that often is favored among the more wealthy who seek passage.  While I have firm convictions, I don’t often confront another if theirs is different unless they are being plain         
I believe that:self discipline will open nearly all doors for you, for I have learned this.  The ability to control your desires, restrain them if you must, reigns above all others.  Through self control, your attack shall prove to be more powerful and swift than otherwise.

Weapons and Armor:
Axe-edged Halberd (primary), Falchion (secondary), Bow (side, more of a tool)
Hide Armor, flexible casual use. 
Ringmail, Metal plating armor (gauntlets, shoulder pads, arm guards, thigh guards)-- Used for more dangerous terrains.  Usually packed away on her horse.
I never leave home without: the Sigil of Morhan Horseriders and extra provisions.
When it comes to money I'm: tight but never lacking.  I budget well.

Other Important Stuff:
When I'm scared I: breathe.
The thing I want most but would never tell anyone about is: how I contemplate the slaughter of Lord Penton in excruciating detail.
I'm lonely when: I camp on a cliffside, overlooking the world's vastness, and there is nothing to listen to but the wind and soft cree-ing of the night swallow.
It hurts when: I allow my mind to wander on who I am, as well as, how long it will be before I return to the plains of Morhan.

The things you need to know about my past are:
I belonged to one of the largest family Clans on the Golden Plains.  As far as I know, I am the only remaining direct kinsman of the Veronessi Clan.  We used to be well looked upon for my family’s incredible horse breeding stock and his firm and wise decisions.  Our land sat on the coastal plains and from our position below the inland cliffs, we could see the vastness of the ocean just beyond the plains. Heavy political unrest came through Morhan as several families attempted to put together a formal government.  Before my earliest memories, our Clan had fallen to one of such families during a violent night.  To Lord Penton, the usurper, was a greedy and cruel bastard who left me alive that night as a cruel joke to my father, the current Lord, and brethren.  Forever, I would be a reminder of Penton’s dominance over the Veronessi lands.

Even under the wicked lash, the heat of the kitchens, and the cold of the cellars, I slowly gained strength and will power even before I knew what those words meant.  During my younger years, my mind was most at stake as a child is easily broken.  As I grew though, I learned, that it was my body that I needed to protect as well. Penton took notice of me as I entered womanhood and thought of another cruel game to play with my life.  He would give the ruined Veronessi heiress to his son for his third wife.
I waited quietly for that day to come, counting down the days I had left.  I could have attempted to leave the moment I heard the rumor, but I wanted more than freedom.  I wanted vengeance and blood spilling. On my cursed wedding night, the Fates bestowed me with the most wonderful gift—the opportunity to sink a blade into Penton’s son.  Afterwards I fled, with no choice but to, but that first kill only spurred the innate need to do the same to Lord Penton. 

Someday, I will return.  Lord Penton’s blood has been mine the moment he slaughtered the Veronessi.

I wish to go to the Shadow because: I seek to find a power beyond my own and a reason beyond my own.  If these cannot be sought, I will accept whatever I can that will aid me in retaking my Morhan home.   

Daria's Companion: Beatus (Bee-ey-tuhs), 'Beat'  the Warhorse

Description: Daria's ancestors bred large agility draft horses to traverse the plains and cliffs that surrounded them.  Part of her homeland's legacy was rooted in the power, stamina, and nimbleness that were bred in these horses.  The most powerful Clans in Golden Plains each had their own breeding stock, all with subtle variations of the breed's qualities.  Daria's father and grandfather bred for stamina and strength, which produced large, heavy-weight beasts that could carry their riders through long and tiring battles. 

Beatus's History: Penton, out of malice for Daria's father, tainted the breeding line over the years with his own stock, undoing much of what Daria thought was the core of her father's work with the breed.  Daria obtained Beatus the night she slew Penton's only son and heir.  Beatus was a young colt at the time, scrawny and recently bridle broken.  She stole Beatus from the stables because he was the only one still saddled (a gift from grace to the young fleeing Daria).  Daria named the horse Beatus, after one of the Veronessi warhorses of legend, hoping to inspire the ancient blood to triumph over Penton's stock.

Beatus's Description: Beatus's magnificent form took deep from the ancient bloodlines.  He has a large barrel, broad sinewy neck with long, legs and dense bones.  At over nineteen hands tall, he towers over many individuals, but still does not match how large the original Veronessi horses were.  Slimmed down, void of much excess dense muscle, Beatus can move fast and quickly through the fray.   Sometimes Daria keeps Beatus away from the towns she enters as to not attract attention with the mammoth creature- horse thieves could be viciously brutal.  With a black long and uncut mane and tail against a pale chestnut coat, he is a sight to see.   His hooves are large and covered with long chestnut hair, with a touch of white, and he bares no other markings on his coat. 


Hopefully the changes will do.  The new information about nations and land really helped when I rewrote her background.  If we end up not getting a good mix of females and males, I may put forth a male character later~ 

Always Victorious
The Consort's Plots

Availability: June 2016, resuming activity.  Open for Roleplays


A male character would certainly be welcomed if you'd like to come up with one later. Regardless of gender balance. While I love both these characters, my major concern at the moment is racial balance.

I'm going to ask that any new characters be of a race other than human, any race other than human. I may even work with people on things like shifters, or completely inhuman characters if it comes right down to it. As I said, the races were a general guideline to give you some idea of the sorts of people your characters may have interacted with in the past. If someone wanted to play, say a magical beast of some kind that was fully cognizant and able to communicate, we could work something out. This is a high fantasy world, just about anything is possible, it's all in the execution.

I also can't help but laugh just a little, because I'm finding that this time round I'm having exactly the opposite issue that I had last time... Last time, it was all over mages and the like. I'm not complaining, I swear, but this is a highly magical world. A very high percentage of the worlds population is made up of creatures that are inherently magical. Just a point for any prospective players out there to ponder. I have possible NPC's to cover any necessary gaps, it's just prefer not to have to use them on a continuous basis.

P.S. I know I said the approvals would be via PM, and they were. It's just that these two did a wonderful job of crafting the characters to the world, and taking the initiative to fill in whatever blanks they needed to to make those characters work. I thought that a little recognition was in order, and that they give perspective players a wider scope of what's already accepted to gauge if they're interested, and/or what they may want to do with their character.

As always, if anyone has any questions or comments please feel free to voice them. I don't bite, at least not if you don't me to. :P

Happy rolepalying!
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Basic Information:
I am called, Ekimus Kornis.
I am well into my sixth century.
I would identify myself as a monster, though my blood is noble elven.
I earn my keep by the brewing of alchemical potions and the healing arts, arcane and otherwise. When recognized, I am also honored by my people for my deeds in centuries past, but I am careful that their gifts of adulation are put towards charity and components to heal.
I consider myself to be of the male gender.

Others think I look to be in my mid-twenties by the human calendar and just past my first century by the measure of my people. I am in the autumn years of my life, a fact hidden by an alchemical regimen. Eternal youth is a simple matter. Eternal life... I would never wish on myself. I will pass from view soon, but I will always be beautiful so that she might recognize me in the lands beyond flesh.
My hair is Blond
My eyes are Blue
Height and Weight: 6'5" and 190 lbs.
If I were describing myself in a story I would say... I look as I did when I had light in my heart, and felt that the simple oaths I took as a healer would see me through with my soul intact. Despite the blood on my hands, in the true sense and otherwise, I remain pale and unblemished. She used to describe my lips as "stealing the color of a sunrise", but I always knew they were the pale pink of a Sugar Lily because that is what I used as a balm. My hair has a golden life all its own, and in my youth was my pride. Now I simply cut it with a kitchen knife when it grows too far past my shoulders. I would not tolerate it at all, except for the fact elven hair is an excellent reagent for burn poultices.

I dress well, though I've not purchased a suit in four centuries. My vanity in younger days was taxing upon my wardrobe, and even now it bulges with elegant vestments. I favor the darker shade of evergreen, with gold trim. I wear white lace only a shade lighter than my flesh, though many have stains that I couldn't bear to wash away. A dwarf coughs ichor up in his death rattle and stares at me until his eyes unfocus. I knew his name and knew the daughters he left behind. A few flecks of red across my favorite cravat is no great burden.

I have so many stains.

I kept my gauntlets, though the rest of my uniform from the Days of Fire has long since been discarded. There were far too many stains that came with that uniform, most of them etched into my soul. But my gauntlets had done what they were made for, as they had for my father in his day. An apothecary must do no harm, and they have let me stir the ether of countless vaccines and held too many newborns for me to think ill of them. Ornately crafted, with dragons wings and the family crest hammered into the moon silver, they are a vanity I still wear proudly as they remind me of home and brighter times.


I behave as if I were my true age. I have been told that I have an excellent bedside manner and a warm smile. Those who know me better claim I am at times pensive and brooding, a stark contrast to the facade I choose to wear. I feel I am cautious and thoughtful of any action that might violate my oaths.

My favorite things are children. Celebrations. Family. I find that the connections we make are all we have in the end.

The things that I can't stand are nobles and military, in general. There is a disconnect amongst many such men, some say a required one. But when men become mere numbers to further an agenda of any kind, I want no part of it. I have seen too many numbers pass from view during the war.

Nothing scares me like righteousness in service to a banner. Sycophants and knights, far too certain of their nobility and the justice of their deeds. I used to scare myself...
When it comes to interacting with others I am jovial and friendly. I love meeting people, and discovering their uniqueness. We all have potential for greatness and I admit there are few who I do not see that potential in. Perhaps I am an optimist...

On the other hand, I am not one to pull punches. I will voice my observations, often to deaf ears. I have told men with families hundreds of miles away that they are in their last hour and there is nothing I can do. I do not hesitate to tell a good man when he is making a bad choice.

I believe that: The edicts of a healer are complicated and at the same time quiet simple. Ignoring the nuances and unforeseen complications life throws at me, at its most basic, "We shall do no harm" is the mantra which I have whispered under my breath for centuries. It took the first two centuries for me to realize how readily one could innocently break it.

Weapons and Armor:

Ether gauntlets - Fashioned of elven silver forged beneath the light of a full moon, they are an armor that is nearly impervious to chemical, ethereal, magical and temperature extremes. Used in the crafting and handling of dangerous alchemical potions, they are light weight and flexible enough for extremely fine motor control.

Ekimus' are noted for the sharp blades and taut loops of razor wire in his right hand, a modification specific to healers with knowledge of the healing blade... particularly amputation and war surgery. It could be utilized as a weapon, though he has only used it as such in the case of mercy killing.

Apothecary's bag - Cunningly knotted mithril chain makes it an inscrutable puzzle to all but its owner. Attempting to break into it forcefully would be a difficult prospect, given its particularly sturdy mithril reinforcing beneath the hide. A successful thief would find that upon forcing it open, its contents would be rendered useless and charred.

It is listed here both because of its alchemical contents, and because it is notched with numerous scrapes and scratches as if it were brought to bear frequently as a shield. Given the solid shape it is in, it must be moderately effective in this task.

I never leave home without: My circlet. It belonged to my sister. I once had a portrait of her. I once had a picture of her in my mind's eye. Both faded with time, and so this circlet is all I have to remember her by. Hopefully she will remember it in the Lands Beyond Flesh, if my face has faded for her too.

When it comes to money I'm: I am... comfortable. In the scant decades left to me, I could never hope to spend my pension, unless I were to begin purchasing priceless relics and massive estates. I would give it up for a second chance, I suspect. Though I would definitely miss my chef...

Other Important Stuff:

When I'm scared I: tremble. It is rare I feel fear for myself, and all too common I feel it for others. I have ground herbs by the fire light of Fae and Fell in violent collision. There is little this world has to threaten me with... I truly only fear the suffering of others.

The thing I want most but would never tell anyone about is: I wish I had let a man die. My greatest regret is the saving of a life.

I'm lonely when: the wind roars. It reminds me of the plains of Todesfalle where I buried my father.

It hurts when: I think about what could have been.

The things you need to know about my past are: The seventh in an unbroken line of healers, Ekimus Kornis garnered a reputation in his youth as a mercenary healer. The stories claim that he could stave off death for the right price, though there were also rumors of his dabbling in diabolical and fell forces to do so. These were entirely false, but the boy did have a particular brilliance in matters of health.

A student of all forms of healing arts, he mastered the apothecary schools, the alchemical arts, herbology, spiritual alignments and the savage healing blade. He carved out a name for himself in Alexia with a scalpel, his assistance particularly sought after by the nobility and merchant caste. The Time of Fire saw him recalled to Eden under geas by the High Queen. Only too eager to serve, his reputation during the war was as spectacular as his civilian practice.

No war surgeon stepped away from Todesfalle entirely intacted. His righteous certainty in the edicts of the healer and his people was shaken by a single bad choice. Despite whispers in his dreams, Ekimus saved the life of a High Elf commander, Crichton Valmonte... the same Crichton Valmonte who would go on to be the commander whose vicious tactics involved hurling as many bodies at a problem as possible.

The signs were there. Ekimus was talented in augury and a taint as black as Valmonte's was hard to miss. But in his hubris, he would not listen to the ill winds. Valmonte would exposed some decades later as a traitor, his incompetence born of maliciousness. A murderer, sadist and cannibal, he lives only in infamy as one of the greatest monsters of elven kind.

A monster no other surgeon could have saved...

In doing no harm, Ekimus played a part in the death of thousands, arrogantly intervening in the will of the Goddess. Though Ekimus remains praised as one of he great heroes of the war, he has spent four hundred years of penance, trying to balance the scales.

Can a man do enough good to expunge the sins of a monster?

I wish to go to the Shadow because: I would do no harm... I would do nothing. I would let pride be damned and let Valmonte slip into the flames of perdition. I would save thousands. I would save my sister. All I wish is for my hands to be unsure, a moment's hesitation. That's all it would take. I dream of breaking my oath for a single second. I would gladly accept the Lady's disgust, if I could only wash away my own.

Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack. - George S. Patton


Basic Information:
Please answer as your character unless otherwise indicated.
I am called, Mord-Ra
I am 29
I would identify myself as an Elf, though others would call me for what I am: a Wraith
I earn my keep by assassin, saboteur, spy; anything that those who pay want.
I consider myself to be Male

Others think I look 29
My hair is white
My eyes are pale blue
Height and Weight: 6'0" 230 lbs.
If I were describing myself in a story I would say... An impossible combination of lean and muscle, every inch of me is otherworldly and forbidden. Heat, cold, they no longer bother me, and thus I have no need for shirts or other garments for my upper body; black trousers, boots and a sash are all that protect my 'modesty', assuming that it is worth protecting. True, I wear two long gauntlets, but that is to hide from myself the shame of the scars; hide what I did to myself because of what I had done to myself. The nails of my hands have long since resembled cruel claws, both in  appearance and function. A silver pendant is all that remains of a life that I barely remember, and my ears are all that reminds me that once, I was an elf.

The only time I wear what is considered the staple of wraiths everywhere, the long, hooded black cloak, is when I must travel in daylight for extended periods of time. But I hate it, almost as much as I hate the sun, and I hate myself for that too.

I behave as if 18. When you are doomed to "live" forever, why act like you are a brooding lunatic? Though, that is apparently how I am described, if rumors are to be believed.
My favorite things are The innocent, bedding women, eating, the moon, setting things on fire, stalking, hunting, and eventually killing my prey. Oh yes, I take great relish that last one.
The things that I can't stand are The corrupt, the wicked, the law, the light of day, those that stare and condemn me, the endless hunger, endless desire, and things I can't set on fire. I rather hate that last one in particular.
Nothing scares me like Being an outsider, being treated as though I were an abomination that doesn't belong, in this or any world.
When it comes to interacting with others I: Act as an outsider, someone who's teases can be interpreted as threats. I know, it sounds contradictory, doesn't it? But the looks on their faces...I crave them, just as much as I abhor them. Perhaps there is something to that lunatic theory...
I believe that:sooner or later, people get what they deserve. Loyalty, honor, dignity, those are tripe only those rich and comfortable enough can come up with. Peace and love for all? The aspirations of idiots and dreamers. And that sooner or later, the endless hunger, the endless desire, the inability to distinguish any sent that is not 'prey' and 'not prey' will one day drive me mad.

Weapons and Armor: Wraith-Flame: A blue, magical fire that can not be put out by conventional means. It can burn both the physical and the magical, serving as a kind of "shield" in that regard, though things with high resistance to normal flame will have a similar, though lesser, resistance to wraith-flame as well.

Shadow Walk: In areas of shadow or mist, Mord can "disappear" before an onlookers very eyes. He is not intangible, magical wards can be set to make his presence known, and any movement besides slow, deliberate steps will be noticed by the keen and observant, nonetheless it makes for a useful getaway and unseen observation.

Claws: His nails have assumed the same function as the talons of a raptor. Not easily broken, they can slice through flesh like butter, though armor works against them as well as it does anything else.

Wraith Scream: A shrill shriek that fills all who hear it with terror. How they react to that terror is different for every person, whether they cower, retreat, or attack Mord with even greater ferocity.

NOTE: Like all Wraiths, Mord has a natural aversion to sunlight, often wanting to get out of it as quickly as possible. Whenever he is directly in sunlight, his powers are halved, making him not as effective as he could be.

I never leave home without: Silver pendant. It means something...it must!
When it comes to money I'm: quite poor; I spend it almost as soon as I get it, and then it is on to the next job. There really isn't a point to saving it, anyway.

Other Important Stuff:
When I'm scared I: lash out.
The thing I want most but would never tell anyone about is: to smell a flower; actually smelling the scent of a flower, and not who was here and where they went.
I'm lonely when: I'm in a crowd, and there are people staring, edging away and calling for the guards.
It hurts when: I eat but I'm still hungry, I bed a woman but I am still not satisfied.
The things you need to know about my past are: I have long since forgotten most of the details of my past; just the one of the many "benefits" that comes with my gift. All that I have are the rumors of my origins. While there are many fantastic tales such as my being a bloodthirsty warlord that was cornered and finished off, that I was a necromancer who's spell went horribly wrong, there is one more popular and more widely told than the others. That I was once a noble elf lord who tried to establish a peace with Brighton; how they had killed my companions, my friends, my wife (who depending on the bard, was in various stages of pregnancy) and how they attempted to kill me. The story again diverges; did they fail and I seek out the sorcerer, or did the succeed, and as I lay dying the sorcerer came to me? Regardless, they all agree it was a wicked, bemused sorcerer who listened to a fool's request and gave me the power to destroy those that destroyed me. He turned me into a Wraith of Vengeance, a demon against all vow-breakers and perpetrators, a predator of those that prey on innocence and good faith. A dangerous creature born of evil, and will one day return to evil.

I can't verify the truth of this myself, but what I do know is that I'm a wraith, a creature of death and darkness. We all know the stories; avoid the shadows and mist, beware the scream of a wraith, look out for the flames of blue, yadda-yadda-yadda. I try to remember, and only forget; I eat and I'm still hungry; I sleep and I'm still tired; I take a woman and I still desire; my senses have dulled, only to sharpen when on the hunt. This curse eventually drives all wraiths mad, making us less than a welcome guest in any civilized home. Of course, those that want to something unsavory done yet do not wish to be associated with said unsavory business tend to make "use" of us, whatever society has to say. I'm no more unique than any other wraith; just more public, for good or ill.

I wish to go to the Shadow because: I wish to live again; to feel the light on my face without it burning, to eat and be full, to smell flowers and see all the colors, and not a greyish, dull world.


Well then, it's looking like we've gotten ourselves a decent little group to start off with. Before we can do that though, we do need to decide where we're going to place this thread. With the old one, I put it into extreme, so as to case as little limitation to where the story and our imaginations took us as possible. I have no issue with doing that again, but I want to know what you think.

For now, I think we'll use this as the OOC, though I'll likely put up an official one when I have the actual IC up.

For anyone new who may be interested: This RP is by no means closed, I'm still open to new characters, and likely always will be. If for some reason I can't work you in immediately, or we have a large party already, I'll certainly keep you in mind if someone drops out, or if I come up with a sub or counter plot. It's a big world after all, I'm sure we can come up with something.
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I'm pretty much putting in down in extreme; gives us a lot more freedom, and if anyone has an issue or limit then we should just simply respect it.


Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack. - George S. Patton


Well, it looks like we're going with extreme then, and of course we'll honor people's limits. That's one of those things that didn't make it into the rules because well... If goes beyond common sense and into the realms of common decency. I still want to wait to hear from the ladies, just in case something has changed, but they were both interested back in the original incarnation when the IC was up and in extreme.

I do agree that it gives us the most freedom content wise, and that's a good thing.

Now then, plotting... I have Rain asking everyone to meet up after the performance. Essentially, I'm going to recycle the first post from the original with a few tweaks. It took a lot of work, and it is a good post. What happens beyond that point is an entirely different matter...

That's where I want to make sure everyone is on the same page. There are a few ways we could go with this. The simplest of course being beyond a little drama between Rain and Daemion, and as such maybe a few others in the group as well, things go smoothly, and they all meet in the appointed Inn/Tavern. This isn't always the best way to get in every character though, and if you believe that that's the case with yours, for whatever reason. A heads up would be good so that I can find a way to draw you in if you have trouble yourself. Kinda one of the things that I'm here for.

Also, now seems like a good time to mention that I'm going with a semi-narrated mode of storytelling here. It will be apparent in that first post. Think along the lines of the movie Princess Bride, except in this case, the person "reading" would actually be Rain, retelling their tale. Not only does this give us a little more creative leeway, but it makes it much easier to gloss over long periods of travel in which nothing really happens, and also I would think, would make it easier to write characters in and out as needed. That way it can all be summed up in a bit of bardic exaggeration and glorification, and we can move on. xD It will also help with setting the mood I would think.

Anyway, that's enough from me, what do you all think?
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I am up for anything. Bring it on.

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- George Bernard Shaw

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Three of four is good enough, especially as I have today off, so I have some time to dedicate to getting this up. I'll be working on the character thread, and the IC today. Please, when you transfer your character over, if there were any tweaks to be made, make them then. Also, with larger images, please put them into a spoiler... I think I've mentioned that before.

Now, a poll if you would. I have a few images that I've gathered from around the net in the past months that I saw and thought "that looks like it would belong somewhere on Sakura!" If you'd like, I can set up a thread specifically for place images that gets added to as we go new places. I'm leaving that up to you guys though.

As always, I am still accepting new characters, and if anyone is interested feel free to post in or PM with your character idea, or general interest.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Edit: I have the introductory post all ready to go, I'm just not sure if I'm ready to put it up yet. It is after all still the weekend after Thanksgiving, and while I'm happy with the current group, and I don't want to drag things out longer than necessary, I'm a little hesitant about putting the IC up too soon, and the possibility of scaring off new players because we've already begun. Any thoughts?
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I would suggest holding off a couple of days...Peeps just coming back from holidays and all.

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."

- George Bernard Shaw

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The IC is up! You can find it here.

Given that so far all those who have shown interest have had their characters approved, I don't at this time see a need to put up a character's thread just yet. If we get more interest or lose a person or two, I will put it up as needed. Likewise, with an OOC, we haven't had a whole lot of crosstalk yet, if that changes as the story progresses, then I'll put up an OOC. For now I see no issue with keeping both contained here, and not cluttering up the roleplay forum. :D

Though we are starting, we are certainly still accepting new characters. Please, don't be daunted by the IC being placed in the Extreme forum. This isn't so much because of an expectation of extreme sexual themes so much as to keep from limiting ourselves, and a world that has the potential to be gory and psychologically scarring for the characters. They are after all trekking into one of the most savage places on their world.
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*Waves to everyone*

Hello! I'll be making a char and joining the game this weekend at some point. Look forward to playing with everyone!


"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."

- George Bernard Shaw

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Here's my char. If I need to change/add anything let me know!

Basic Information:

I am called: Coinin Ailpein
I am: Old, I guess. Much time has passed, the leaves have changed again and again, the snows have come and gone over and over...(Somewhere around 200)
I would identify myself as: A wolf. Also a wood elf. But a wolf whether on two legs or four..
I earn my keep by: ...taking care of myself.  I am a hunter!
I consider myself to be: Sneaky....stealthy... also a male.


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Others think I look: Intimidating, in either form. This can work in my favor most times...if not, I can turn on the charm.
My hair is: White and soft as fur.
My eyes are: Brightly golden.
Height and Weight: (Human) 5' 125 Lbs
If I were describing myself in a story I would say: I am not comfortable on two legs. I am not comfortable speaking. I remember a time that I was. Laughter surrounded me, curling with the warm bodies of my pack was normal, listening to the bass rumble of my lover was a treat, hearing his promises whispered in my ear brought shivers of delight. But I am the last of my kind that I know of, and it's much easier staying on four legs. I have not found a man I thought might understand what I am to love since then, and I am scared to try. It's so much easier to be the wolf...


I behave as if: Nothing can touch me. Life is full of adventure, and there is always time to play.
My favorite things are: Companionship. Being petted. Roasted rabbit. A warm fire to lay beside.
The things that I can't stand are:Being wet. Do you know how horrible it is with wet fur?
Nothing scares me like: A red moon... bad things happen during the red moon...
When it comes to interacting with others I: Tend to turn on the charm. When I'm the wolf. If you can get me to human, I tend to stay in the background.
I believe that: Rabbits are good for two things. A good chase and a good meal.


Weapons and Armor: Teeth and claws. I am very skilled with a bow, but I can't carry one. Well I could... but have you ever tried to lug a bow and quiver around on four legs?
I never leave home without: Home? What is that?
When it comes to money I'm: Not needing it. I am quite self-sufficient.

Other Important Stuff:

When I'm scared I: Turn quickly into the savage wolf I am quite capable of being.
The thing I want most but would never tell anyone about is: The tribe of High Elves that killed my pack to die with my teeth tearing out their throats.
I'm lonely when: I am utterly alone for overly long. It's why I tend to haunt the edges of woods surrounding villages.
It hurts when: I see violence upon someone else for no reason, as it brings up memories best hidden.
The things you need to know about my past are: It was violent. I remember blood, and screaming, my parents, my siblings, my pack were slaughtered. Killed for what we were...are. Not a true elf, we were told. Abomination, we were called. How could this be so? Is it true? I don't have answers to many questions...

I wish to go to the Shadow because: The lovely Lady who told the story seemed so...nice. Kind. Warm. It sounds like a wonderful adventure, with the added benefit of companionship. Besides, perhaps in my travels, I'll run across someone who deserves....death.



That was wonderful! :) I can already see how that's likely to play out on Rain's end.

Sorry I haven't been able to post the past couple of days, holiday craziness made a brief appearance. I am working on my next post though.
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There we go lovelies. Sorry that took so long... Also, if you're a little confused by that end bit, well, you're supposed to be... :P Eventually all will be clear.
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Should I wait for Mycroft to post before I respond?


Go on ahead and post if you're ready to. I'll give him a day or two after that then poke on him again to see if everything's okay, it is the Holidays and some people are really busy. He's still interested, I know that much. :D
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