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Author Topic: Hati's House of Hypotheses [Plots & Cravings][M seeking F]  (Read 3067 times)

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Hati's House of Hypotheses [Plots & Cravings][M seeking F]
« on: November 21, 2011, 06:20:55 PM »
Welcome! So I decided it would probably be best to throw all my ideas into one thread. They'll pile up once I get started, I'm sure. In any case, do check out my On and Off topic while you read through my list of ideas below to see if we are compatible in terms of taste. I only play male characters as my main protagonist, but do use secondairy and tertiary female characters now and again to thicken and advance the plot if needed. I'm at my best in settings that involve Fantasy or some Science Fiction. Low/High Fantasy and modern day Fantasy are my favorites.

In any case, if you are interested in doing a game with me, feel free to send me a PM. I'm also open to plot ideas you might have yourself.

The Valiant Little Tailor and the Puss in Boots

Based loosely on a group roleplay I was in over three years ago...

Set in a late in a late medieval/early Renaissance era, this is the story of two tricksters, two playful conartists out for the coin of those that have plenty of it. In this setting fairy tale figures are actual beings. The kingdom is in turmoil, with tension rising between the dark-hearted queen and the rebellion that seek to overthrow her, lead by the not so little red riding hood. To help build up supplies and funds for the resistance force Red enlists the help of a man nicknamed The Valiant Little Tailor and a catgirl nicknamed Puss in Boots.

The Valiant Little Tailor     "Val" or "Tailor" for short     is not a good man, and he'd be the first to admit it. He manipulates both friend and foe when the opportunity presents itself and is hardly a novice at lying, deceiving, and telling half truths. Puss in Boots     or just Puss for short     is hardly any better; a nekomimi with a silver tongue and a body she's not afraid to use in the arts of seduction and persuasion to get what she wants. This shady pair is tasked to work together, to combine their efforts to amass money, goods and even contacts for the rebellion, with the promise of land, titles, and cold hard gold coin to awarded to them once the war is over. Question is... can they be trusted to stick around that long and not take off with all the cash beforehand?

So it's the story of rebellion and war, but played out from the perspective of a pair of more shady and selfish rebel members. While the setting might be quite dark, I have in mind that the story is laced with a more lighthearted tone, much like modern Marvel movies such as the Avengers are, with heroes cracking jokes during battles and generally being less serious faced. Val and Puss enjoy doing their jobs as much for the money as for the sheer fun and thrill of pulling off successful cons, heists and other acts of deceptions and thievery.

[The pictures are just to give a general impression of how our characters might look like. By no means are you forced to use it for your character if you don't want to]

[Link to my old character profile in the group game]

Conception II inspired

I know there's likely little chance that there's anyone here that's played the game and has an interest in it, so I'll set up a premise that borrows some of the story elements of the game and leaves out some of the... eh, more questionable ones, heh.

The story takes place in a parallel, near future world. In this world, a deity called the Star God is said to exist and communicates with its oracles through a gigantic tree that reaches into the heavens. One day, giant structures begin to appear across the globe. Later dubbed labyrinths, they shoot out pods called dusk seeds out into the world, some being shot many miles away from its labyrinth of origin. These dusk seeds spawn monsters, much like the labyrinth itself, and said monsters attack nearby human towns and cities. In their desperation, the humans turned to the Star God, who answered their prayers by bestowing certain individuals with the gifts of star energy and ether, which counters the dusk energy of the monsters.

Star energy directly translated into magical power able to destroy monsters, while ether is required to counter the power, corrupting dusk energy they emit. The mark of the Star God only manifest in individuals between the ages of 17 and 19, and will disappear on their 19th birthday. As such, bearers of the mark are given crash courses in battle field strategy and combat to maximize their time as monster slayers, and special weapons that utilize their star energy are developed to help them fight their foes. While star energy generally is stronger in females then it is in men, men are the only ones that can posses ether. As such, teams of males and females are formed, fighting alongside each other.

For twenty years the war between the humans and the monsters continue. Building their defences, the humans can keep most of monsters coming from the labyrinth from proceeding beyond the first defence line, and dusk seeds that are shot out are often quickly dealt with. However, since the dusk energy within the labyrinths is so powerful, no one has ever returned from them alive or has been able to destroy them from the inside. That is, until a young recruit comes along. This young man, as the initial test results show, posses more ether then any before him, easily a thousand times more then any before him. Nicknamed the "God's Gift," he is able to produce an ether field inside the labyrinths. The field is not large enough to sustain entire squads, however, but just one other. The most powerful female is recruited as his partner and together they venture into the labyrinths, destroying them one by one. Eventually they manage to seal the final one and, by then, they have grown to trust each other intimately.

Despite having had intimate contact several times (i.e. sex), neither managed to profess their love for the other by the end of their journey. With the monsters gone, the star energy and ether began to vanish, as well. Everyone goes their separate ways, with the hero returning to his hometown, which had been attacked by monsters just prior to his awakening, his family slain at the wedding of his older sister. Several years pass and the world seemingly remains at peace. The former God's Gift partner comes to visit him in his hometown. As the pair spends time together and finally do profess their love for each other, they find a new evil to lurk in the shadows. Granted new powers by the Star God, the two set out to combat this unknown thread, which threatens to destroy his home once more.

Of Old Heroes and Old Flames

An epic journey finished. A band of heroes parting ways, moving on. A chance of love missed.

A story about a romance that never came to be between a young hero and one of his companions, a mage apprentice. They denied their own desires, resulting in feelings going unspoken, even after the ancient evil is slain. One could say they were young and insecure. The hero moves on, journeying across the world, not to be seen again in the land he saved for a very long time. The mage girl becomes a high ranking sorcerer at the royal court, a leading figure in all things magic within the kingdom. She marries the king and is seemingly content with her life. All is well until, twelve years later, a new evil rises, threatening life as they knew it. The band of old allies rallies to help once again and the hero returns to save the land once more. Old feelings stir within the pair once more as their eyes cross once more, feeling thought forgotten awaken once more. But is not meant to be     now more then ever... Right?

Can also add a nice twist and reverse the roles for a change, having the female character be the hero and the male be the mage companion that marries the queen.

A RWBY-themed game

I wouldn't mind doing something set in the RWBY universe. Preferably I'd like to play an original character, but it's up to you if you want to play as one of the canon girls or make a character of your own, as well. Depending on your choice, there's a lot of different storylines we could set up. With the new season underway, there's a lot of ways to go. So far it seems the school from another kingdom has come over for a festival of sorts, so we can already establish as canon that there's more then one school and that sets up the possibility for our characters to be attending one of those other schools, in a different kingdom, leaving us plenty of room to sculpt and shape the story to our own whims.


The Wanderer and his Foxgirl Familiar

Tensions rise high in a certain country as several high profile parties vie for power in the wake of their ruler's death. It has been years and still they test their boarders, leaving society as a whole fractured and disfunctional. Instability of the economy and severe supply and demand issues are the result, leaving many people to fall into debt and poverty, most starving on the streets. Naturally, this breeds corruption and chaos, with crime levels becoming higher than ever before as large parts of cities become slums, as only the rich can still afford to keep their homes maintained and safe.

It is then, that a mysterious traveler and his his foxgirl familiar arrive on the scene. The pair hails from a distant land, as is evident from their clothing and manners, and have come to help the country and its people to regain balance.

A romance story between a wanderer and his magical foxgirl familiar. It could be set in either a typical medieval or renaissance era fantasy setting, or perhaps a more modern day fantasy setting where magic and technology live side-by-side.

Some. Pictures. For. Inspiration.

Eye of the Beholder

Losing his right eye to a bullet when a fellow student lost it and decided to go guns blazing on college grounds with his father's hunting rifles, Leasick wakes from a coma a month later in the hospital, having gained a new, different coloured eye in the process. The donor unknown, he soon starts to see the world from a whole new perspective. Now able to see the supernatural, he finds that all sorts of nonhuman creatures live among them, hidden behind magical glamours to appear as ordinary humans. Even a girl within his own class at college, whom he had an interest in but never had really talked with more than casually at parties or during class, turned out to have more to her than meets the eye.

The two become friends as she helps him get used to his mysteriously acquired power and guides him through the familiar, yet completely strange new world. As time passes and more powers begin to manifest themselves through this mysterious new eye of his, Leasick and his classmate find themselves tossed into chaos and perill as the boundaries between the normal and supernatural worlds begin to fade. As all hell brakes loose, they must fight and survive through a war between the inhabitants of this world, both human and supernatural, and those of ill intentioned demonic one sending its forces through dimensional rifts.

While I'm leaving the choice what kind of supernatural being the girl is up to you, I'd prefer it not be something that's pretty much done to death right now, like vampire or werewolf. I'm open to suggestions though. I  had several different possibilities in mind as I wrote this, such as an elemental, or a harpy, or a demon girl/succubus, and so forth. If you have any good suggestions, I'd be glad to hear about it.

The Empress and the Dragon Knight

A mighty empire sees its lands invaded on multiple fronts, its enemies standing unitied in their hatred. The land's young empress can do nothing but watch as her armies are beaten back time and again, until the very gates of the capital rattle under the assault of siege weapons. The court's grand wizard, a man that had served her late father loyally, calls upon an old favor from a neutral party in a last effort to see the empress saved from certain death.

The current knight commander of the order of dragon riders was a man whom the wizard had once fought beside, when both were just young squire and apprentice, respectively. The knight commander promises to repay the debt he owed the wizard, but the order had a war of their own to fight, against an enemy fiercer than any man. As such, he could only spare a single knight to extract the empress from Eternia's capital and escort her to safety. He sends his personal apprentice, a young but talented knight with the skill and guts required to guide his flying mount and companion through volleys and ballista bolts that await them as they descend upon the capital and the imperial castle. However, much to the shock of the empress, it turns out that this dragon knight is no stranger to her...

The dragon knight is someone she knew from her childhood. Back when she was a young girl, an alliance between Eternia and the neighbouring kingdom of Westerfell was formed. As seal that would bind the alliance, she was to wed the crown prince of the kingdom, once both of them would come of age. She had met and played with the equally young prince a few times before her father, the emperor, disbanded the alliance, suddenly, after less then two years, invading Westerfell immediately. The kingdom fell under the empire's sudden and swift onslaught, the royal family reported to have been killed in an escape attempt, but the young crown prince survived through sheer luck, found and saved but an inch from death and unconscious on a river bank by
the man who would later become his mentor.

I imagine this to be a journey where the empress and dragon knight rebuild the bridges that had been burned when Westerfall fell, where they overcome the bloody history between their families and fall in love with the people they are now as they try to reach safety. This is a longer story with some more plots and ideas I have in mind, but will discus further in detail via PM.

A Frozen Game

Loved the movie (songs were a bit meh though), so thought maybe a game set in the movie's universe might be fun. Big fan of Elsa and her mature view on things ("you can't marry someone you just met!"). Big sucker for ice and fire match ups, so perhaps we can craft a story around the slowly blooming romance between Elsa and a young king or crown prince of another kingdom, who wield the power of fire and heat based magic. The idea is that the pair is drawn towards each other by the fact that they are the only person either can be around and not fear their magic might hurt them. Even if they are in completely control of it, there's always this nagging feeling in the back of their heads that instills a sense of fear that one they might hurt someone by accident. However, since they wield powers that counteract each other, the two can be in each others company without having the hold back their powers.

The Fairy and the Monster Hunter

A monster hunter of some renown traverses the woods one sunny day to return home from a job and stumbles upon a young fairy maiden. They instantly fall for oneanother, passionately making love amongst the ancient trees that populated the woods. Taking her home with him, the hunter makes her his bride. However, fairies are not recognized (yet) by the human authorities as equal beings. This causes the hunter to butt heads with the local guardsmen, but they know not to cross this man for something like this. Eventually things do start to escalate as more and more people, both human and not, learn about this interspecies marriage, leading to a political battle between mankind's leaders and sentient creatures like fairies and mermaids, to name a few, who wish to be recognized as equal to humans. They wish to have the same rights as humans. In the middle of all this are the monster hunter and his beloved fairy wife. How will they proceed in this swiftly changing world?

Looking for someone to play the fairy bride. In this tale fairies are the same size as humans (or slightly shorter, if you wish), but do still have the typical brightly coloured butterfly wings and pointy ears. As far as eye and hair colour go, it can go either way. She can have a normall hair colour like brown or blond, if you want, but it's fine if you want to try something more exotic like blue or teal.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

Humanity has fallen from greatness, leaving its society fractured and in chaos after a deadly virus wipes out approximately two thirds of the entire population. Conflicts are common as people fight for things once considered trivial, such as food, shelter, electricity and even clean drinking water. After almost three decades, in what is regarded the last true capital city still inhabited by humans on a large scale, two sides clash in a fierce tug of war over resources, territory and ideals.

On one side we have the Genetic Research and Military Applications Corporation (GRANDMA), a reformed company that adapted itself to the new world order and dominates their territory and oppresses the local populous with the use of genetically and cybernetically enhanced supersoldiers who have been bred and raised inside their underground facilities. Dubbed the red riding hoods for the crimson hoods that are part of their uniform and their petite frames, these young women are far more deadly than one would suspect at first glance.

Opposite of them stands professor Fredrick von Fenrir, a brilliant but mad scientist who is based in the most ruinous and hazardous area of the city. A genius and pioneer in the field of genetics, the man has spend the last two and a half decades producing genetically improved clones of himself, who he regards as his own children in a twisted sense. Crossing human DNA with that of nature's fiercest predators, the members of Fenrir's "pack" all display animallike traits both physically and psychologically to a certain degree. Some merely display fiercely territorial behaviour, others have nails sharp as razors or fangs like those of a canine.

The pack and the red riding hoods have been at odds for years, neither side gaining or losing much ground at any point. Now, the winds might blow in favor of GRANDMA, as one of the pack switches sides. Simply calling himself "Wolf," this dark haired sly predator is looking to strike a deal. In return for his help to bring down Fenrir and the pack, he simply asks to be allowed to walk away once all of it is over. Naturally, GRANDMA does not trust him right off the bat and as such appoint their most promising red riding hood to be his partner and keep an eye on him.

Guardian of the Elven Princess

In the times of old the races of man suffered at the hands of elves, acting as servants and farmers for the much older species. But time has passed and mankind grew in intelligence, number and power, breaking the chains of servitude to form their own nations. Even though the elves did not oppose man's departure from their side, the resentment in the hearts of men remained. Now, generations later, the great purge has begun. Mankind wages war on the elves, overpowering them with their vast armies and revolutionairy strategies     something the experiences, but more traditionally minded elven generals and leaders couldn't comprehend, and thus not counter.

Many of the elven territories fall in swift succession. The home of a young elven princess, located within an ancient and tranquil forest bordering on a rural human nation, was among them. The elven princess, an innocent and kind soul which had never known anything but peace, is suddenly cast out into the wilderness, forced to flee her home as it is ransacked and burned to the ground by invading human soldiers. Alone and afraid, she stumbles into the roadside campsite of a lone mercenary. At first she is afraid, fearing he will kill or capture her as the soldiers did with her kin, but as lady luck would have it, the mercenary belonged to a minority among humans that did not necessarily held a grudge against her kind.

Captivated by her beauty and innocence, the young man swears to protect the elven princess and to return her to her people. Romance blooms between the two not long after, creating a seemingly impossible relationship. This is the tale of their journey and their love.

The King's Power

A trade. Give something, get something in return. That was how the Scarlet Witch's magic worked. It was not known to many that this trade was within her capabilities, as she was more comonly reveared for her wisdom, magical prowess and eternal youth. One day the king and queen of a prospering kingdom come to make use of her services. Their land is threatened to be town from their grasps, powerful and rich noblemen conspiring against them with the help of a neighbouring country. Their soldiers are outnumbered six to one and they are cornered from all sides.

In their desperation they have come to make a deal with the Scarlet Witch, to change the fabric of time and space to make it so that they noblemen never rise against them and the peace persists as it had done before. However, to ask for something that affects the lives of so many asks for an equally large price; the firstborn child of the royal pair.

The deal is made, history altered according to the king and queen's wishes. Their kingdom lives in peace, but the prince is forgotten by all but his parents and the Scarlet Witch, who now raises the infant child to serve as her personal butler and assistant. Years pass without any troublesome events. The prince grows to become a strong and loyal young man who serves the Scarlet Witch to the best of his ability, though oblivious to his true heritage. The pair lives in a spacious mansion atop a hill overlooking a small rural town, which more or less grew into existence after the Scarlet Witch moved there several hundred years ago.

After turning twenty-three, the prince's life takes a more eventfull turn as a descendant of the Scarlet Witch's sister comes to live them, becoming his mistress' first apprentice in over two hundred years. A young girl of only seventeen years, she easily stirs his emotions in a way he had never realized they could. As they live together, the young pair become more familiar with each other, eventually leading to a romance blossoming between them.

Little do they know though, how intertwined their fates truly are.

The Last Line of Defence

A Medieval/Fantasy tale. A town located deep inside a thick forrest is under constant attack of werewolves. The king sends out a platoon of fifty knights to secure the town and wipe out the furry threat. Soon after the knights arrive a landslide comes along wipes away a great chunk of the main road, effectively cutting the town off from the outside world. The werewolves grow even more fierce in their attacks, and after two long weeks barely half of the platoon remains. The lieutenant is dead, leaving his leadership to an inexperienced sergeant. The villagers are in a similar situation, their mayor having been killed by the werewolves, leaving his barely of age daughter to take responsibility and cooperate with the knight to survive the next attack. Food and fresh water are becoming scarce, and moral is at an alltime low. Will they survive or fall to the beasts just beyond the town's walls?

Looking for someone to play the mayor's daughter. I haven't really fleshed out the plot yet beyond the idea above, but I want this to be a tale where two souls come together under dire circumstances.

A Lusty Demon Adventure

A pair of lust demons ascend to the realm of humans to feed off their lust and sexual energy     hence the name. They do so by using their demonic spells on their unsuspecting human prey, bringing man and woman together for unrestrained, lustful sex. Being a pair of powerful demons, they decide to have some fun with it, often putting polar opposites together or people who should not be together. As they observe and feed off the sexual energy of the humans, their presence invisible to mere mortals, the pair of demons cannot help but engage in hot, unrestrained sex with each other at the same time.

A story that is a bit more casual and sex orientated in nature. The idea is that we play a pair of lust demons that go out to feed off of human lust and sexual energy, putting unlikely pairs together for the fun of it and a good laugh. These pairings would be secondairy characters we'd be playing at the same time. We could make many pairings, from the cliche student and teacher, to the more forbidden father and daughter pairing; whatever tickles our/the demons' fancy. As they observe their victims having sex and feeding off the energy, they themselves also become aroused and they end up fucking each other at the same time. It's mainly to see how interesting it would be to play two sets or characters at the same time. It's a very broad idea with much room for suggestions and ideas.

Older Brother/Younger Sister
Knight/Mage [can be male knight and female mage or vice versa]
Master/Familiar [neko-girl, fox-girl, demon-girl, etc.]
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Re: Hati's House of Hypotheses [Plots & Cravings][M seeking F]
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2014, 07:26:51 PM »
Revamped the thread. More new ideas to follow soon.

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Re: Hati's House of Hypotheses [Plots & Cravings][M seeking F]
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Added The Wanderer and his Foxgirl Familiar.

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Re: Hati's House of Hypotheses [Plots & Cravings][M seeking F]
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Added Eye of the Beholder.

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Re: Hati's House of Hypotheses [Plots & Cravings][M seeking F]
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Added A Lusty Demon Adventure.

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Re: Hati's House of Hypotheses [Plots & Cravings][M seeking F]
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Added The Empress and the Dragon Knight.

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Re: Hati's House of Hypotheses [Plots & Cravings][M seeking F]
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Added a Conception II inspired idea.

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Re: Hati's House of Hypotheses [Plots & Cravings][M seeking F]
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Edited the RBWY-Themed idea a bit.

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Re: Hati's House of Hypotheses [Plots & Cravings][M seeking F]
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Added The Valiant Little Tailor and the Puss in Boots.

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Re: Hati's House of Hypotheses [Plots & Cravings][M seeking F]
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Just a little bump after more than a month.