Anyone interested that can write well?? (*Updated11/21)

Started by Kaienah, November 20, 2011, 11:45:18 PM

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Pyrokinesis- I want my character to be the one with the curse. It has pretty much ruined her life and now she lives alone on a big chunk of land that she has set up to provide for herself so she doesnt have to leave but every so often. Your character either stumbles onto her land for some reason of meets her in town and upon not seeing her again and all her personality stuff he decides that he is going to find this girl. Chaos of course happens and i dont know where it will go. It can be discussed.

Chamber Maid - King Henry (As in The Tudors King Henry) finds comfort in yet another one of the various women the whore king was known for taking even though he had spouses. Well. My character has been selected to work in the castle as one of the Queens personal ladies and when the king takes a liking to her it is everything she can muster to fight him off but it doesn't work .. after much persistence she either gives in or he takes it.. something along those lines. The end plot can be discussed as well.

Lost in the City - speaks for itself.

*Rapunzel.. Did you ever wonder what happened to Rapunzel? Why she was there? What went on up there in that tower? Was her captor really a woman? I often wonder who all went up into that tower and what she was like since she was all alone except for the company of one person when they came to see her and if that person came at night she would think it all a dream and the captor would never know. It is strange to me how much I want to play this story out to put a knowledge, even if it is false, to this fairy tale.. if it is even a fairy tale. Who knows.. this could be dark and twisted.. idk.. with some nice moments of course. Royally screwed or just not what the world expected. Hell. If Anne Rice could do it with sleeping beauty then we can play around.

PM me for details if you would like to write together.