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Author Topic: Re: Skyrim Adventure (Definitive plot in mind)  (Read 2071 times)

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Offline XanatosTopic starter

Re: Skyrim Adventure (Definitive plot in mind)
« on: November 20, 2011, 11:07:42 PM »
Mysterious Letter
        A black symbol of a Raven with downcast wings and green eyes is the only adornment upon the sealed parchment, placed upon the front side. It seems to be a seal, a symbol of an organization or faction.

Open Letter
   Greetings to my fellow kindred of the northern land. Ysmir's blessing be upon all who read and take up this letter as righteous.

   Hear me Nordic kin, Ulfric Stormcloak is a threat to the safety of the Empire and to Skyrim itself. He must be dealt with, but not in the fashion the Imperials deem. His demise must come swiftly and with the celerity of an arrow's flight.

   Why? Ulfric threatens to destabilize everything any Nord has lived, fought, and died for. One mustn't forget that freedom can come at too high a cost. Freedom can only be maintained when something remains with which to protect and or be protected by. The Imperials are fighting for their very survival only a fool cannot see this. They see Skyrim, and rightly so, as a source of power in their time of need. It was the Nord who allowed the Imperials the desperate victory they needed to end the war. For this very reason, they will fight bitterly to keep it or abandon it in hopelessness.

   To allow Ulfric to deprive the Imperials of Skyrim would leave them weak and open for the Thalmor to crush for good. Only a fool would prefer a Thalmor yoke to an Imperial yoke that is if the Thalmor even deem one worthy of living as a wretched slave.

   To this end, I call upon any Nord who is willing to see the truth, to join with me to save Skyrim. I have no official time for this action to fall as of yet, but rest assured it shall happen if not by my own hands and it shall happen soon. I shall not see Skyrim succumb to decimation.

   None shall contact me, for I shall find them instead. To ensure the safety of this cause, none shall know when I will commence my plan except those who I know to be loyal to me and the cause. Rest assured, I and those loyal to me, are watching and waiting for more brothers and sisters in the cause.

     signed, Valravn

The RP will start after both character (mine and yours) receive and read this letter. It will be a clear divergence from the civil war plot Skyrim has in the game. That much is clear as the letter indicates. I don't have every detail planned out, but I do have a fairly clear direction in how I want my divergent storyline to go. I don't want to give everything away in this post. Partly for curiosities sake and partly because I still have a lot of holes and wish to have a fellow player help fill them (although I will slowly fill them myself if no players bite over time).

I would like the characters to join this different, mysterious faction. That means no Stormcloak and no Imperial sympathizers, though by virtue of Ulfric being the big bad guy, the Imperials will be indirect allies (more unwittingly so). The whole story will not focus on the task of killing Ulfric. The story will progress past it and deal with the events wrought by his removal.

I would like both the PC's to be Dragonborn, just so one of us doesn't feel left out. The relationship between characters can be sister x sister, brother x brother, brother x sister, married, or just good friends (there will be no incest). I am not interested in forming a new relationship between PC's and probably not between PC/NPC; I want pre-existing relations that can be elaborated upon in the game. If sex happens, it will between a married couple or just our two characters doing it with NPC's between adventuring/storyline. I'm trying something different here as far as relationships/character types go.

I plan on having some NPC's joining up with us to make it a more "realistic" romp through Skyrim. If you just want it to be us too, I might be convinced. Just know that I do like adding NPC's to create more interaction possibilities; I can just skip making a bigger party.

As for PC's, I will be playing a Nord. As for the character my partner plays, its up to the partner. Despite what the letter implies, I plan on having the mysterious faction recruiting other races besides Nord (though mostly Nord). I would heavily prefer no Khajiit or Argonian as my partners PC, however. Sorry, I'm just not into those kinds of races. Especially for sex/relationships.

I don't really need too see character backgrounds, but by all means do so if you like. I'm generally pretty bad at it because I prefer to let my character develop in the RP instead of trying to nail him/her down with a background; so I don't feel my partner needs to do so either, unless they want too. I would like to see personality/appearance/age/name/etc info, however. I want to know how your char will behave before we progress. It will help with storyline, interactions, etc. I will do the same, of course for my character.

I'll hold off putting mine up so he/she can be sculpted more to fit with whatever my partner comes up with. That way more flexibility is allowed.

For those curious about the word Valravn, if anyone even recognizes it as something, I have what the word means. Even though its Danish, its still related to the Norse, if even loosely. I just like the name and meaning anyways.

["Valravn" means "raven of the slain" in Danish. In Danish folklore, the valravn is a supernatural raven created when a raven had eaten part of the body of a knight or noblemen killed on the battlefield.]

My Character Pics (Male or Female)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Please tell me if pics aren't working. I'll have to try and upload (somewhere) if they don't show. Thanks.

A Partner I would like to see:
-Someone who has a grasp of writing the English language. I enjoy reading well written posts.
-Someone whose O/O's are at least partially compatible with mine.
-Someone who can at least post two-three times a week. If I can't post at least that much, I lose interest/inspiration. Its frustrating having to wait long periods (I can do it, but I greatly prefer not too). Able to post more per day is a plus.
-Someone who does not mind brainstorming some or lots. It takes me too long to come up with ideas on my own. When I can brainstorm with a partner, ideas come faster (generally).

PMing me or responding in this thread is fine by me.
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Offline XanatosTopic starter

Re: Skyrim Adventure
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2011, 09:37:50 PM »
Made some edits/clarifications. Added some character pictures to maybe inspire?

Offline XanatosTopic starter

Re: Skyrim Adventure (Definitive plot in mind)
« Reply #2 on: November 28, 2011, 11:15:01 PM »
-Added in an RP element to entice a potential partner.
-Added in a definitive direction for the plot (albeit incomplete in how it shall fully develop).

Offline Diingo

Re: Skyrim Adventure (Definitive plot in mind)
« Reply #3 on: November 29, 2011, 01:09:29 AM »
Could very well be interested. I could play both genders, although I'm more comfortable with male. You looking for a female RPer or anything goes?