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Author Topic: Ideas still in thier infancy  (Read 1041 times)

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Ideas still in thier infancy
« on: January 09, 2008, 08:04:19 PM »
Okay so have some idea...well because I don't see many of these and song got be a bit inspired. Actucally a few have in a mood to develop the ideas spawn from them as far as I can. I may need some help but...first let me get started.

Pappercuts-I am going to link the video has it better explains what I might want to do with this game. As I see it we have this newly formed group, anykind it doesn't matter, that is the brainchild of a character much like the man we see in Pappercuts. As fame sets it, he is reminded of the one he lost in pursuit of his's lonely at the top after all. (The details of the break are unclear to me right now) Maybe he wishes he could turn back time. and begins to obsess over the one that got away. (Maybe these feelings are brought up by seeing her at one of the groups concerts or something) He wants her back and fame clearly isn't a factor to her. His obsession continues and seems to only deepen as thier fame raises. Can the group keep his obsession from destroying him and the band in the process?

Other -In my plot, our hermaphrodite character was in a relationship with a boy she cared about. Her seventenith, and he was it to be that special day; that day a woman marks in her memory and loses something never to be regain. Feeling as if she loves him, not pressured at all, she wants to go through with it; she's almost eagar for. But if she is to do this, it must be done right, he has to know. The truth she's old shared with Iyna the one friend who wasn't frightened by the 'abnormality' even at a young age. And she wants him to know because it won't change anything, besides no matter what she came out as now she is a woman--his woman.

Telling she thought, was the right thing to do. To find out later might cause him to hate her. When she told him, she thought he would tell her that it wouldn't matter. Instead the knowledge angered him, this boy, who was not yet a man by any standards. He wanted nothing to do with "IT". To him she wasn't a her anymore, an it something he didn't want any part of. The love she thought she felt, what she thought he had for her, crashed like tiny glass [insert small animal] charm he had given her for her special day when he threw it out of his car.

And when she limps back home, Inya sees her. This was girl, best friend, and neighbor. No one should cry on thier birthday, clear her boyfriend had ruined her special day. She needs to do something, make her smile again. Her parents were out of town, a party might be just the thing.

At the party the friends get more than a smiget drunk and have one night stand. Inya and her friend enjoyed thier little escapade, so much so either wants it to just be a distant memory. The elect to continue thier, no excursions. And that's the problem, Inya does want to continue sleeping with best friend, but she doesn't think it anymore than a casual string of flings. Her friend, having until now brushed off the minor attraction she felt for Inya, felt like her feelings were validated by thier act.

Viva La White Girl-(The lead singer of Gym Class Heroes assures us that this song is not about his own coke use, as ADD and Cocaine don't mix). But this song speaks to the music industry and drug use connection. (All the Lead insist the song is about the love music. I was listening to the song, and the nature of it sound more like he is giving instruction on what to do after becoming famous. I was thinking young naive Starlet getting discovered by a seasoned vet of the industry, half falling in love and taking his advice for good or worst

I have other plots but I must go flesh them out and find my comp book.

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Re: Ideas still in thier infancy
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2008, 08:21:19 PM »
And people wonder why I am generally so quiet 'round here? I am just glad the summaries came out so well.