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May 23, 2018, 12:15:00 PM

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Author Topic: Kidnapping The House of Heather Ellison needs slaves and trainers.  (Read 545 times)

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Not too long ago a group of college girl, were invited to come to a nice little island on a week's holiday. But when they arrived they were tied up and carried into an old looking house. They were taken by specialised trainers who break the girls and sell them into the slave trade trafficked to the ultra rich. But that's not where it ends,
Heather Ellison was the most frightening and psychopathic of the trainers and she's going independant, taking her latest victims and her personal slave she's decided to do it herself.
She's still working on her own project but she needs a few trainers of her own. She's not as well funded or as subtle.
With her crew she abducts girls and trains them to be the best submissive slaves for the black market.

Basically I'm trying to relaunch the Kidnapping RP with a new setting and characters
I need 3 slaves and 2 new trainers for this game to compliment the current trainer and slaves.
Existing characters.

Name : Heather Ellisson
Player: Krakenknight
Age : 27
Sex : Female
Sexual Preference : Bi is putting it mildly Heather is intensely sexual
Role of the game : Trainer
Bio : Heather is a twisted woman even by the standards of the slave trading underworld, if its depraved Heather has done it, if its manipulative, Heather has done it to someone else. Heather loves to use pain and humiliation to turn people into lumps of putty and then uses them as she wishes.
Heather had once been a free spirit but had gotten into human trafficking through some shady friends after she had broken a pair of girl scouts just for kicks.
She’s worked all sorts of things but before she joined this operation she had been a successful brothel manager, even the pimps were scared of her and it was here she became fond of her fetish police outfit.
When Elizabeth approached her a year ago Heather had jumped at the opportunity to work in the same field she already played for fun.
On's and off : Heather had been a sexual monster from puberty and has few depths she won’t sink to in order to break someone’s will. She loves dehumanising people but draws the line at any kind of fluids as she thinks sex should be pleasurable and its never pleasurable to be eaten by someone covered in Faeces.


Name : Cynthia "Sin" Ellisson
Player: Krakenknight
Age : 30
Sex : Female
Sexual Preference : Bi but she has intimacy issues
Role of the game : Heather's personal slave and co-trainer
Bio : Sin is Heather's adopted sister, 5 years of training has scarred her body beyond recognition. She wasn't quite right in her dressing, like a doll owned by a five year old, She has short black hair cut in a chinese bob, an elfin delicate face and tiny frame, but her breasts are huge and obviously fake, no woman has cleavage like that. Her clothes are cut to show too much flesh and her shorts are tight and short, she's been trained to serve her sister's whims, but still tries to help her sister slaves get used to submitting
On's and off : Sin is a victim, but only Heather tells her what to do.

Name: Amy Lawrence
Player: Sarah Morgan
Age:  20
Sex: Female.
Sexual Preference:  She considers herself to be straight, but as a player I don't mind her being involved with women, and who knows but that she might like it.  For all she knows though, she's straight.
Role of the game: Slave girl.
Bio:  Amy grew up as the youngest child of two, her sister Elizabeth being three years older.  Their parents divorced when the girls were four and seven, but even at a younger age, Amy knew they had problems, even though she wasn't old enough to understand them.  She and her sister were passed around from relative to relative, when it was found out their mom had issues with drugs, and eventually an aunt and uncle adopted them.

Even then, Amy was always the potimistic one, always willing to give their mom another chance to do right by them, and always more hurt than Elizabeth when she ended up not being there for them as they grew up.  Elizabeth was the more cynical one, although she didn't go so far as to let her mom's problems affect her.  Neither she nor Amy ever got into drugs themselves, like a lot of kids would have, and Amy especially was a good student, concentrating on making her aunt and uncle proud by getting good grades, while Elizabeth took the more popular route of cheerleader, although her grades were still decent.

After high school, Amy went on to college to major in social work, wanting to help kids who had problems like she and her sister had had.  She knows it won't be an easy job, and she's worried about becoming too attached to the kids she might work with, but she knows it's something she has to do.  She's proud of her sister, who's married and has a little girl, and is looking forward to this trip, having some fun before she has to go for an internship, to see if she'll be able to handle working with kids.

On's and off:  Pretty much anything for ons, although Amy's experience is limited, so she doesn't know a lot beyond the basics.  As for offs, no death, obviously, no bathroom play or mutilation, and nothing that would cause serious injury.  Anything else I'm not thinking of that someone wants to try, do me a favor and ask first, so that things don't get awkward.