~*Want to play Blondy?*~ (M/M Bondage, NonCon, extreme and love?)

Started by shii, November 17, 2011, 10:52:16 PM

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I like to play dominant roles most of the time but I have really wanting to play my very submissive male character Blackwood, lately. What I would really like is a story with rape and bondage involved, though I might have to settle for Non-Con as most people are not up for that sort of thing. But, I do have a story that might be fun to play...

This takes place in a futuristic/fantasy world that is ruled by an entity called Jupiter. I say entity because Jupiter is part machine, part something else and some view Jupiter as a god because he rules all of man kind. Jupiter has separated humans based on there hair color. Blondes are at the top of the ladder. They have been bread by Jupiter to be stronger, faster and more protected from decease than the other types of hair color. All other hair colors are below the Blondies creating two classes, upper and lower. The lower class are often made to be slaves of the upper class. They even have there own breeding program for slaves called the BTBS. A Blondie can special order a slave and sense the BTBS have over thousands to chose from they can get a Blondie whatever tickles there fancy. However this is not cheep and there might be politics involved.

Jupiter has few rules for his chosen Blondies but one of them is they may not breed with the low class or have a partner or spouse of the lower class. Of course slaves are another matter, considered mostly by Jupiter and others to be play things to be cast aside when one grows bored.

Your character will be a privileged and favorite Blondie of Jupiters. He will have a very high status even in the upper class. What he dose is up to you, Blondies don't have to do anything as they are fully taken care of by Jupiter. However your character has made enemies with some powerful people and they want him out of the way to grease there own wheels to power, prestige and hopefully, become a new favorite to Jupiter.

My character would be a bread slave that harbors a deadly mission, to find out everything there is to know about your character from business deals legit or shady, political alliances, friends and even personal characteristics, and report it to his enemies, then kill him. My character will be exactly what your character wants and desires. My character will fear the touch of another and loathe anything to do with sex, all too happy to kill in order to be set free, as would be the bargain. All seems to be going according to plan until my character suddenly sees everything he will ever want or need in your character and falls deeply, passionately, helplessly in love with your controlling, firm, uncompromisingly dominant, passionate character. Entangled in a web of power, corruption, lies and deceit how will Blackwood (my character) find the courage to tell the one person who ever gave him love the truth? How will they escape the deadly plot when the others realize there secret weapon has switched sides?

Ok that's about it. Just PM me if your interested.


Shii i think i got this one. Where would you like me to make the post, and i will give Blackwood a run for his money ;)


Lol! I think in the extreme solos would be fun to do. I was thinking of you when I made this ya know. lol!