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Started by seeker619, November 17, 2011, 09:26:01 PM

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Hello and thanks for taking the time to read this.  Please feel free to send any of your own ideas if this one doesn't suit you and you are still waiting to try a RP of your own.

This story centers around the fact that a meteor is confirmed to be headed for earth and will destroy almost all human life.  There will be two or three characters each of us would play as the plot involves a newlywed couple, a young man of about 17 who only had sex once in his life and doesn't want to die without ever having sex again, a young woman who has been locked in her house for the last year due to agoraphobia(a fear of open places which often keeps people house bound.)  And a beautiful yet hopelessly addicted homeless heroin addict, and a wealthy man who never thought he needed anything but money to make him happy. 

It could be a group RP but I often enjoy taking on multiple characters in a RP so if you are interested that would seemingly be required.  These are just a few TYPES of characters I have come up with and they can easily be changed.  I chose them because I thought they each had something to teach each other yet bonding and sex become central as each character is set on experiencing this to it's fullest trying out every type and position they can think of.

Does the meteor really hit and if it doesn't what happens to the characters.  If it does do all of humanity perish?  What do each of them learn from the other?