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Author Topic: A few of Kag's idea/plots F seeking Dom. M  (Read 439 times)

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Offline KagTopic starter

A few of Kag's idea/plots F seeking Dom. M
« on: November 17, 2011, 05:23:50 PM »
Hello I will start with introducing myself and tell you a little about myself. I am Kag, I am not new to role playing, I just probably don't have as much experience as you probably might, so if I get confused about something I apologize ahead of time, but I catch onto things pretty quickly. I am what I consider literate, I have great grammar, can write as much as you write. Though I prefer it to be at least a paragraph or more, though I understand if your muse is failing or something, but I don't want a habit of one liners, please.

I am a pretty easy going person when it comes to my role plays I will try just about anything once before officially saying yes or no to something.
I do have an on and off's list but right now I am being kind of lazy but I will add it in here later, for now my biggest no's are. Vore and Scat, other than that I am open to anything.

What I am looking for in a role play partner, usually changes with each plot/idea, but for the most part:

I would like it if you would post at least once a week, I understand that other do have lives, but if you going to be gone longer than a week please warn me, or I feel like I've failed to keep my partner interested in the role play.

I love twists and turns in the role play, if you have an idea go for it!

Also smut, I love smut, but there has to be a plot cant all be hot smexy sense, but much as I like them the role play tends to die faster. Gotta be a tease.

If you find anything you like, please tell me which one you like, and things you will NOT do. And anything you might want to add, if you want to add anything. I am sub and switch, its rare that I play dom, I just really suck at it.

Now for the good part my plots and ideas:

Master Demon/Demon girl:

Okay so in the demon realm once a demon male or female, once 18 years old with be assigned to a Master Demon, kind of like the captain, but more powerful, depending on their abilities they have shown through out school years. Since once they turn 18 they start to develop their more magical strength, and they want them to develop them properly. Usually they are sent with a family, but some families don't have people in the Mastery level or the child is an orphan, they are sent with someone that is at a Master level that portrays they same liking and abilities.

MC, has portrayed many different abilities, and has already taken down her first victim, not easily and by for survival at the time. Most people fear her rather than be-friend her. She is orphan, from her parent 'gang' killing, as so the government thinks. She's been really cold and cut off towards anyone who tries to get close. Which is very rare for demon women, who are more, girly, and are more sex driven in there demonic acts.

YC, can be whatever you choose, but for some reason or another is the best demon in the realm, your abilities you come with, but because you are the best they want you to shape MC's abilities to be able to be just as good as yours.

I would like this role play have fight scenes, which is something I am new two but I have a friend that has helped get ready for. This roleplay I think we'll both be playing minor character at one point or another, not all the time though.

Master/Enemies Slave: 

Slavery is normal, but the way a slave is treated has started a war, some say that they are nothing and should be treated as such. And other's think that slaves should be care for and treated as pets, they need daily needs. MC, is a slave from the slaves are nothing side, since she really didn't have any say who her master was. One day, once she had already been forgotten and thrown out her master's enemy, YC, find her curled up on his front porch, trying to avoid the rain weak and hurt. What will YC do?

This one is pretty open for anything, but this one is more drama than a fight scene type role play. We may need to play other minor character's but nothing to much, this might have more smut than any of my other role plays, but we still need to have plotting going as well.

(More to come o.~)
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