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May 21, 2018, 12:16:39 PM

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Author Topic: Evil villain seeks henchwoman to assist him in his sinister plans! (M for F/TG)  (Read 562 times)

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Offline Ron Don VolanteTopic starter

Okay I wanted to end the title with "Non-smoker preferred" but I didn't have room!

Anyway, I'm new to the forum and this is one of my first posts as an approved member. I should tell you that I'm very interested in playing powerful, wealthy, and rather devious men who are either straddling the border between regular villainy and cartoonish super villainy or well into super villainy territory. The broad strokes are that said villain is quite interested in a female (or TG) assistant to help him with all his villainous deeds. This would include any number of things depending on the scenario (modern, high fantasy, cyberpunk, or super hero). Of course he would also be glad to take on a "plaything" if you're more interested in that sort of role. I'm up for either forum, IRC, PM or whatever you like. Here are the different characters

Modern Day

A rather corrupt and evil COO of a major financial institution is interested in a young employee he manages to spot by chance. By reviewing her time in the company he discovers her vicious backstabbing, powerplays, teasing of co-workers, and general manipulation and lack of morals. He "bumps into her" and speaks with her personally carefuly asking the right questions to see how well and how easily she lies to cover up her misdeeds. After all, that will be a critical skill for her.

Cyberpunk Started!

In the near future, Universal Omnitech is the world's leading bio and cyberware manufacturing and research company. Their research has lead them to design "skillwires" a revolutionary cyberware that allows users to download skills making anyone able to become an excellent office worker, factory worker, pilot, driver etc. It has the potential to revolutionize mankind except that it can not currently be installed in 99.9% of people since their nervous system is too fragile to sustain it. When he discovers that one of his own workers, a young woman in a lowly entry level position, does have a neurological system that can withstand the implant, he decides to call her up to the office and make her an offer she can't refuse. Of course it's  only after the surgery does she realize what he's planned: turning her into a deadly assassin and interrogator and the "biosculpting" of her into a barbie-doll like figure he added in is an obvious sign that killing and torture won't be her only duties either.

High Fantasy

In the Free Kingdoms, the dark gods rule and between the many factions, backstabbing, treachery, and deadly assassinations and wars are the order of the day. Sitting above the fray is Aran Lokhart, a powerful and utterly ruthless wizard having quietly built up his personal power while staying aloof from the many conflicts. Desiring a perfectly loyal and obedient soldier he embarks on a long term plan.Using his great powers he captures a nymph and summons an Incubi to impregnate the poor creature. After the nymph gives birth to a blasphemous half-nymph half-fiend baby, he sells her off into slavery and raises the baby as his own adopted daughter. Now the child has grown to physical and mental maturity and is ready to embark on her adopted father's ultimate goals for her...

(still looking for a good picture)

A powerful and heartless Duke has managed to seize control of the land from his father, usurping his lawful authority and subjecting the people to his harsh rule. A total libertine he has banished his poor wife to a minor mansion while he reserves the massive palace to himself and his many many mistresses. As it so happens he has seven such mistresses and, coincidentally, there are seven days of the week and seven sins! A creative and wealthy libertine, he molds each of his mistresses to represent a different sin that he can help them indulge in every day of the week. Heavily inspired by this stunning gallery, this requires someone who's willing to play multiple characters (seven to be exact),  with a fair bit of rp experience, and someone interested in playing rather evil/spoiled characters.

Again, these are broad strokes and I have many many details in mind but love to hear twists and turns that other people may have for the stories! Hope to hear from you folks soon!

*Edited so I could spin off another thread involving pure submissive females
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Offline Ron Don VolanteTopic starter

(bump b/c of 2 month hiatus :( )