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Author Topic: The Lands of Averonia [Seeking Councilmen/women and other kingdoms!]  (Read 8465 times)

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Offline KarasuTopic starter

Calling those that like playing anthros, evil creatures or even humans or magic users! I've spent 2+ years making this world and there's still so much that needs to be done! I seek writers for Off forum or forum play of this world, so I bring to you my  work in progress, The Lands of Averonia!

For all of you interested, I do require creativity when making a character, sex will be allowed but it is not vital to the plot at hand. Also! The one playing the Darkness will have a lot of duties for the RP as well as being my Co-GM so I am SERIOUSLY picky on who I choose for him.

We are now OPEN To play! Ladies and Gents, here are your lands, feel free to expand upon the meager opening I've provided. Magical lands Felonia Aviana Dogs of War Tei-kah Temple The Rymelands the Shadowlands

All the info I have thus far is on this site here v

Co GMs: Feel free to ask them small questions if you like or ask myself
Qt and Mycroft (Ironwolf85 is the GM of lore and helper to build the world)

Here's some background for you to read, but feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

In the Begining...
There were Five bands of wanderers, Nomads that journied the world, The Goddess and God, Luna and Solaris, brought them together for reasons that none living would ever know. Upon the site where they were brought together, The Great Temple was built. For a time things were peaceful, but as each band grew and grew, tension built between them. The Goddess and God then planted an idea in the minds of the Head Preists and Preistesses of each Band, They woudl become Kingdoms, and the Bears, the monk-like Bears, would serve as mediators for Negociations of peace. and such it was settled; there would four Kingdoms. From the North, the magical Dragonkin and repltiles reigned. From the East, came the Agile and graceful Felines. The South held the Flyers, ever peaceful and intellegent. the West belonged to the Dogs of War, Canines that specialized in the arts of war. The Goddess and God took the lands of their children, and gave it lift, rising it above the land, and a Sea grew in it's place. The kingdoms decided to call their new home, Averonia...

For One thousand years these four kingdoms reigned seperate. Each year, a representitive of each kingdom was sent to the Middle Lands, the home of the Monk-like Bears. Thier territory was declared a nuetral ground for negociations of peace and policy. for one thousand years it remained this way and peace reigned supreme. Such was The Way.

just below the floating lands of Averonia, the Humans were just starting to grow into a florishing empire of kingdoms. the humans were arrogant and foolhardy, Thinking they the supreme rulers of the lands. The waged war ont he other kingdoms around them. The Prey kingdoms fell hard and journied up to Averonia. Petitioning the kingdoms for help. Five heros took up the call and fought against the humans to protect the prey kingdoms. Little by little the prey kingdoms were integrated into Averonia.

As time wore on, the Heros prooved Victorious, but when they returned home they noticed that their kingdoms were in dissary. Civil Wars broke out in many of the kingdoms, save the flyers, but it was a tense time even there. The Heros then and there decided that a council would be formed. The Five Heros, Keirian, Baju-Lairei, Seirack, Nataji, and Tai-Kah, Set up a Council of Heros Upon the ruins of the very site where Their Ancestors had worshipped thier Goddess Luna and God Solaris.

Wanted and Needed players!
Most Important:
The Darkness: Evil Manipulative cruel (Note: As this is a very important character I will be pickier than hell about him)

Canine Councilman/woman- Headstrong, Confident, Militant type, cunning in the ways of battle and negociation (open) (must be a Silvermane
Feline Councilman/woman- Sweet, musical, jack of all arts (on the flipside this one is actually pretty cunning a negociator as well. (open)
Dragon Councilman/woman- Wise, adsorly type (brotherly to the Avian Heir, Karnai) (open)
Ursine Councilman/woman- Played by Qt
Avian Councilman/woman- Sasorin Shikitaama (Played by Karasu Temporarily, open for grabs)

Not as important:
Other residents of Averonia - (Varies, Player dependent) Helped out by Qt and possibly Mycroft
Shadowland Residents (Various evil creatures) - (open)

(Big note on this folks, I WILL be picky on the heirs as they MUST be active, at LEAST 2-4 times a week is preferred.)

Canine- Liulfr Silvermane played by Kevben Battleheart
Feline-  Kora-Anglaira played by XxDespairxX
Dragon-  (possibly played by  Vaulera)
Ursine Beta Monk - (open)
Avian heir- Karnai Shikitaama played by Karasu (open two more)

Other Lands:

Rymelands: Land of the Deer
Located: Beneath Averonia, bleak lands north of the Shadowlands

I'll be putting up a map to let everyone have a better look at the lands
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Offline KarasuTopic starter

Re: The Lands of Averonia [Seeking players!]
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2011, 08:10:12 am »
Character Sheet:

Rank (leave this blank unless you have a really good history for why you want a certain rank)
Nationality: (What kingdom are you from?)
Sexuality and preference:
Specialist Art/talent:
Appearance (With picture prefered, not essential):
Ons: (What will you allow towards your character or what's he/she/it into?)
Offs: (What will you not allow towards your character be it sexual or not)

NPCs! These are all free to play as you will with the exception of the Messenger Raven, Nakaru

Name: Nakaru
Age: 50
Race: Messenger Raven
Rank: Messenger class
Nationality: Unknown, Lives in Aviana with his master
Sexuality and preference:
Specialist Art/talent: N/A
Personality: Nakaru can be childish but he takes his job as a messenger seriously enough
Appearance: He looks like a feral raven, twice the size of normal as typical messengers are found to be. Around hsi neck is a silver raven on a lace collar showing his status withthe house of Shikitaama. If he shifts to his anthro form he looks about the size of an 8 year old Raven male.
History: Nakaru is a descendent of Phobos, one of Nataji's ravens. He is the personal messenger of Nataji's descentdent, Karnai.
Not Applicable for sexual contact.

Player: none
Name: Belladonna Shikitaama
Species: Raven
age: 58
residence: Averon, Avien District
Occupation: noblewoman.
Status: Married to Sasorin Shikitaama
Description: The Black Queen:~ Raven femme walked about naked for the most part, apart from that pure silk loin cloth she tended to wear. Femme had two forms, though remained looking that of a human for the most part. Pale skin seemed to shine in the sunlight, while black tribal markings covered her form from head to toe. Two very large black wings with a purple shimmer adorned her back between finely shaped shoulderbades. Wings however would drape over shoulders to cover those supple breasts. Long black hair falls between wings ad down her back, ending just above her bum. She was the perfect poison...

Player: none
Name: Rose Shikitaama
Appearence: no pic
Age: 19
Raven: Nakiri, Twin of Akirai and Daughter of Nakaru
Personality: Soft and sweet, this lovely Daughter of Alex and Karnai takes after Alex a lot more than she does Karnai, She is a soft spoken girl and a lot of things scare her, but she is very bright for her age and makes her parents oh so very Proud
Dual-colored wings would softly unfurl to reveal a beautiful, young woman of sixteen years old, long locks of dark blond hair braided to keep out of her pale face. Ice blue eyes seemed to pierce into view and her small form clothed in a very lovely silver kimono with ravens, blue moons and stars upon it, hailing from the household that she came from. Clawed, raven-like feet were clothing in nothing, not even a pair of sandals, jet black tailfeathers extending from her lower back end. Even if she was a lovely woman, she had a bit of a rather shy personality about her, the exact opposite of her twin brother, Damien Shikitaama.

Player: none
Name: Damion James Shikitaama
Age: 19
Personality: Harsh, Semi-cruel, respectful onyl to hsi mother and father (Alex and Karnai Shikitaama) a Prick sometimes especially to his Twin sister Rose
Raven: Amakiir the Swift, Son of Nakaru
Damien is a bit of a bastard at times, He teases his sister in a variety of ways, sexual teasings, Verbal insults, pulling her hair, Ruining her cooking, Sibling Rivalry at its Best. Damien would never hit his lovely sister however. Damien was the first  of Karnai's children to get into Pain and pleasure, His raven companion is named Akirai and that Raven is ever watchful of his master.

Player: none
Name: Karasu Shikitaama
Age: 16
Raven: Ankorah, Son of Nakaru
Description: WIP

Player: none
Name: Sasorin Shikitaama
Age: 56
Species: Raven (full blood)
Messenger: Kanaru, Descendent of Deimos
Social Status: nobleman
Title: Retired Councilmen
Homeland: Aviana, Averonia
Weakness: Shiny Objects
Other notes: Sasorin Does have a Feral Raven who is his Messenger to the high council in Averon. He fell in love with a human girl.. and such karnai was born half raven half human.. Sasorin has lovely indigo hair going to his shoulders in length, he wears reagal robes of blue and white, while he would love Karnai to wear similar he doesnt force him too except on formal events.. he loves his son to death and will not tolerate his pain.. Sasorin is quite the devious soul when trying to get his son wed to a girl. He disapproves highly of his son's bisexuality.
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Offline Qt

Re: The Lands of Averonia [Seeking players!]
« Reply #2 on: November 20, 2011, 07:25:32 pm »
Mhmmm, looks interesting. Considering playing a panda hehehe c:

Offline KarasuTopic starter

Re: The Lands of Averonia [Seeking players!]
« Reply #3 on: November 20, 2011, 07:26:33 pm »
awesome fill me out a Char sheet and your in ^^

Please people I really want to see what you all can come up with! humans ARE allowed!

Offline Kevben Battleheart

Re: The Lands of Averonia [Seeking players!]
« Reply #4 on: November 20, 2011, 09:22:45 pm »
Color me interested

Offline KarasuTopic starter

Re: The Lands of Averonia [Seeking players!]
« Reply #5 on: November 20, 2011, 09:23:23 pm »
sweet! any ideas on what ya might wanna play? Or any questions?

Offline Kevben Battleheart

Re: The Lands of Averonia [Seeking players!]
« Reply #6 on: November 20, 2011, 09:35:58 pm »
Probably one of the Dogs of War, and I do have a question. Are they a bit like the Worgens in Wow, as in appearance wise not the changing forms bit?

Offline KarasuTopic starter

Re: The Lands of Averonia [Seeking players!]
« Reply #7 on: November 20, 2011, 09:38:18 pm »
basically everyone in Averonia is an anthro, the Feral lands are an exception to this of course.

The Dogs of war are a heavy military/gladiator type of people, their leader and his family are anthro wolves, and yes i'd say they look a lot like the Worgen from WoW

Offline Angi

Re: The Lands of Averonia [Seeking players!]
« Reply #8 on: November 20, 2011, 10:02:55 pm »
I would love to join... working on the bio of a white tiger character right now... I would love to play a feline heir... but I get lost with twin characters (tried before)... so I will just apply without a rank for now, and hopefully we can discuss it later?

EDIT: While looking for a pic I found something TRULY horrifying
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Re: The Lands of Averonia [Seeking players!]
« Reply #9 on: November 20, 2011, 10:18:33 pm »
feel free to add me on IMs or send me a PM, for the Felines twisn are preferred, but I'll take a single ^^

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Re: The Lands of Averonia [Seeking players!]
« Reply #10 on: November 21, 2011, 01:12:46 pm »
For the record people when doing your character's history and personality you can use the following questions to help you out.


What speciality did he/she take?
How did he/she do in training?
What is his/her reactions to other species?
What do they think of Karnai in General?

What is his/her reactions to other species?
What does he/she think of Karnai in General?
What sort of magical training did he/she take?

What is his/her reactions to other species?
What do they think of Karnai in General?
Whereabouts does he/she spend most of his/her time?
Does he/she spend mroe time at the river? Gardania (The Garden lands)? The Great Lake? The City of Aviana?

If he/she is a Guard, then who does He/she Protect?

What is his/her reactions to other species?
What do they think of Karnai in General?
What school did he/she attend?
What Speciality of school did he/she attend?

What is his/her reactions to other species?
What do they think of Karnai in General?
Which Deity do they Worship? (Lunari or Solaris?)

Offline Angi

Re: The Lands of Averonia [Seeking players!]
« Reply #11 on: November 21, 2011, 01:37:43 pm »
Name: Kora-Anglaira
Age: 20
Race: White Tiger
Rank: Feline Council Heir
Nationality: Feline
Sexuality and preference: Bisexual, male preference
Specialist Art/talent: Dance
Personality: Kora-Anglaira is almost always smiling and looking for ways to get others to smile too. She a socializer and extremely outspoken as well. Her words have been known to get her into trouble more than once. A key flaw of hers is that, while she's not necessarily dumb, she can be very gullible at times. She is very good with other species, most of her friends being of other kingdoms or races. The only time she is ever found being rude towards another kingdom is during the few times she's ended up in a tiff  with canines. Noone but her knows the real reason behind this. She can be extremely flirtatious with both male and female, but more often then not she winds up with a male in the end.
History: Growing up as the feline heir was paradise for Anglaira, even with attending both the primary school for dance and it's sister school for sex. She skated through both schools on thin ice, choosing often to skip classes and explore instead. Even so, she managed to excel greatly in the school of dance, though that isn't to say she didn't do exceptionally well in the other trade as well. Always a socialite, she enjoys the perks that come along with her status, especially the events she has to attend. She is usually the one trying to steal the scene at any and every party she goes to. Being an only child, most would think she missed out on having a sibling around to annoy the crud out of her, but luckily for her at the age of 4 she had the pleasure of meeting the Avian heir, Karnai, who quickly fell into the empty role. As often as he visited, she grew to think of him as family, though that doesn't stop her from making fun of him every chance she gets. In all actuality, she would give her left paw for him, but she would never ever admit to such a thing unless it was truly necessary.
Ons: What she likes: Confidence, Giving oral sex, Snuggling, Teasing
     What I will allow: Anything and everything
Offs: What she hates: Wimps, Canines
      What I won't allow: Nothing really

Offline Jasongray

Re: The Lands of Averonia [Seeking players!]
« Reply #12 on: November 21, 2011, 01:45:10 pm »
i cannot copy past so sorry if something's missing.

Name: Jason-Gray 38 In legend he's known Corruption older legends call him the Grey-Lord

Age: He is old and wise mntaly but his body is cursed with imortality. an estimate of his age is 3,584 Y/O

Race: Human
Sexuality: Bisexual

Powers: Thou corruption used to b able to corrupt someones veary mind with a glare but a hero had taken him down by peircing his back with a magickle blade that drained her power to almost nothingness. he can still use his powers there just so weak now that he rarely douse so.

look's: he wears strait grey cloths nice and made of fine fabrics. he also wears a white robe with an open front the robe has black mist creepin up it like th white is fgting the darkness.

wepons: He has a large two handed blade that is compleatly white and blood turns black on the blade

Offline KarasuTopic starter

Re: The Lands of Averonia [Seeking players!]
« Reply #13 on: November 21, 2011, 01:48:53 pm »
And Here's Karnai!

Formal name: Karnai Synn Shikitaama
Informal name: Karnai
Title: (normally hates titles) Prince
Social rank: Noble, Heir to council (Prince)
Parents: Sasorin Shikitaama (Father), Karen Terinah (mother - dead), Belladonna Shikitaama (Step mother-estranged)
Date of birth: September 16th
Age (looks): 25
Age (actual): 35
Gender: male
Pet: Feral raven named Nakaru
Mate: The Raven's single!
+Husband: none
++Wife: none
Species: Human x Raven
Height: around 5'7"
Weight: porportional
Length (wings): 5 ft span on either side
Scars: just under his wings from where they retract and reveal
Tattoos: only if his wings are in his body they show as a tattoo on his back
Markings: none
Brands: -na-
Peircings: -na-

Hair: Raven black (mixed with feathers of black)
Eyes: Deep blue
Flesh: palish cream
Feathers: Raven black
Talons: about .5 inches long in Raven form
Scent: his human and raven form bear the scent of lilac and honeydew

Voice: charming voice, somewhat high range for a man
+Accent: french somewhat
++Languages spoken: French, Japanese, English (common)

Religion: Has yet to find a religion that makes sense to him.
Ethnicity: one could call him White
Nationality: Averonian
Orientation: Bisexual
Marital status: Single
Occupation: Councilman and Leader of the Avian District, Slave/slaver
Owns: See the page titled: Of the Servant

Overall personality: Karnai is a laid back kinda guy but is a little distrusting, and will only open himself to those that have gained his trust, it takes a little time, but if you push him he will push back or turn to flirting.
Notes/Extra: I AM seeking players for Karnai's father, step-mother, and siblings! Whisper for inquiries or check the Averonia site

Most usual clothing IC:

Blue Hakamas
silver (metal) tips on his wings
black talons (barefoot)

twin swords on his hip (razor sharp) named Phobos and Deimos (Heirloom)
Silver Raven and Blue Stone pendents
Silver Flute
Collars (Ranging from a Typical Black and Blue leather for Toys, Decorated leather for Servants, and Fine Silk Collars for the Pets (Head pet gets finely decorated one)
One Red Rose (Pinned right in the center of his pants where a Belt Buckle woudl go normally)

hey Jason good to see your interested here, I gotta ask where he'd be living? and can you explain how he is that old at al? For you I'd need a really detailed backstory for him, because honestly it looks rather bare.

Offline KarasuTopic starter

Re: The Lands of Averonia [Seeking players!]
« Reply #14 on: November 23, 2011, 10:35:38 am »
We're still looking for more players boys and girls!

Offline Mycroft

Re: The Lands of Averonia [Seeking players!]
« Reply #15 on: November 23, 2011, 01:08:36 pm »
Name: The Darkness, The Epicurean of Sins, The Teeth in the Shadows

True Name: Kalick Valmonte

Age: In his 1,300's

Race: Infernal (Lupine)

Nationality: Shadowland

Sexuality and preference: Bisexual

Specialist Art/talent: Scribe

Personality: An idealist blighted by age and experience, he enjoys spreading an insidious gospel of dark passions and whispered secrets. The Darkness has a boundless affection for all things, savoring the stories locked away in the darkest heart of the world.

In his youth, he was taught to love all, lamenting not the wicked person but rather their deeds. This philosophy is inherently flawed, he believes. The baser sins are mortality at its most honest. Even if the Gods will spurn you, there is a place in the Darkness for those who strayed too far from the edicts of simple morality. A creature of base wants and chaos, he represents a seductive existence free from guilt or restraint.

Purest satisfaction without regret. The Darkness welcomes those who welcomes it into themselves. Taste the pleasures of this mortal coil, great bloody bites of them. This is the gospel he lives by and preaches to those who will simply listen. When the injustice of a life lived well becomes too heavy a burden... live it unfettered.

Dangerously brilliant and terrifyingly patient, it can not be stressed enough that despite his mortal form and tendencies, there is something unfathomable and primordial.

Appearance (With picture preferred, not essential):


The offspring of a savage lupine tribe, Kalick took his mother's last breath with his first. Frail and with no wolf that would claim him, he was cast out to die in the traditional manner. Pitched from the western cliffs onto a mountain of the dead, the child proved hardier than expect. Perhaps something lurked in the open grave site of the warrior clan's unwanted that kept him alive. Or perhaps what kept him alive was within the whelp all along.

It was deeply seated in his heart and eyes when he crawled his way back to civilization almost a decade later. First sighted by the clan one ritual night when they cast out their unwanted, he was too eager for their flesh to wait at the bottom of the pit. It took four warrior priests to subdue the boy, his matted coat hiding spikes of bone and his strength unnatural.

Still considerably small for one of his clan, the boy was shackled pending the words of an elder. Before this could occur, the child released himself at his own discretion, killing and partially eating three guards. He must have passed through the more civilized lands of the beast, though there were no records of it. Found weak and wounded in the heartlands, the Ursine took the stray in.

An apt pupil of their language, the texts claim he discovered here his thirst for knowledge. He learned the pen, working amongst the monastic scribes of the Middle Realms. An avid student of all things, he devoured the treatises on philosophy, history and art. It was also in the middlelands that he was given his name, Kalick. The name is no longer used, and though it is now used to describe a lunacy involving cannibalism, its original meaning was "One Who Listens". The quiet boy went to great pains to avoid speaking, only breaking his silence when absolutely needed.

Though he had learned to hide his appetites, he indulged in them with the zeal of youth. Already his corruptive nature was in full effect, the Monks rediscovering pleasures forbidden at the tender hands of the teenage beast. Suspicion, jealousy, and other baser emotions began to surface, though never towards young Kalick. He was ever the perfect, ebony wolf, who excelled at whatever task tickled his interest. It was five years later that he would leave, once more graves lining the path, a series of horrible accidents claiming the lives of many over the course of his years in study.

Returning to his homeland, the charismatic beast raised an army of wardogs, the wolves rallying beneath his banner. Naturally suspicious of non-lupines, they were worked into a frenzy by his silver tongue. A master strategist and warrior of multiple forms, he lead a small force to victory after victory, accumulating like minded individuals with each victory. The true details are more horrible than the stories, and if it were not for the intervention of the Goddess and her champions, it is unlikely he would have stopped until all of the lands were dim with madness and smoke.

Ever patient, beyond his banishment, his army rested with him in the lands of ever dark, away from the eyes of the Goddess. Without the prying eyes of the light, their own desires have twisted his legion into things grotesque and wanton. The freak legion at his beck and call reside in the shadowlands, more inhuman and feral than in the time of legend. How the centuries have twisted Kalick remains a mystery, those poor few who have seen him unfettered, returned clutching only tiny fragments of their sanity.

Ons: Something of a dilettante, he indulges in all manner of pleasure, provided it is divergent. He is at heart a submissive, stealing his pleasure from indulging in the fantasies of others.

Offs: None


Offline KarasuTopic starter

Re: The Lands of Averonia [Seeking players!]
« Reply #16 on: November 23, 2011, 04:31:22 pm »
Woo Good work Mycroft ^^

Offline Vaulera

Re: The Lands of Averonia [Seeking players!]
« Reply #17 on: November 23, 2011, 07:24:36 pm »
I may very well be interested in playing as a reptilian, as to whether it is naga or other is debatable. Definitely interested.

Offline KarasuTopic starter

Re: The Lands of Averonia [Seeking players!]
« Reply #18 on: November 24, 2011, 09:09:49 am »
sweetness! feel free to ask my any questions you might about the kingdom for reptiles ^^

Offline Kevben Battleheart

Re: The Lands of Averonia [Seeking players!]
« Reply #19 on: November 24, 2011, 05:11:14 pm »
I do have another question while I work on the CS. Is there anything else you can say about the Canines? The site didn't have all that much info on them.

Offline KarasuTopic starter

Re: The Lands of Averonia [Seeking players!]
« Reply #20 on: November 24, 2011, 05:13:44 pm »
I did it taht way on purpose. You see Mycroft plays the Darkness who indeed came from the canine race so we'd all need to get together to discuss more ideas for them. As I said somewhere this whole thing really is a WIP, the world's not fully fleshed out yet and that's where the creativity of fellow players comes in.

Offline Qt

Re: The Lands of Averonia [Seeking players!]
« Reply #21 on: November 24, 2011, 05:53:23 pm »
Name: Near Brighten
Age: 87
Race: Panda
Rank: Head Monk
Nationality: Tei-kah Temple
Sexuality and preference: Heterosexual
Specialist Art/talent: Medication/healing
Personality: Calm and cool/ He rarely gets angry and believes in doing things the slow and thorough way.
Has some smugness but generally nice and accepting of other species, Relatively respectful of Karnai, Worships Solaris


History: Grew up normally in Tei-kah to a monk father and a Lunari priestess mother. His initial reaction when introduced to the temple was that it was a place he would love to live and serve in.

He had proven to be very efficient and admirable problem solving skills. He is without much ambition and his kind and loving attitude made friends easily His rise through the ranks was not fast but steady.

Despite his ideals and optimistic outlook he is very aware of the problems and struggles that plagues the world that he lives in. He had been known to make very cruel choices that in his opinion was for the greater good.

With the darkness becoming a growing issue and himself being the head monk therefore instantly shouldering the responsibility he currently seeks a way to naturalize it to bring peace to the lands.

Ons: cuddling, hugging, anal, oral
Offs: roughness, rape, violence

Offline Kevben Battleheart

Re: The Lands of Averonia [Seeking players!]
« Reply #22 on: November 24, 2011, 08:43:26 pm »
Name: Liulfr Silvermane

Age: 34

Race: Silver wolf

Rank: N/A

Nationality: Canines

Sexuality and preference: Heterosexual

Specialist Art/talent: Warrior/Ax's

Personality: His personality depends on the situation at hand. When sparring, fighting or at war he becomes more focused and disciplined. From leading his men in the front lines to just teaching a new recruit a new style or weapon, he attacks the task with a level head, a kind though sometimes stern touch, and with the zeal to see the task through to the end, whether that would be in victory or in bitter defeat.

When things are calm he goes into a bit of a sour mood. He's usually quiet then though is also quick to anger, snapping at the slightest provocation. He has a tendency to drink in this mood, and once drunk enough he'll seek any excuse for a fight now matter how ridiculous the reason will be, from a simple misunderstanding to an joke insult that was merely meant to cause laughs. Though this really happens since Liulfr tends to try and keep himself as busy as possible with anything war related.

Appearance (With picture prefered, not essential):

History: (WIP)

Ons: Is open to most things except for whats listed in the offs.
Offs: Scat, water sports, anything that belongs in the toilet, dismemberment, blood (ok with a little but thats it),

Offline DylanTheVillain

Re: The Lands of Averonia [Seeking players!]
« Reply #23 on: November 24, 2011, 11:51:21 pm »
I might be interested in playing a dragon heir. I just have a few questions myself. What is the main plot of the RP going to be? the fight against the darkness? the meeting (or re-meeting) of the heirs and councilmen/women? or some kind of mixture of all of these things?

Also what is the limit to magic, since I want to be a dragon I assume I havea more than the others but I was curious as to how much and what types of magic were available.

Offline Qt

Re: The Lands of Averonia [Seeking players!]
« Reply #24 on: November 25, 2011, 12:21:10 am »
Don't completely take my word for it but the main underlying plot is the conflict with the darkness, everything else about the world is open and really up to the players.

The heirs all knew each other and could organize meetings, but it'll probably be something to player does in game.

The limit on magic would be to the point where it wouldn't break the game, so probably nothing overly powerful and that'll make the game harder to manage and generally less fun for the players if too much magic is present.

Karasu has the final say on this though.