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Started by Winds Of Lust, November 16, 2011, 10:50:40 PM

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Winds Of Lust

Hello one and all, Winds has returned to play. I am currently looking to play SUB roles, after I have 2 or 3 I’ll start taking dom. I’ll post an update here when I feel ready to start taking dom roles.

Here is some basic Info for you. I am male, Bi sexual, so all are welcome In my den of lust.  For my role-playing standers; as of the moment, I’m am super busy with work and schooling, so I’m sorry if I can’t find time to reply every day, but trust me, with all the stress I’m under I need to blow off some steam now and then so I will be on often enough. I may disappear for a bit, but I will likely let you know when and for how long. NO ONE LINERS. I’m no grammar nazi, I’ll make my fair share of mistakes, especially given I’ll probable be replying late at night, I apologies in advance. But please give me at least 5 good lines to reply to. If you lose interest in the game PLEASE tell me so I don’t wait with baited breath for nothing.
I Only play Via Forms or PM I don’t do any IM games.

Okay now that I have the boring stuff out of the way here is what I’m looking for.

Kink and Fandom list at the Bottom of post

Here are the plots I’m currently craving to play ( more will be added later )

Yes Meh’ lady ( or Lord )

Plot in a nut shell
Young Princesses or Prince gets Magical control over his/her Knight Body guard, and does some very un-noble things with him.

Plot in Detail
A young Knight of great skill and renown has recently been given a job directly by the king. On paper this job is a great step up for the young knight, a job few are trusted with, putting him directly in the kings good graces. But to the Knight it just seems like a baby sitting job he bitterly must accept because the king asked it of him. Yes, you guessed it. The Knight is now the Personal Body guard of the kings Daughter(Or Son ). This job has many perks, you get to live in the life of luxury at the Princesses Royal Villa where she makes her home, but this is little comfort to the Warrior. As is custom, he goes though the process of being made a royal guard, and is given a magical branding on the side of his neck that is supposed to simple make him incapable of harming a member of the royal family, to be sure you’re not some kind of deep cover assassin. The knight leaves for the Villa to start his new job, but when his firsts meets his Princess/prince, it turns out she knows a little magic herself. Not long after he first arrives at the home of the princess she casts a quick spell altering the effect of the seal on his neck. Now not only can’t he hurt her(him), nor can he Disobey any command given. You see where it can go from there.

Lust beyond the grave.

Plot in a Nut shell
Ghost of a Bully character who had secret crush on Living character finds He/she is haunting Him/her, and takes advantage of this in great extent.

Plot in Detail
The school bully has a bit of a crush on cute but nerd-ish character. While the bully feels deep amounts of lust for the nerd, the bully like this bad to the bone reputation far to much to throw it away on some crush with a cute face. But the more the bully try to ignore the feeling the strong It gets; to help deal with it you start to pick ruthlessly on my character. All the while the nerd grows the fear bully while he/she just grows love him all the more. Then one summer the bully dies in a tragic sudden accident.  The bully wake up finding you haven’t passed to a heaven or a hell. He appears have become something of a poltergeist. A type of powerful ghost that is fueled by the desires it had while it was alive and can interact with the real world. As it turns out the bully desired the nerd character in any and every way. He/she suddenly find they are quite happy to be dead, now they don’t have to worry about any consequences for your actions. The bully  effectively began to ‘Haunt’ the nerd. Molesting him/her and teasing his/her body while being invisible to his eyes. As time passes you gain the power to make yourself visible to your obsession, and you force yourself on him whenever, where ever, and how ever you like. Eventually your lust softens to a deep passion for him and a twisted romance can form.

Taming the Master ( MxF MxM FxF FutaxM FutaxF Bondage, simi-noncon )

Plot in a net shell
An unbroken slave turns the tables on his/her weak willed master/mistress

Plot in Detail
The setting is a normal modern world, the only difference is the slavery is commonplace. My characters best friend, is leaving the country for a while and need someone to look after his slave while he's gone. My character is on the timid side, has nothing against slavery, just knew he didn't have the will to keep slaves in line and has never owned a slave. It takes a lot of convincing but eventually he agrees to watch after one of his friends newer slaves ( your character ) who hasn't been broken in and wouldn't do well on the trip overseas do to his lack of obedience. The slave comes over to live at my place while her master is away, and finds that I'm quite the pushover, not wanting to lose this opportunity, you begin to take advantage of my characters less than commanding nature and take control yourself ( Still remaining a "slave" but your simple in control, You say your "doing what I obviously want you to do, but are to shy to tell her to do )). think of it as if you suddenly got a maid with a uncontrollable lust, she'll clean your house but she'll fuck you raw whether you what her to or not.

I am rather fond of this idea, mostly because I like the humor of it, especially with the joke that at some point when the slaves rightful master gets back in a few weeks my character calls, overjoyed to get the horny, aggressive slave who his screwing him to the point of collapsing out of his house but it turns out his friend bought a new one while over sees and says he can keep her.

Bound for adventure

Plot In a Nut Shell
Two powerful warriors/wizards or a combination there of are magical linked to one another and have to find the one who did it or they will never have solitude again!

Plot In Detail
A hero, specifically a paladin of sorts, and a bounty hunter are after the same mark. A former mage of the of the royal family who went rough recently. The two have separately  found the mage’s hide out and over here a evil plot of that we can come up with as we set up the specifics of this rp, but for now lets go with the ever popular taking over the world. It’s at this time the both jump out to confront the mage, but the hero of light and the scourge of the underworld get in one another’s way and are two busy fighting with each other to capture the Mage. The mage knows if he kills either of these two there will be a serious man hunt put out by the Bounty hunters many partners and the full military of the kingdom. SO rather than killing them he casts a spell that binds the two together, they are not able to go more than 100 feet apart; not only that but they will be subjected to random and uncontrollable lust for one another. Compelled by duty they continue to follow the mage’s trail, trying their best to get along and keep a low profile, but once the lust kicks in…anything can happen.

What this game can include: Last time I played this game, the “evil” character was also a powerful mage, and used magic to alter my characters body, able to turn him female, or any number of exotic variants I liked this idea, but really in a High Fantasy setting the sky is the limit.

Demi Gods, monsters, and Quests! OH MY! ( Percy Jackson World based Game )

I am in the market for something that is a little out of my ordinary set, I am looking for something fandom related, and the fandom is the Percy Jackson series.

Well, not the Percy Jackson series really, but the universe. I want to play a story with original characters and plot set in the same world as Percy Jackson series. The characters would be fully grown, fully trained, adult demigods, or perhaps recent releases from camp half blood. ( though you can convince me to go younger if you like )

Now the character I have written in down for my own is a female character, but if you have hang ups with playing with a male acting the role of a female, then I can easily tweak Her to a Him. I just originally pictured this character as a girl, but it won’t hurt the plot or character much to have its gender changed. ( strange how a lot of my more serious characters are female….)
Their can be sex, in fact I expect there to be, those old myths are full of sex of a variety of kinds and I expect this play to be equally as fun, but I want this to be a well developed long term game. We can talk about levels of sex in the game later, but as far as I am concerned it could go any ware from vanilla stuff between out character to full on raped/gangbanged by monsters.

As for the plot, well I have a loose one in mind, but we can brain storm something else if you don’t like it.

Your character seeks out my character because he/she believe I am the only one that can help. Hephaestus, God of Fire and the Forge is the creator of all the gods weapons of power, but even the great god of craftsmanship can’t build Rome in a day, nor did he make these items of power in one try. There exists a great number of weapons that were prototypes of the gods most precious items. Rather than destroying the prototypes, as Hephaestus is a bit of a pack rat, he hid them around the world and placed fierce mechanical minions of his own design to guard his creations. Each of these weapons of near godly might, though not perfect, they are powerful beyond imagination. This has been a well kept secret, but lately they have been going missing, finding their way into monsters hands. Many young demigods are dying due to the new found advantage of the monsters, But Monsters alone couldn’t have found out about the weapons, much less acquire them, without the help of someone. The gods bicker and balm one another, but your character suspects a demigod is to blame. You seek out my character, a daughter ( or son) of Hephaestus, one of the most skilled in the ways of weapons working that the world as seen in years, hoping with my help, we can locate, retrieve, and destroy these weapons before they can be used to through the world into chaos and overturn the gods.

--------------NEW AND CRAVING ---------------


I have recently picked up the manga series Hunter x Hunter and I am quickly falling in love with the world. I would love to do a plot set in this massive and interesting setting. It could involve copious amounts of sex or none at all! I'll post a plot or character here later if I have an idea on it, but I would much rather discuss the plot idea with my partner.

Dragon Age

I've got a plot in mind, but I haven't finished writing it up yet or working out the kinks, so I'll simple say for now I would like to do a dragon age based game I've beating origins, I'm halfway though awakening, and I just started 2, so I know a good deal about the world. I would interested in working out a plot, but If you want to hear what I have in mind already feel free to ask.

Kinks of mine

Non-con <3
Humiliation <3
Foot worship <3
Kinky costumes
Hardcore sex <3
Power Play
Strong Women
Hermaphoditic (or Futa ) Doms on Male subs
Fem Doms on male Subs <3
Mind control
Furries or Exotic Races

Fandoms (Original Characters only )
(Side note: I have a lot more shows/games/series I like than this, so ask if you don’t see it down here and I’ll probable give it a shot. )
Fairy tail
Soul eater
Lost Girl
Game of Thrones
Ledged of Dragoon
One Piece
Buso Renkin


Hi there.
I'm new and I am interested in your roleplay with the Princess taking advantage of her bodyguard. But since I am new, I don't really know how to start all of this.
Hopefully we'll talk soon.
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