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Author Topic: Pogue's Story Ideas... M seeking F  (Read 4719 times)

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Pogue's Story Ideas... M seeking F
« on: November 16, 2011, 06:24:45 am »
Story Ideas:


Oh, Mother, tell me more... m/f, n/c?, romance?, bestiality?, fantasy

Inspired by the Pink Floyd song "Matilda Mother."  A young boy grows up with his mother reading him stories from a large book, the tales filled with magic and mystery, until one night his mother disappears.  Vanishes mysteriously.  Years later, the boy now grown to a young man picks up the book, reading it for the first time since his mother's disappearance, hoping to rekindle his fond memories of her.  What he didn't expect is to be sucked into the book, transported to the magical world his mother read to him as a child.  In this new, fantastical world he is reunited with his mother...  but how does that reunion go and how do they return to the real world?

The Reunion m/f, incest, n/c?, romance?, were-bestiality?

A brother and sister, estranged from each other for years, are reunited after the mysterious death of their parents.  He had left the family years ago, setting out on his own to hide what had happened to him, to deal with his curse.  Unbeknownst to his family he had been biten by a were-wolf and fought to contain the beast inside him.  He left to protect them, unsure if he'd be able to control himself if he ever turned into the beast around them.  Now, he's gotten the beast under control, has learned how to limit himself... that is until he sees his sister again.  The wolf doesn't want to attack her, to kill her... no, the animal inside him wants her as his mate. 

The Tramp Stamp or Mom's new tattoo m/F, Incest, Mind control?

Just had this thought inspired by an episode of Misfits.  An attractive older woman decides on a whim to get a tattoo, perhaps she's dared by her friends or she simply wants to do something daring.  She gets a tattoo, what is referred to in slang as a "tramp stamp" figuring she can hide it from everyone.  As the new ink dries, she begins to notice slight changes in her attitude, her habits changing slightly.  She's not the only one who notices, her son notices as well.  At first confused and then excited by the subtle changes in his mother, the son begins to push the boundaries of their relationship.  How far will he take it?  How will she react?  Will they ever figure out what is changing her?

A brave new world m/f, sci-fi, incest...

   It was supposed to be mankind's greatest achievement -- the complete transformation of a lifeless moon into a life sustaining paradise.  The terra forming had already begun and the first colony ship had departed Earth, carrying the first batch of settlers to the rapidly changing new world.  Unfortunately something happened, a tragedy that claimed the life of most of the passengers and crew, leaving only two people alive.

   Together, they manage to find a place to live, gathering supplies from the damaged transport ship.  They have enough supplies to live comfortably as long as they are careful of the ever changing, ever evolving world around them.  New animals and plant life seem to appear daily, the terra forming continuing as they try to settle into their new life.  The primal world isn't their biggest problem though...  Earth will be sending another transport ship in forty years and if there isn't a fully functioning colony awaiting them, many of the new settlers won't survive.  Unfortunately, there's no way the two of them can create the colony by themselves.  They'll need more help.

   There's only one solution... they'll have to mate and start populating the new civilization.  The only problem is that they are related, will they be able to put aside society's view of the taboo relationship to further mankind's exploration and settlement in space?

Back in my day (an idea inspired by Back to the Future)  M/F, incest?, time travel

What happens when a young man is somehow transported back in time (could be magic, a scientific experiment, anything but a souped up Delorean) and he meets one of his ancestors?  It could be his mother, grandmother, pretty much any woman from his family's past... is he freaked out by their attraction to him?  Or does he realize that he's got the perfect opportunity to indulge in some of his Oedipal fantasies with a younger version of his relative?  Looking to keep the time travel to the 20th century, 1900 forward... 

A new king and his queen

The king is dead, long live the king! Now that the burial is over, Roger La Plagenet finds himself sitting on the throne, the youngest son of a large family, hand picked over his older more qualified siblings to rule. On the first official day of his reign, the Lord Chamberlain, his former tutor, tells him that he must choose a queen. His betrothal must be official by the end of the day. Who does Roger choose? Some lovely but exotic beauty from another land or someone close, someone he's known all his life? Will Roger use his newly granted power, his will is now law, for the good of the kingdom or will he sink into a hedonistic orgy of pleasure.

While you were sleeping...  M/F, Incest, sleeping/NC

     Just had this idea and I'm not sure how it would play out as a thread but wanted to put it out there for anyone who might be interested.    The two main characters are related, either Mother/Son, Father/Daughter, or Brother/Sister and unbeknownst to one of them, the other has been taking advantage of them while they slept, slipping them a drug so that they can have their carnal fun without being caught.  One night, the drug doesn't work, perhaps they don't drink enough of the spiked beverage or they've just built up a tolerance.  Either way they are semi-awake for the nightly molestation and decides to turn the tables on their loving relative.  Really looking for this to be Mother/Son with the Mother being the one who starts off drugging him, but we can discuss.

Baby, it's cold outside   M/F, incest

A father, widowed and alone.  A daughter, newly divorced and trying to cope.  A unprecedented blizzard that traps them together for days without any other form of communication.  Will they discover something about themselves, about their relationship?  And how will they cope with this discovery?  (Looking more for a plot driven story here...  the build up and the definition of their relationship to each other rather than sex....)

Husband for Hire... Day or Night   M/F, Adultery, Romance?, Reluctance?

Amanda is happily married, although Henry, her husband, is away a lot of the time.  She needs help around the house to complete projects that she just can't do by herself so she asks a friend (or hires a handyman) to fill in for Henry around the house.  What she didn't expect was how many of Henry's "duties" her friend would be willing to take on. 

Are you lonesome tonight?   M/F, Adultery, Romance, Revenge?

Just had this plot flicker across my brain... Nathan Deville gets a text message/e-mail asking him if he's lonesome tonight, her husband is out of town.  It's obviously not meant for him but he recognizes the number/e-mail address it was sent from.  What does Nathan do now? Does he take her up on the offer?  Who sent him the message by mistake?  His best friend's wife? His boss? His own wife? 

What are we going to do about your husband?  What are we going to do about my wife? M/F, Adultery, Murder?

She knows I'm true,But what she don't know,Is I'm true to only you Inspired by another old country song, this idea is about two married people and their affair.  They're in love but not with their respective spouses.  What can they do if one or the other of their spouses refuses a divorce?  How far will they go to be together? Lots of drama and angst in this one... I promise you this,Though she wears my ring, You'll always wear my kiss

Misinterpreted Intentions

Seth has just moved into a new apartment/town/or job where he really doesn't know anyone except for Sally (his neighbor or coworker.)  Sally is only trying to be friendly, to help him get settled into his new place or job but Seth thinks she's interested in him personally despite the differences in their status (could be an age gap, marriage, whatever we come up with.)  What happens when Seth acts on his misinterpreted notions?  Will Sally set him straight or will she surrender to his amorous advances?

About last night... or What happens here, stays here M/F, adultery, reluctance?, drama

A man and a woman, (co-workers or boss/assistant), attend a trade show/training seminar at a large casino/resort.  Unbeknownst to her, the man has always had a thing for her, has always been friendly but would like it to be more.  She's older and married and has never really thought of him in any way but as a friend.  One night after a few too many drinks they end up back in her room and he finally admits his feelings for her.  What happens the next morning when they wake up in bed together?  What happens when the seminar is over and they have to return home?  Can they work together again, side by side, after what happened in the hotel room? 


Angel is a Centerfold M/F, blackmail, reluctance or NC to possible Consensual.

Just woke up with this song in my head and thought it would be an interesting role play.  A woman who was bit wild when she was younger has kept a secret from all who know her, no one would ever suspect her of having posed for a magazine like that... until one day he finds a copy, perhaps hidden in her attic or at some flea market.  She may be older but he still recognizes her in the magazine layout and wonders what she'd do to keep him from telling everyone about her youthful indiscretions.

Pictures of Lily M/F or m/F, blackmail, reluctance or NC

The photographs were just supposed to be for fun, he had promised never to show them to anyone else, so Lily was shocked and horrified to find a copy of one in her e-mail, sent from some anonymous person.  She deletes it but the next day another one arrives, each day another of the embarrassing photos appear in her e-mail until finally the mysterious sender asks "what will you do to get your photos back?"  What will Lily do?  Who has her photos and how did he get them?

Welcome to the neighborhood or Just being neighborly

When Henry and Alice move into their new house they find the couple next door, the Wilsons, to be friendly and welcoming.  What they don't suspect is that George and Martha Wilson have very specific plans for their new attractive neighbors. 
The Unwanted House Guest -
Sandy and Dan are a contented married couple, happy with their lives together when Ron arrives.  Ron is Dan's old college roommate and has been friends with him for years, all the time secretly lusting after Sandy.  Ron was supposed to only stay for a week, Dan and he planning several trips together just like the old days.  Only now, the day Ron is supposed to arrive Dan is called out of town on business leaving Sandy to entertain him.  Sandy has never really liked Ron, has always felt uncomfortable around him and now she is forced to spend a week with him.  A week that will change her life if Ron has his way...

She's Married to his Work   - Kelsey and John are a young married couple, early to mid thirties, and happy together... until John takes a new job.  Moving to a new town, Kelsey and John try to settle into the small community where every person seems to work for the corporation.  It really is a "Company town."  John dives into his new job, spending long hours at the office as he tries to make a good impression on his bosses.  Unbeknownst to him, he's already impressed them... by bringing Kelsey to town.  They want Kelsey and are willing to keep doling out promotions and bonuses to John in exchange for her.  John can either be ignorant of what is going on in this story or a reluctant accomplice. 

Covet Thy Neighbor's Wife... and Daughter
   Rob Simmons has lived next door to the Price family for years, nearly ten years have gone by since the day they moved in, and for all this time Rob has been thinking about Mrs. Price.  He was only a teenager when he watched the family move in, admiring the legs of the older woman in her jeans shorts as she carried boxes from the back of the U-Haul truck into the house.  He had barely paid any attention to the young girl who seemed to dog her mother's every step, mimicking her every move.  His attention had been fully captured by the attractive older woman...

   Now years later, Rob still finds himself sitting at his window watching the Price house as Mrs. Price comes home, only now he definitely pays her daughter the attention she desires.  The young ungainly girl having grown up into a near mirror image of her mother when she was young.  Rob has felt something growing deep inside him for years, something that he has tried to repress, something that  is inevitably rising to the surface now.  His desire to possess these attractive women is nearly overpowering, a compulsion that he is unable and unwilling to resist, as he watches Neal Price leave for a business trip.

The Devil's Plaything (based loosely on the Devil's Advocate)

   Charles and Kendra Reeves are a happy married couple, he's a successful attorney while Kendra sells real estate.  After a high profile trial, Charles is offered his dream job, that of junior partner at a prestigious law firm in New York City. While he settles into the routine of his job, Kendra becomes bored and disenchanted with city life... until Charles' boss comes to pay her a visit one afternoon. 

   The sex could be NC or consensual the first time but after that, Kendra slowly transforms from dutiful wife into the Devil's plaything.

Milf Money (a retelling of the movie Can't buy me love)

   Marianne McKenzie is a young wife and mother.  While her husband Ken is out of town, Marianne begins driving his prized antique Mercedes Benz without him knowing.  Unfortunately she is in a small accident, the car sustaining several thousands of dollars worth of damage.  Marianne is frantic to get the car repaired before Ken comes home but she doesn't have the money to pay the mechanic.  Seeing an opportunity, the mechanic makes a proposition.  She goes out to dinner with him and he'll deduct a portion of her bill.  It starts out innocent enough, slowly building up until Marianne has to decided exactly how far she's willing to go to pay off the repair bill.

Roadside Assistance  M/F, NC, kidnapping?, slavery?

Kimberly Daniels was on a long road trip, driving home after a business meeting.   Is it just her imagination or is that stranger watching her when she stops at a rest area to relieve herself?  Shrugging it off, she continues her trip only to have her car break down a few miles later.  What happens when the stranger stops to offer assistance?  Is he just a good Samaritan or does he have a darker purpose in stopping?  Did her car just happen to break down or did he sabotage it to get to meet her?[/i]

Other ideas

Is that You? M/F, m/F, N/C, reluctance, reincarnation, romance, murder?

When Brian Kent first saw her, he felt an almost physical pull, as if he knew she was what had been missing in his life, what would make him complete.  He didn't know her, had never seen her before but he knew in a moment of clarity, knowing with certainty that he couldn't explain that he needed her.  What happens as their previous life (lives) began to overlap with their current existence?  Will she accept him, love him, as she remembers the pain/disgrace of their previous lives?  What if he had killed her in a previous incarnation, how could she trust him now?

The Spire Academy

Inspired by the short lived television show Tower Prep but with a very adult twist to it.  Every student and faculty member of Spire Academy is different, they all have some unique gift, an ability unlike normal humans.  The goal at Spire Academy is to develop these abilities through training, very specialized training.  While some students could have normal gifts such as hyper reflexes or night vision, what if their powers were more sexual in nature?

(Looking for multiple characters and unique twists for this one.)

Rose in Paradise
I'd walk through hell on Sunday to keep my Rose in paradise  Based off of an old country song, I had this idea.  An elderly banker marries a young local beauty, giving her a life of luxury in his large house on the outskirts of town.  He dotes on her, giving her whatever she desires, lavishing her with gifts.  One of her favorite things is the large garden, filled with flowers, in the courtyard of the house.  The banker hires a gardener, a young man newly arrived in town to tend the plants for his wife.  Over time, he grows jealous, wondering if there is anything going on between the gardener and his young wife.  Then one stormy night, his wife disappears.  Some townsfolk say she ran away with the young gardener, others hint a more sinister fate for her.  Now there's a rose out in the garden... its beauty cuts just like a knife, They say that it even grows in the winter time and blooms in the dead of the night...
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Re: Pogue's Story Ideas... M seeking F
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Re: Pogue's Story Ideas... M seeking F
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Re: Pogue's Story Ideas... M seeking F
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Just had this thought, it's not 100% fleshed out yet but thought it might be interesting to write.

Her past is my future  

He is from the future but lives his life backwards in time, she is from the past and lives her life forwards in time.  They're lovers but how?  How did they meet, how does their unique situation effect them and those around them?  This is loosely based off of "Incarnations of Immortality" and could be written as a fan fiction or not... 

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Re: Pogue's Story Ideas... M seeking F
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Re: Pogue's Story Ideas... M seeking F
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Re: Pogue's Story Ideas... M seeking F
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Re: Pogue's Story Ideas... M seeking F
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Re: Pogue's Story Ideas... M seeking F
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Re: Pogue's Story Ideas... M seeking F
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Re: Pogue's Story Ideas... M seeking F
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Re: Pogue's Story Ideas... M seeking F
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Re: Pogue's Story Ideas... M seeking F
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Re: Pogue's Story Ideas... M seeking F
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Re: Pogue's Story Ideas... M seeking F
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Hello! I'm interested in your A New King and Queen Idea & Covent Thy Neighbor idea. I love them both!

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Re: Pogue's Story Ideas... M seeking F
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Re: Pogue's Story Ideas... M seeking F
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Re: Pogue's Story Ideas... M seeking F
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Re: Pogue's Story Ideas... M seeking F
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Re: Pogue's Story Ideas... M seeking F
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Re: Pogue's Story Ideas... M seeking F
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Re: Pogue's Story Ideas... M seeking F
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Re: Pogue's Story Ideas... M seeking F
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Back after a long time.... looking for new partners.

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Re: Pogue's Story Ideas... M seeking F
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Still looking for new writing partners.