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Author Topic: Murder Mystery Mansion (Game Thread) -- Niferbelle wins!  (Read 18337 times)

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Re: Murder Mystery Mansion (Game Thread)
« Reply #100 on: January 09, 2012, 11:51:26 PM »
The library seemed to be turning up as few clues as the rest of the room, not to mention the stacks of dusty books were giving his allergies hell.  The chef slipped from the room, hoping to find better clues elsewhere.  He traversed the mansion, eying those he passed until he reached the Master Bedroom.

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Re: Murder Mystery Mansion (Game Thread)
« Reply #101 on: January 10, 2012, 11:37:07 PM »
*BONG* The huge grandfather clock in the foyer rings out only once, signalling that it is one a.m.

Sergeant Teal heard the clock chime out, and glanced at his watch, to confirm that the time was indeed 1:00 AM.  He was starting to become a bit worried--he still had no leads, and there were only five hours left before they would have to evacuate the house and close it off.  Sighing, he stalked down the corridor to the Trophy Room once more.  There was something odd about that room, something he couldn't quite put his finger on.

All the various heads and stuffed deer stared glassily at him, the light glinting off their lifeless eyes, and he made his way through the room.  There was definitely something off-putting about their expressions, as if they blamed him personally for the fact that their owner's murderer was still at large. 

He wasn't watching where he was going, and tripped over something.  He looked back to see what it was, and groaned--it was an outstretched arm.  The outstretched arm, in fact, of Madame Mocha.   

The killer had struck again, and right under his nose.  Knowing that the Trophy Room was linked to the Master Bedroom as well as the Wine Cellar, he knew that the killer could have struck from any one of the three rooms.

Offline Niferbelle

Re: Murder Mystery Mansion (Game Thread)
« Reply #102 on: January 11, 2012, 09:26:14 PM »

Things were seeming to fall in place and Miss Brown felt her heart once again thrumming against her ribcage. A fleeting memory from earlier in the evening returned, something she'd thought inconsequential, and she dashed to the kitchen, more than a little out of breath by the time she burst in on Lady Lavender.

"Excellent idea," Miss Brown murmured, seeing that Lady Lavender was making a study of the cupboards. Miss Brown did the same but seemed to be looking at a specific one, after which her eyes widened in excitement. "I speak to Sergeant Teal!"

She turned to Lady Lavender. "Someone else should know what I suspect. I believe I know who is behind all this. I believe that Mr. Grey was killed here in the kitchen, with his own derringer, and that Chef Sage Green is the dastardly perpetrator!"

And with that she cried out for the detectives, hoping their arrival would be swift.
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Re: Murder Mystery Mansion (Game Thread)
« Reply #103 on: January 11, 2012, 11:27:05 PM »
"What's all the commotion?" shouted Sergeant Teal as he rushed into the kitchen, flanked by Detective Navy and a pair of other officers.   They listened quietly as Miss Brown explained her theory.  She pointed them to the roasting rack, where some deep grooves in the tile flooring indicated that it had been recently moved.  Between the able-bodied men, they were able to shove it aside: sure enough, there was a dark red splotch staining the black and white tiling. The murder had indeed taken place in the Kitchen.

Next, Miss Brown led them to the Trophy Room, where, tucked inside one of the garish display cases, they found the Derringer.  Examining the weapon closely, Teal found gunpowder residue on the barrel, and, opening the cylinder, discovered empty bullet shells--proof that the weapon had recently been fired.  They had the murder weapon.

Doubtless there were fingerprints upon the stock as well.  Carefully, Teal bagged the evidence.  All that remained, then, was to find their suspect -- Chef Sage Green

They found him in the Master Bedroom, talking to Major Mustard.  "Chef Sage Green," declared Teal, "you are under arrest." 

Major Mustard was shocked, but the Chef seemed anything but surprised.  His eyes darted left and right, seeking the nearest escape route.  With a mighty bellow, Sage Green sprinted for the exit--but was intercepted and tackled by Navy and the two officers.  Navy handcuffed his wrists together, and Sergeant Teal commenced to read the chef his rights.  He struggled and fought, but he was one man against four, and it wasn't long before he was manhandled down to the foyer.

Teal glanced around.  All of the guests had appeared at the noise, and watched as Sage Green was marched out of the mansion.  "Good work," he announced, "the murderer has been apprehended.  You are all free to go.  And very well done, Miss Brown; for you have solved the mystery of Mr. Grey's murder."