An unwilling or tricked mermaid roleplays

Started by playfullchick76, November 14, 2011, 08:38:35 AM

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I was roleplaying two, but, they've vanished. I hope to hear from them again soon, but until then, here are some fresher ideas.

One is where a merman sees me in trouble in the water, and turns me into a mermaid to keep his race alive.

Another is where a mermaid, perhaps cursed, has to talk someone into wishing to be a mermaid, then they're free and the unfortunate human takes her place as a mermaid.

Another one is where Im surgically altered to be a mermaid for some reclusive billionaire.

If they appeal to anyone, please let me know.


The first and third one sound like it can be fun.


Mmm, ok, lets do the third one. Tell me a bit about the billionaire that you have in mind to play, and the environment that I would be kept in. Im guessing his mansion would be ringed with water filled tunnels to give me access to any part of the mansion, perhaps even out to a lagoon or ocean, knowing that I would have to come back.