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Author Topic: This old idea again... Fun-sized Sexiness!  (Read 589 times)

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This old idea again... Fun-sized Sexiness!
« on: November 12, 2011, 12:57:05 AM »

The Gods have a strange sense of humor, it seems. Some people were born with a great destiny in mind for them. Adventurers who plunge into the depths of the hells themselves and battle Arch Demons. Clerics who attain such high standing with their Deity that they are elevated to the status of a demigod. Peasants who, through wit and might, become kings.

There is a halfling out there that is one of those chosen few, heir to a great legacy of heroes, the ones that bards tell stories about long after they have passed. But this destiny will not be won by her martial combat or her power over the magical energies of the universe... but through a simple indominitable mastery over the domain of all things sexual.

What I'm Looking For

A comedy. I want to laugh. The situation of being constantly at crotch-level is just too hilarious to let slide. :p

Lots and lots and lots of sex. Normally I'm more reserved about such things, preferring to let plot carry the lion's share of the game... but this is a comedy! If, maybe, 2 pages go by without so much as a grope, we'll need to get crackin'. ;-)

Detail. Part of what I love about this halfling idea is the below-mentioned fun you can have with proportions. My partner is going to need to play up the size difference. But in a special kind of way... Realistically. I don't exactly want to approach this like a hentai; with impossibly large phalluses being shoved up places and disappearing into an extra-dimensional snatch-space or poking a bulge out of her belly. (A more ridiculous example I've seen would be a tentacle going up the ass and coming out the mouth.) So, yes... Realism. If it ain't gonna fit all the way, it ain't gonna fit... and that's still fun! So if you have an appreciation for verisimilitude and a good enough imagination to be be able to accurately depict all the fun you can have with a 35 lb. future sex deity, then you're qualified. :D

I'm inclined to change the halfling's appearance every time there's a 'time-skip', mostly through hair styles but also cute (and sexy!) outfits.

Most of all.. Fun!

Anatomical Details! The Logistics.

So. Halflings "stand about 3 feet tall and usually weigh between 30 and 35 pounds."
As someone of a bit of modest artistic ability, I'm inclined to think about what this really means. The average human is about 5'10" and your hips are pretty much the equator of your body. Which means that a halfling is pretty much right at crotch-height.

Furthermore... The average penis length is about 5.5 inches. Your head is roughly 1/6th to 1/8th your height. A someone petitely preportioned halfling would thus have a head that is, from chin to crown, 6 inches.

NSFW, I suppose.

Were the halfling and a human man to do handstands, her chin would come up to about his nose, her breasts to his chin, her navel to his collar, her waist to his nipples, her knees to his navel, and her feet to his waist. Consider the size of a tongue to her, or even a finger! And let's not preclude the obvious.

Some Ideas

The protagonist meets a tentacle beast and prepares herself for the worst... but isn't raped, and ends up a little dissapointed.

The protagonist accidentily buys an aphrodesiac instead of a healing potion.

Goblins! They'd be just her size, actually...

Sanctuary Spell! It's a spell that makes it so that one's enemies suddenly lose the heart to bring themselves to hurt the enchanted person. ...need I go on? :P

The protagonist wakes up after a drunken night of partying dressed strangely and in somewhere she's never been before...

A nymph throws down a challenge! Whoever cums first... loses!

The protagonist tries to trick an adventuring party into thinking that she's a competent rogue... hijinks ensue.

The protagonist is kidnapped for an aristocratic gangbang orgy! The evil nobles are disapointed to find that she isn't exactly weeping and begging for death throughout the ordeal...

The protagonist finds herself unfortunately 'presented' to a passing animal as a result of bad luck and incompetence. Hilarity ensues.

Hilarity sues! The protagonist is convicted of a crime! The village's unusual punishment? A day in the gallows... naked!
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