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April 22, 2018, 01:13:58 AM

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Author Topic: A plethora of incest...(looking for F)  (Read 423 times)

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Offline XanthamTopic starter

A plethora of incest...(looking for F)
« on: November 11, 2011, 05:32:10 PM »
Ok, I will begin by saying this is not going to be a hugely story based plot.  I fully admit that I just need one tale that is full of sexual situations.  Plot is there to drive people from one situation to the next.  If you are looking for deep, engaging story lines with emphasis on character development, please PM me with some ideas, because I love those sorts of stories...but this one isn't that kind.

The basic plot line is thus: 

They say that there are infinite alternate dimensions, many of which are almost identical to the one we live in, but something is different somehow.  Well this is the story of the Taylor family.  Accidentally tossed into an alternate dimension they attempt to assimilate themselves while others have more intimate plans. 

In this dimension, there is a fruit tree that creates a delicious fruit that has one very odd side effect.  It acts as both a "pill" and day-after pill.  Available from the age of the caveman, it allowed women to be more in control of their own bodies and the offshoot of that was more matriarchal societies and greater sexual freedom.  The ability to stop unwanted pregnancies also allowed meant that incest was never a great taboo since there was little chance of pregnancy.  On the other hand, the matriarchal societies laid an even stronger taboo on rape, to the point where penalties for rape were often worse than those for murder.

Thus, in modern times, sexual freedom was high.  Incest was legal and generally people did not fear rape.

Next door to the Taylors were the Dearborns.  In our world they were good friends and often shared a barbeque meal during the summer.  However, in the other dimension, the Dearborns were really good friends and often shared a barbeque and wives and children during the summer, and winter for that matter.  We open our story  a couple of days after their arrival and after Mr. Taylor has informed Mr. Dearborn that they are from an alternate dimension.  And after the questioning of sanity that ensues, Mr. Taylor is able to convince Mr. Dearborn of his veracity.

I am looking for a female writer, or two, there are a lot of characters.  We would each play all the characters of our gender in the story.  So we each have some reluctant actors and some insistent actors.  If two females want to split the ladies, that's fine.  The reason I am looking for so few people is that what I really want is a group game without the group.  Sometimes a group game is very hard to keep going with there being so many people that all have real life conflicts that make scheduling tough.  This way, I keep the players to a minimum and we have only each other (or three) to worry about absences.

I look forward to hearing from any interested parties.  I'm looking for a posting rate of averaging at least one post per three days.  Not every post has to include every character, focus will jump around.  We can discuss and create the details together.