~*Sex & Servitude*~ (NC Fantasy extreme M/M)

Started by shii, November 11, 2011, 04:37:39 PM

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~*Sex & Servitude*~ (NC Fantasy extreme M/M)

Things this RP will include: Forced sex and or Rape, Master and slave, chains, bondage, gags, blindfolding, forced nudity, class difference, Neko, punishment, spanking, whipping, slapping, hair pulling, sexual exhaustion, prostitution and a plot with intelligent writing and depth to the characters.

If you are still interested please read on....

Blackwood raised from birth to be a sex slave finds himself once again in a brothel. It is not just any brothel however, it is a high class specialist brothel where it's patrons can be assured that only the highest quality stock is available for there varied pallets. This brothel is one with both genders serving and being served. Some of the slaves are up for sale and Blackwood is one of them. His masters don't see him going quickly however as the boy could be a bit dangerous if not handled properly. (I could see this having romance, in fact I do wish it would.)

The time: (this is up for debate so if you have an idea please share.) It will take place in a not quite modern world but not quite medieval world. We will have indoor plumbing, hot water/showers. We will not have guns, cars, phones or things like that.

Your Character: I would like a dominant character for my submissive character. Your character will have to be male as this is a M/M RP. I would like an age difference where your character is older than mine even slightly would be nice but not required. You can be vampire, werewolf, human, demon,elf, neko or something you describe to me. please no super weird stuff (tentacles, slime)

My character:

Name: Blackwood
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Species: Neko
Appearance: Blood red, strait and thick hair falls down to just brush his light shoulders. It is usually tied back in a messy pony tail with a green ribbon, chosen because it is easy to release with just a pull. His eyes are of the palest green with a depth that leaves an onlooker breathless with just one quick look. His lips are full, pink and cherub like, begging to be kissed, touched and ravaged. He has soft white wolf like ears and a fluffy white wolf like tail. His skin is the color of fresh cream and just as flawless with absolutely no freckles to mar the silky perfection. His body is lithe and lightly built and supple. He moves with a practiced grace in graceful, deliberate movements that make him seem like a living work of art. Every part of him demands attention, a soft curve here, a slight lick of the luscious lips there. Would you expect anything less from a bread sex slave than to be utterly, hopelessly and blindingly alluring?

Personality: He is suspicious, fearful and easy to control. He hates being a sex slave and hates even more that he was bread to be one. He knows he can't help his beauty, the way his looks practically scream take me! He submits to those who are stronger than him and dose there bidding placidly and without much threat of punishment as he knows his place. He is kind at heart but he is also dark. he has been known to kill his masters or a particular client with poison in the past. This life has not been easy for him and this makes him a bit cold. On occasion he will act on anger but this almost immediately turns to fear as he knows that there is a price for disobedience and for being displeasing.

Bio: He was born and bread to be a sex slave. He has been trained by professionals to be very good at what he dose. However even they can't seem to get him to enjoy his work or his position so they usually give him to the clients that want an unwilling partner or even a reluctant one. He is tougher than he looks and often puts up with quite a lot of abuse without complaint. His clients are usually high paying and upper class men and women. He has been bought and sold a few times and is now settled in a brothel of both male and female slaves.


If this is your thing then you can either reply here or you can send me a message.