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Author Topic: The dark side of magic  (Read 21984 times)

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Offline Lord BaneTopic starter

Re: The dark side of magic
« Reply #250 on: February 05, 2012, 03:04:58 AM »
"I'm not sure seeing the centaurs is a smart idea," Sangar replied. "Although since we have to pass through their lands we-"

His comment was cut short as an arrow missed his ear by a matter of inches and embedded itself in a tree behind him. It only took a glance to realise this was no elven arrow, it was far too big.

"Get behind the trees," Sangar growled under his breath. "The next arrow might not be so innaccurate." As they dodged behind the trees the Sentinels knocked arrows to their bows, waiting for orders from Sangar. "Pelik," he called to one of the Sentinels, "what do you see?"

"Two centaurs on a ridge just beyond the treeline," the Sentinel replied. "There's no way of advancing without them seeing us."

"Don't worry," Sangar replied. "This is where bringing Dryads with us comes in handy." It was only then the others realised the two Dryad guards had vanished, without seemingly waiting for an order or making a sound.

Offline albatross

Re: The dark side of magic
« Reply #251 on: February 20, 2012, 12:07:43 AM »
When Sangar was beginning to put her idea of seeing the centaurs down she frowned, knowing it was a long shot but at least she'd tried. Though she did hope they'd be able to at least catch a glimpse of one.

When the arrow hit the tree Aurora jumped a bit, staring at the large arrow and how close it was to Sangar's head.

At his order, she moved behind the tree and slid down so she was sitting on her butt and glanced over towards the other elves to see what they were saying and doing.

When Pelik said he could see two centaurs on a ridge beyond the treeline she peeked around the tree but couldn't see what Pelik saw. She let out a slow breath before she looked around again. She was the only one behind this tree and there was lots of brush. She was sure nobody would notice if she went missing for a moment to try and get a peek at the centaurs.

Aurora slid around the tree silently then began to crawl through the brush quietly and slowly. She wasn't going to jump out and try to surprise the centaurs, she just wanted to see them, even if from a distance.

Offline Lord BaneTopic starter

Re: The dark side of magic
« Reply #252 on: February 20, 2012, 02:39:46 AM »
The Dryads reappeared, two centaurs between them who evidently were angry at being captured but unwilling to try fighting three Dryads and the group of Sentinels.

"You dare invade the lands of Breivik?" one of the centaurs growled. "We could have you surrounded long before any reinforcements could arrive from Sylvan."

"We had no choice but to enter his lands," Sangar replied. "We seek passage to Venn the forest-weaver, we cannot reach his mountain without passing through your territory."

"What could you possibly want with the dragon?" the centaur asked, the anger dissipating slightly to be replaced by a note of curiosity in his voice.

"The Magyar Council has been called," Sangar replied. "But to reach Dragonblight we require a dragon to fly us there. There is a place at the council for your kind if you wish, you fought alongside the dragons in ages past, and I'm sure the Prince of Sylvan would fight alongside you with a sense of pride."

It suddenly became obvious that Sangar was no longer speaking to the centaurs in front of them, but had fixed his eyes on the same ridge the arrows had come from, where a pair of bright red eyes were just visible between the trees,

"So be it," a voice called out from the ridge. "You can pass through our lands. Tell your prince we will meet him at the rendezvous point". Sangar bowed, the centaurs who had now been released by the Dryads quickly vanishing back into the treeline.

"I could sense Breivik was there," Sangar said as he saw the surprise on the other's face. "He was evidently curious why we were here, otherwise we'd have been dead before we could get more than three words out of our mouths."

Offline albatross

Re: The dark side of magic
« Reply #253 on: April 19, 2012, 08:32:57 PM »
When the Dryads reappeared with two of the centaurs captured between them she let out an excited, surprised squeak, which she'd never admit had ever come from her mouth.

Her eyes stayed focused on the centaurs, roaming over every inch of their magnificent bodies. "Wow," she mumbled. It may be rude to stare but growing up centaurs had always been her favourite creatures, along with unicorns of course.

Once they were gone she stood from the bushes and smiled. "Those were so awesome," she beamed and looked around.

She'd heard the conversation but only took away they'd be able to cross through the forest.

"Well we should be on the way then," she said and walked over to Barkeley. "Did you see them? They were so amazing," she grinned, skipping a bit.

Offline Lord BaneTopic starter

Re: The dark side of magic
« Reply #254 on: April 20, 2012, 02:27:56 AM »
"Be careful," Sangar said as they set off again. "There are all sorts of stories about what creatures live around the mountain and none of them are good believe me."

They headed through the forest, beginning to see the mountain looming in the distance but unable to see the peak.

"Venn must be up there somewhere," Muroe asked sounding slightly nervous as they entered a darker part of the forest. "We need to-"

"Muroe, what's wrong..." Sangar froze as he saw what had happened. All of them were slowly being trapped by vines which seemed to have appeared from nowhere. "Don't struggle," he said. "They're Firebreath vines, the more you fight the stronger their grip becomes." As he turned around again they found they were surrounded. Some were creatures they couldn't recognise but among them were nastier looking versions of creatures they knew. At their centre was a figure who looked like a fairy but with pale skin and bright red eyes. "Well, I don't think we need to ask if Venn knows we're here, that's Myska, queen of the forest sprites. She's as close to a second in command as Venn gets."