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Author Topic: Drache-Fauer (group game - off site)  (Read 989 times)

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Offline GothicFiresTopic starter

Drache-Fauer (group game - off site)
« on: January 01, 2008, 10:34:00 PM »
This is a game I am gming. It is on my site mainly because it is easier for me to keep up with the posting there. For those who wonder, there is a link to Elliquiy from my board.

   Genre:  fantasy
   Setting: medieval (ish)

Long past human history, deep in legends there was a war that almost destroyed all civilization.  There are still vast deserts of scorched earth where life struggles to take hold even after thousands of years. Humans are now back to their former glory. The strongest rule, magic abounds and there are always minor wars to establish dominance of one nation over another. Dragons and other creatures have been forgotten except by the ones that hide among the humans. Some have grown tired of hiding…

Now the dark dragons are attacking the land again in their true form and then hiding among humans, expanding their control and spreading descent. Will the more tolerant dragons aid the humans considering the last war brought them to the brink of extinction? Would the humans survive with out them or become slaves to myths?

Game is hosted at 

Cast list (as of Feb 25 2008)

Rein – human with very diluted dragon blood. Mage & Ruler of the mythical kingdom of Nordhaus
Reil – Evil Dragon, spy & mage
Kir  - Evil Dragon, dragon king
Lothair Koenig - Good Dragon - descended from the dragon rulers of Nordhaus
Cetara Il’antharei - Half dragon/half elven woman

NPCs that can be picked up
Bess - the inn keeper's daughter
Alexander - a castle guard
Blut - an evil dragon

I see characters as dragons, half-dragons/half human or human. Ideas on other mythical creatures and be presented. But shape shifting would be magic based as apposed to lycanthropy. Characters are pretty much wide open: human, dragon, nobility, merchants, farmers etc... in summery... all professions and all walks of life are welcome. Good guys are required, bad guys are welcome.  This game will be long running, new players are welcome anytime.

Questions and interest can be expressed in this thread, via pm or in In The dark

And so it begins… Many Many Many Months Ago…

The sound she heard through the open window should have alarmed her, but that natural beat did not. It was part of her blood... part of her dreams. It was not until she smelled brimstone that she realized something was wrong. She had not been to the cave laboratory in about a week and there was no need to have it in her room when she was powerful enough to start fires on her own. Rein's bare feet hit the floor at a run before her mind had even thought the word “dragon”. Even though she thought it ludicrous that she would be fleeing her bed because she had a dream about creatures that had been wiped out in a war that happened thousands of years ago, she jerked open the ironwood door and fled into the inner stair case, pulling the door shut behind her.

Wing beats... sulfur... she must have been dozing, but in an instant she was on the floor gasping for breath as the oxygen rushed out of the tower. The door groaned behind her as if something was trying to suck it into her room. Then she felt the heat of the stones as they cracked and groaned under the dragon's breath. Terror and panic seized her... things even her diluted dragon blood should make her immune too. Not even during the Great  War was Starkes Herz castle attacked. No dragon regardless of its alignment had been denied the right to eat sulfur from the mountain on which the castle sat.

Though it wasn't impossible for dragons to still be alive, none had been seen since the end of the Great War. If this nightmare was indeed a dragon then she was the only one who could stop it. Not that she knew any magic or fighting skill strong enough to bring down one of the full grown beasts, she could speak their language, a gift passed on from parent to child through their blood. Dressed in only her night cloths Rein ran down the tower stairs to get to the battlements.

Her home was a castle in name only... there were no guards, no army. The kingdom of Nordhaus used the high mountains as  its security. None of their people could get out... no others could get in. Only dragons could pass the sleeping spine. Too her awe and horror it was a dragon, its large body blocking out the moon and the starts so that she could barely see its silhouette against the night sky. Fires burned for miles in all directions... places she knew that were farms and small downs. Trees on the mountains burned like torches creating a wind that brought the smell out death to her nose and sounds of pain to her ears. It was from the fire that she knew the dragon's hide was a black-blueish color. With her red hair flying about her face and tangling in the wind, The young mage raised her arms and drew power from the fire. Using the resistance her blood give her she molded the energy in her hands until it was shaped like the Starkes Herz crest. She launched it in front of the raging dragon's path hoping it would stop him or at least bring his attention to her.

Most would have heard a frightening bellow come from the soaring dragon as it banked and turned; changing directions. But Rein knew that she had gotten the monster's attention. It had laughed at her, but at least it knew she existed and for better or worse it was heading her way. Stop! You can take what you need! The small woman screamed in a language she had never spoken before. Hoping it would stop the carnage when it realized that they would freely give it what it required.

I already am taking what I need. She heard the voice in her mind and felt it vibrate the air around her just seconds before she smelled brimstone once again. Her world went dark in an agony of heat and flame.
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Offline Serenity Vixen

Re: Drache-Fauer (group game - off site)
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2008, 11:01:18 PM »
This game seems fascinating to me. I don't suppose there are noble magical catgirls?  :)

Either way, I am interested, but have to wait to commit until after my schedule works out and I know what time I have. Still, I would like you to keep me in mind for this one and I will try and get back to you as soon as possible. If the game fills up and you no longer have room before I can, please keep me in mind for the future. It looks awesome :)

Offline GothicFiresTopic starter

Re: Drache-Fauer (group game - off site)
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2008, 06:56:15 AM »
There is no limit to the people who can play. While there are no cat girls you are certainly welcome to play a person who can shape shift into a cat. Stop by anytime when you are ready.

Offline GothicFiresTopic starter

Re: Drache-Fauer (group game - off site)
« Reply #3 on: February 26, 2008, 08:03:55 PM »
It was that exact moment of the morning when the night gave its first concession to the coming day. Those sleeping would never have noticed the change even if they had been awake. Yet large slitted eyes narrowed against the intrusion of the increasing brightness. Smoke rolled through the forest, creeping low to the ground like fog from the lake. The debris and plants on the forest floor hissed and cracked under the greedy hunger of the fire. It spread unnaturally fast considering the wetness of the season. but now there would be no escape for the humans. Unlike the wild animals, they would have no place to flee.

Muscles bunched and horrible creatures of myth launched themselves in the air. There was a loud crack as massive wings unfolded in the air like unfurled sales catching a strong wind. The fire illuminated three dragons as they swept over the forest toward the village of Taldorf. The creatures roared in unison; they wanted to wake their victims. They wanted their targets to know death was coming. From the soft cries of children and the fear  stench rising in the air like perfume... they knew they had succeeded.

Then they began their attack in earnest, breathing fire on homes with people still inside. Screams of pain filled the air, adding to the chaos.  They torched fields as the sun rose. By this time the forest was a raging inferno sounding similar to the raging dragons inside. After the farms were laid to ruin, they flew into the village, exploding buildings with their breath... snapping up running people in their huge snouts. Men... women... and children... none were giving mercy... none were being spared.

The game has started, new players welcome at any time. 

Offline GothicFiresTopic starter

Re: Drache-Fauer (group game - off site)
« Reply #4 on: July 05, 2008, 09:32:30 PM »
We have  magic... we have fire... we have dragons... how could you not want to play with that?

this game is hosted at 

This game is generally 1 post a week. GM posts are made on the weekend. The dragons have destroyed a village and the next village over is now trying to figure out how to stop the raging forest fire heading their way. The town's weaponsmith, who is half dragon, is about to tell the prince of the kingdom that it was dragons that attacked the village and started the fire.

No player plays alone, gm will always respond.

Kir - Leader of the Evil dragons, black dragon
Rein - Queen of Nordhaus, the fabled land of dragons, ~half dragon (good side)
Cetara - weaponsmith, half dragon (good side)
Lothair - descended from the royal dragon line, gold dragon (good side)
Reil - mage, blue dragon (bad side)

Open NPC List (can be adopted)

Bahadur - Prince of Lengsel, age 24. Though he is more a warrior, he does have some magic ability

Bess - Daughter of the Red Tavern Inn's owner, age 21

Blut - Red dragon, Kir's second in command (he's on the evil side)

Mwynen - Princess of Lengsel, age 19

So not to create too many threads

We also have a group game that involves zombies in a medieval setting. Sex is not the focus of this game... surviving is... characters will die... the game will end... but it is currently accepting players who wish to tempt fate. This game is gm'd every post will get a response.

Oblivion is a club where all characters of any genre is accepted and see how they mix. I believe there is currently a succubus, a demigod, a pixie, a caveman, ghosts and about 4 space characters.