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Author Topic: Nitrozz's story cravings (Male looking for Female)  (Read 755 times)

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Nitrozz's story cravings (Male looking for Female)
« on: November 11, 2011, 01:36:42 AM »
Yes, another guy requesting role-play partners, big surprise right? lol
Well, I can't seem to find an role-play idea in the requests that catches my interest enough that isn't already taken.  So I figured I'd put up a request thread in the mean time.  Who knows, might get a response while I search about.  I'll probably update this occasionally when new ideas come to me.  Go ahead and read my on's and off's, I'll wait. 
Back?  Alright then, now we can move on to some stories I'd love to work on with a partner. 

Either way, I will constantly revisit this page to update it whenever inspiration hits.  I might want to note, there are a lot of times I'll read a comic or written work and take ideas from there and bend them to my whim to turn into RP ideas lol. 
In any case, PM me if you're interested and I'll elaborate further. 

Ideas so Far:

  • She came out of nowhere, like a storm into his life, she turned it all upside down.  An outcast among his own people, he couldn't be a more unusual elf, a forlorn.  But now, now she was there, wounded and needing his help though she'd never admit it.  She was drow, dark elf, sent on a mission he couldn't possibly know, and she had failed it.  With few options she could only rely on him.  Will she try her mission once more?  Or will she try to learn more about her strange savior?= taken now :3 
  • An old and powerful Lust Dragon has taken up residence in a nearby cave luring women to his lair.  With thoughts only of seduction and dominance, he seeks new mates to add to his collection.  He is searching for women of all walks of life: Townsfolk, adventurers of all walks from chaste priestesses to noble knights to normal farm/town girl. - closed for now, been taken
  • An elven maiden(or any kind of woman) finds herself in a forest slowly being corrupted by a powerful and evil other-worldly being.  The being seeks to corrupt everything around him, and as soon as he senses the maiden he attempts to corrupt her as well.  He will try any method necessary: seduction, manipulation, force, or any combinations there of.  (VERY Flexible demonic or evil spirit type fantasy creature with any type of good natured woman)
Gothic Horror themed
  • A dark and powerful demon finally manages to escape his imprisonment, finding himself within an old church on the fringe of a country town.  There he finds it's sole care taker to be a beautiful and young sister of the good faith.  Finding himself filled with desire, he seeks to claim and bend her to his will. - Been claimed. 
  • A strange idol of a goddess of fertility and beasts is donated to an art collector's gallery, set in the Victorian era.  Those who come into contact with the strange idol are affected by its strange dark powers, their inner beast brought out to the surface the next night, oft times even affecting others in their vicinity.  Those affected are quickly consumed by their inner beast and their inner most desires. - Reopened   
  • She had been bitten by the were-tiger long ago as preteen, however the priests had assured her that she had avoided the curse.  Regardless, she felt the need to hunt the beast down and many other creatures of the night.  Able to blend in with high society, she has heard rumors of the beast that had attacked her so long ago.  Tale of a silver tiger reaching her ears, she sets out to find him.  However upon discovering him she discovers that the priests were wrong, her curse had only laid dormant till then.   Just being in his presence caused it to act up, getting worse as she got closer to him, setting her body ablaze with desire.  Were-tiger and enthralled hunter coupling. -Been taken
  • The old natives who once lived on the very ground the town of Lunarshire used to tell stories about how the spirit of the moon had come to rest their head on that very land every night.  Of course no one took the legend all that seriously, nor did they take the warnings to heart either, that beasts who worshiped the moon would find themselves empowered by the land.  Not even the new sheriff a lovely and fit woman, who took no nonsense from anyone who broke the law.  That is until they arrived, the beasts of the moon, the lycanthropes.(I have a couple of different ideas that this story can take on, it's VERY flexible, so please inquire further)   
Fandom/fanfic/fan side story
  • She called herself the White Rabbit, and in the villainous circles of the super criminals she was a laughing stock.  Not one of her plans had yielded any gratifying results, or even lasted that long.  One hero or another would always put her down at the very beginning.  Even gaining spider powers during the Spider Island incident had done little to pull her out of her losing streak.  She decided to head off to Texas then, figuring that she'd be away from the supers then and maybe stand a chance, especially if she was away from that blasted Spiderman.  Of course once again she was proven wrong, as a brand new spider themed hero had JUST moved to the large state as well. 
  • He tried his best to fulfill his role as a costumed hero, putting away the bad guys when ever he could hoping he could do his old friend proud.  Still, a normal man can only take so much, he needed to get things off his chest.  So he went to her, a new psychiatrist his HMO would cover.  When he met her he couldn't believe how beautiful, or how insightful, she was and how easily she picked up on the littlest details.  Her name was Jessica Seaborn, though that wasn't her real name no, her real name was Harleen Quinzel.  However this woman was more well known as Harley Quinn.  She was finally doing the one thing she had gone to school for, after realizing her self worth she tried her best to strike it off on her own.  The two of them met constantly both in their normal lives and in their secret lives. - taken 
  • Gundam Age Done Right: Let's be honest, if you've seen Gundam Age you know a lot of the issues already.  Personally I can get past child protagonists, though in this RP they'd be of age instead obviously.  However making the antagonists all mysterious and alien like, then reveal they're just crazy humans with psychic powers later on?  Yeah, No, I can't let that fly. 
    So the idea here is that the UE and their dragon styled mechs are alien in origin.  Of course the aliens would be humanoid.  Possible couplings would be Main pilot and a fellow soldier, or the Main pilot and an enemy alien pilot.   
  • Dragon Ball O: I'm actually very interested in doing a Dragon Ball Online related role-play.  I actually have a very interesting story inspired heavily by a combination of DBZ abridged by team four-star, Dragon Ball Heroes, and several examples of fanart that have made my imagination take off.  PM me if anyone is interested.  Warning though will be avoiding canon main characters, with the exception of certain villains. 

Couples that need to be elaborated:
Brother/Sister (Doesn't matter who's older or if they're step siblings)
Fraternal Twins
Childhood friends
Boss/assistant (roles interchangeable)
Pirate Captain/Prisoner
Pirate Captain/other Pirate Captain
Pirate Captain/First Mate
Pirate Captain/Naval Officer

Themes and Fandoms I like or wouldn't mind playing around in:
DCUO(love this game now lol)
Giant Robots(Gundam, Super Robot Wars, you get the picture)
Naruto (Sort of, I've lost touch with the series and should probably catch up)
Pathfinder (the table top RP game, not the crappy vikings movie)
Soul Eater
Transformations(Theme I really like, I don't mean just in mentality, I mean going from human to a mix of human and something else)
WoW (I REALLY like the lore and environment a lot, the game itself not so much)

Well, that's everything I can think of for now.  I'll probably post when I've updated the list with any story ideas that come to mind.  Some of the ones I've already put down can range from short stories or to long running stories.  Whichever your taste might be.  As a reminder, please PM me if you're interested. 
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Re: Nitrozz's story cravings (Male looking for Female)
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2011, 12:54:14 AM »
Looks like another update, now.  Two new story ideas added, and a few that are closed for now.  I'll probably reopen them eventually lol