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Author Topic: Fright for our freedom  (Read 797 times)

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Fright for our freedom
« on: November 10, 2011, 06:46:10 PM »
   All I can hear are the rotter blades of the chopper as fly across the desert. I look out over the land its all most beautiful with the mountains raising up in the south and the desert sun making the sand dance for that moment I feel hope. I look back to my brothers and I know i will one day return home to my family, my wife and my two sons and i hope they will never see the horrors i have seen. Our leader turns to us, his a big guy in his mid thirties he has a scar that runs from his left eye to his lips from one look you can tell he has seen a lot over the years.
   ''We will fight today not for our selfs but for the freedom of our people'' he looks to me now ''We have lost so many in the days before but we will see an end to this war and gain back our freedom''.
   I look back our across the dessert and almost as if i wake and see the true reality once more, as i look down on the land below i can see building half broken and bodies lay all over the ground its like a horror a scene, a felling passes me and i think is this what we have become. I can hear gunfire now and it bring back memories of the past, so many nightmares, so many lost to this war, I look down and i can see people fighting and i can hear the cries of the wounded.
   ''Going down, Everyone ready'', says our leader.
The chopper slowly lands on the sand and with a slight bump it stop.
   ''For our freedom'' we all shout as we leave the chopper, as if it was our war cry.
we all race across the open plain to the forward camp, its very hot on the sand and im already starting to sweat. as we reach the camp a man is standing outside waiting for us his an young man and he hangs tight to his rifle as if not to lose it.
   ''we are the sixth'' our leader states to the young man
The young man opens the gate and we all clamber through now inside shielded from the wind i take off my helmet and our leader walks up to a older man wearing a uniform and they hug each other, Ive never seen him hug anyone before.
   ''Farther'' he says in a happy voice.
   ''Good to see your alive'' the older man replies.
 A man walks up to the older man and whisper something in to his ear, he nodes and the man walks off the older man looks back to us
   ''get some rest and eat something, you will be briefed soon''
He walks off and our leader follows, i look to the rest of the sixth there are eight of us including our leader but we are called the sixth because we are the sixth unit of the British faction.
   ''where do we eat'' one says
I look around me for a sign and my eyes cross a sign saying mess hall, i point towards the sign.
   ''There i guess''
They all move off towards the mess hall and in that moment i feel my stomach rumble, i had forgotten how hungry i was in all the confusion.I turn and follow them.
As we line up a lovely smell passes us and i feel more hunger.
   ''Wow, Smells great'' i say
   ''Better than the stuff we've had to eat over the past few days'' a voice returns
We now reach the food it looks like a thick stew, the lady scoops up a spoon full and puts it on my plate i pick up my plate and go and join the rest of my team. i put a spoon full in my mouth and taste the stew like substance, it was amazing slightly sweet with a sour after taste. everyone was silent as we all cleaned our plates after everyone was finished we all lent back and began to tell war stories of the past. soon later our leader walked in and told us all to follow him so we all got up and followed him out in to the hall then in to a room with a large table in the middle, a map was layed out over it and tree men where standing round it we joined them.
   ''Right'' our leader turned to us ''We have found a way to destroy them once and for all''.
   ''But it comes at a high risk'' the old man said as he looked at his son ''And we can not Garnette it will work''.
We all gazed at our leader as if for some motivational speech.
   ''I can not promise your safety or that it will even work, but its the best shot we have''
Everyone looked to him worried and scared.
   ''For our freedom'' chanted and one by one they all followed.
Now we all stood silent round the table and listened to what they had to say.
   ''we enter from this point'' one man pointed to a place on the map ''Its the safest place but there are some units posted here'' he pointed again''here,and here''.
   ''once you get in you will have to take out there power'' another man said 'An Explosion should do the trick'' he lay some C4 on the Table and our leader picked it up.
   ''Once in you will have to find a room with all there computers in, and upload this virus up to there mainframe'' me places a usb stick down and i pick it up.
   ''sounds easy enough'' i say
   ''Yes but by now there power will have turned back on from there back up generators and you will have a lot of units moving in on you'' came a stern voice
   ''we just go out the way we came''i said
   ''you carn't they will have move units there'' came the voice again
   ''OK how do we get out'' I replied
   ''by the garbage shoot''
   ''Down the corridor and to the left is a garbage shoot, if you you can make it here the shoot leads to the basement and you can escape through there''
   ''Are you joking''
   ''no its your best bet''
I look in my hand and see the usb stick.
   ''What dose this virus do''
   ''that will stop all there communications''
   ''they will have no order, and we can finish this'' I smile as i realize how close we are to fishing this war and my thoughts reach back to my family.
    ''ok'' i reply as i clam down abit ''when do we deploy
    ''in an hour, we need to pack a truck for your unit''
    ''im going to catch some shut eye'' and with that i walk off.

This part of my first ever attempt at a story ill put the rest up latter on but i was just wondering what you lot think of it so far.