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Author Topic: [TD Brothel] Transdimensional Brothel: NOW ACTIVE!  (Read 1178 times)

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Offline paladincarvinTopic starter

[TD Brothel] Transdimensional Brothel: NOW ACTIVE!
« on: November 10, 2011, 02:57:46 PM »
Game is now on! Click here!

A man, known only to anyone on the modern earth as 'Warp', has made a brothel of the widest selection possible... and only the rich can partake... or those that have something to offer. He accepts payments in: world changing technology, political clout, state secrets, weapons of mass destruction, loyal forces, slaves of any sort, magical relics, positive media spin, court manipulation, and anything else that helps secure his power.

Warp is located on an island in the South Pacific that in WW2 the US did little more than build a landing strip. It had been uninhabited, and was forgotten almost before the war was over. The landing strip has been modernized, but even a satelite picture can barely tell that there has been any change. Well hidden are SAM sites and AA guns, as well as hundreds of automated turrets defend the island. A series of satellite dishes connect to private data satellites. Radar dishes exist on buoys to detect anything incoming. There is one structure on the island, a cellar styled set of doors, locked by a DNA reader that identifies a person based on a drop of their fresh blood.

Down the three stories of stairs, then into an elevator, going further down. Inside this secret fortress is pleasure palace. Those that arrive will be greeted for the first time by Warp himself, surrounded by a group of naked women. "You've come to the right place. I've seen your payment, and given you a rank." He clips a tag on the customer's shirt, with only the person's picture and a border that matches their rank. "Here's your time card... please enjoy..." The card is really more of a thumb drive with a unique port... it also has a clock listing from seconds all the way to years.

Oddly enough, this is inspired a bit by a plot from Law & Order.

This is based on slightly altered modern earth, with very slight magic power existing, and some secret high technology items. There is limited access to time travel by advanced technology and limited access to other planes by the same magic, of which have almost any sort of race that could be found, be it traditionally fantasy or sci-fi. There is no connection to any canon material of any sort.

How does this work?

Warp collects women from around the world, from other times and even from other planes of existence. He either buys them in some fashion or simply captures them. Once captured, the woman is given a room with basic amenities. Those that get good review from Johns can request better treatment, those that fight or rebel lose even the basics. There is a communal area that is accessible from the second door of the room, the first going to their floor's main room. When a girl is picked by a customer, they take them to one of many 'working' rooms that have access to whatever sort of thing they might need. Every girl has a multiplier that is their 'cost'- a multiplier of x3 sec means that every second costs three. Some women have year multipliers if they are very rare, were hard to get and are very capable or useful. Penalties are also multiplied by this. Any girl gets a day after working, but if she needs more than that the customer pays that much time, times the multiplier. If customers go over, they arrange further payment or... well, Warp has ways to get back his 'lost time'. More advanced injuries and even death is just a penalty... usually in years, or a decade for death. There are rumors that Warp has a way to steal the souls of those that go too far into debt... considering a death of a year multiplier girl is 315576000 years, which equates to more money than is on Earth, it certainly seems like he'd want an ultimate price. Still, there is no proof...

And as for the time travel, the explanation is that time is self-healing and while things can be brought back, history itself can't be changed. If someone used time travel to steal Queen Victoria, for instance, it would have no effect on the main time line- it is a bit of a 'copy' machine more than a true time machine. Enough raw material for what is brought back must be available to the machine. If it isn't available in the quantity needed... well, you've seen Full Metal Alchemist (or Galaxy Quest)? It isn't pretty. The easiest way to have the materials needed is unload dead bodies into the machine...

What do the players do?

Players are either Johns/Janes, or girls. Warp doesn't own men... other than the slaves he's turned into soldiers, guards or eunuchs (some of the eunuchs are the men that went just a bit over on time but had nothing left to pay Warp with. So they agreed, rather than face a stiffer payment). Warp doesn't care how many customers come in together, but the price is per person. So two Johns together are x2 sec multiplier on top of anything else, three x3 etc.. Warp has found some of his girls are more valuable in groups, be it two or two hundred. These groups can be broken up, but no groups can be formed by the customer.

How does being a John(s)/Janes(s) work?

Any player can make as many profiles as they like. Each profile will consist of a few bits of information:

Their rank: This is much more about trust than what they did. If all they did was give money, then they can only be rank I. If they gave something dangerous to give (something illegal, treason, kidnapped a new girl) they can have rank II. And if they gave something that is beyond the normal world (technology from the future, magic of any sort, a girl from another world) or something of immeasurable value (complete control of a world power, control of a major financial system, Russian or American Nuke codes, stopped an invading force from attacking the island before it got there) they can access rank III. Rank I is Yellow, Rank II is Red and Rank III is Indigo. The profile can list what this is, but that isn't needed.

How much time a person has is completely up to you. This doesn't need to be explained, but can. The process is vague on purpose. How much time the person has can be listed and changed at any time, with or without explanation.

Beyond that, the basics of the character should be laid out. Looks, age, what they plan to wear in. If you want to play multiple Johns/Janes, you will need to describe all of them. Three players can't be in the same thread (it gets messy) but profile can contain any number of characters. Not all of the characters need to show when seeing a girl. It is perfectly reasonable to have both Johns and Janes in the same profile.

The player's preferences can be listed, any notes... whatever. A universal translator is available at a rate of x2 sec- if your character would always want or not want it mention that. A character has control on weather a girl has access to their translator, though this is something that a player should discuss with the other player.

Player's should note that magic is very rare, and any magic should always come at a huge cost (a trek that cost people their lives, offering souls, killing people, causing the person to be wanted internationally, making enemies with powerful beings like dragons). Humans from other planes or people from other times might come back with Warp when he goes to get girls, but for sanity sake, no players can be non-human.

How do girls work

Any player can have any number of girls profiles. Players can have both John/Jane profiles as well as girl profiles.

A girl needs to define where they came from and what they are. Back story can be included, but 'location/time/race' whatever is sufficient. Rank I girls should list where they were from. A Rank II girl should list the year they were captured from as well as location and general occupation (1862 US Southern Belle, 310 BC Athenian Priestess, 1466 Germanic Wench, etc.). A Rank III girl should list her race and if need be a canon source for a general idea of the race. The characters are not from that universe, it just defines the race better. For example: elf (Santa), elf (Elder Scrolls: wood), elf (Forgotten Realms: gold), elf (Norse Mythology: dark), elf (Lord of the Rings), elf (WoW: blood), elf (Warhammer) are all very different elves, and knowing this helps players define and understand the character, even if the elf is not really from those worlds. Please, no furry or cartoon animals (ie, like Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse), but established similar beings, such as anubi and gnolls are acceptable. Animal girls (cat girls, bunny girls) are acceptable. No beast or beast like creatures (no animals, no Pokemon, no dragons. Half dragons are fine, as are centaurs, minotaurs, satyrs- such hybrids need to clearly be half human).

A profile could include multiple girls, and there is no limit to the number. Do not mix girls of different ranks together, and please don't mix Rank III girls of vastly different sources together. What is vastly different is up to the player.

Girls should list their multiplier. This is flavour, but it is interesting, and may better help other players know what you are looking for. A x1 sec is the bottom of the barrel... usually very worn out, very common in some way, injured in an unflattering way, and always Rank I... these girls are most often the preference of those that want to do something like murder, since a decade is hard to pay as it is. Rank I usually tops at a minute multiplier if it is just one girl... usually of porn star quality. Rank II bottoms out at two minutes, but this is rare... usually worn out and of some recent time. Usually these girls aren't worth the trouble to catch in the first place. Of course, at least one person desired the 'Jack the Ripper' collection for the same purpose he had, and most of the girls were only slightly higher than that. The most expensive, at around ten minutes, are famously capable lovers... Oiran from the Edo Era, French harlots who have mastered the arts of pleasure, a sacred prostitute of an ancient religion... the list goes on. Rank III girls always at lest a day multiplier, and this is usually the injured, but some amazing races can reach to a month multiplier. As a rule of thumb when there are multiple girls is to square the average value if they had been by themselves.

The actual multiplier doesn't need to be justified, but it is an interesting point.

After this a bit of description should be given. Looks, clothing, languages. Back story can be given. Only one player per profile, but a profile can have as many characters in it as you want.

Magic should be limited. Only things integrated into the character's race- such as a faerie's ability to glow or float. Powerful abilities should be dramatically weakened- fire breath only make a puff. Consider Warp to know how to cancel magic.

Most importantly!

Girl profiles need to define what they are okay with. As made clear, this has the possibility of high violence. If you don't want that, make sure that is clear. While girl characters do not get to choose who they work with, the players of girls do. They establish the guidelines. If you don't want your character ever to be hurt, make it clear in the profile. Hurt okay, but death not? Make it clear. Always want your character to have access to her translator? Make it known. If you have a John or Jane restriction, make it known. If you have a number of Johns/Janes restriction, make it clear.

Anywho, what does everyone think? And how would I set this up?
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Offline Raveled

Re: Transdimensional Brothel: interest check
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2011, 06:51:24 PM »
Sounds interesting. I'm thinking a Rank 2 John, maybe a smuggler who brings girls/supplies to the island. Heck, I might write up the whole smuggling crew!

Offline Love And Submission

Re: Transdimensional Brothel: interest check
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2011, 08:07:07 PM »
Sounds cool.

Offline paladincarvinTopic starter

Re: Transdimensional Brothel: interest check
« Reply #3 on: November 11, 2011, 01:42:37 AM »
Alright. So mods, what have you... how exactly do I start this all up? I mean, how does one go about making a subcategory in say, NC:Human- Freeform Big Groups? Or do we just start with a post in Small Groups and if it works it gets put into big groups?

Offline paladincarvinTopic starter

Re: Transdimensional Brothel: interest check
« Reply #4 on: November 12, 2011, 09:07:45 PM »

Here is the initial thread, if you like what you've seen, go here to start talking it up. I'll have supplementing threads up soon. I'll post those additional threads here, but this post will have everything.

Offline paladincarvinTopic starter

Re: [TD Brothel] Transdimensional Brothel: NOW ACTIVE!
« Reply #5 on: November 13, 2011, 02:42:12 PM »
Game is now on! Click here!

Note: there are now character sheets available, and both a John profile and a Girl profile.
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Offline ShamshielDF

Re: [TD Brothel] Transdimensional Brothel: NOW ACTIVE!
« Reply #6 on: November 15, 2011, 08:43:51 AM »
I may be interested in this...I'll have to contemplate a character ^_^  Probably one of the girls.

Offline paladincarvinTopic starter

Re: [TD Brothel] Transdimensional Brothel: NOW ACTIVE!
« Reply #7 on: November 28, 2011, 03:52:09 PM »
Thought I'd post here about a need in the group, see if it might attract anyone interested but unsure what kind of character to make.

I need someone to play a genuinely submissive, female, nerd, virgin. The character could be a one time Girl, but can be kept if you'd like. This girl is going to be the first and last sex a eunuch-to-be will have before losing his equipment.