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Started by RaeynahsRose, November 09, 2011, 02:31:34 PM

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It’s been a while since I’ve been on the site, I had some RL things to take care of for the most of the past 9 months but now that I have time to come back and write I’d like to settle in with the continuation of an old rp as well as the addition of a new one.

Raeynah’s RP rules:

As much as I hate setting rules I feel it is a must to clearly state the type of RP I am looking for and the type I am not.

  • I am not here for Smut/Porn - if that's what you're looking for please look somewhere else, I love romance and sexuality but that is not the basis of my rp's

  • I prefer someone who has no problem posting 3 paragraphs per post at a minimum; I just am not interested in a paragraph per post or one liners as I feel the things I desire become nonexistent, such as detail.

  • I will most likely look at your past RPs to see how you rp and to see if we would mesh well, I also would expect you to do the same to me granted I only have one rp going on this site I’ve been in RP forums before and have been rping for over 10 years now.

  • I really don’t care if you’re a female or male on the other side of the screen so long as you play your part believably.

  • I am looking for long term stories

  • I prefer stories that have twists and I welcome your ideas but I am so sick of boring typical girl next store RPs it makes me cry

  • My favorite part of a story is the dynamic between the characters whether it's anger, frustration, unquenched lust or whatever

  • I prefer men to be anything but weaker then my character - we can be even or the man can be stronger but when a male character is weaker (mentally and physically) then mine it throws me off

Please read my O/O’s

That’s it I believe so let’s get on with the RP ideas.

Story Ideas:

To sin or not to sin?

God, he's not like they say - he's not some Almighty Governor over the human race, he's vulnerable just like everyone else. He has weaknesses just like everyone else and believe me you do not want to point those out to him. Do you remember God from the old testament of your bible? Avenging, blood thirsty and a tyrant? That’s the real God – don’t get me wrong, he’s a great leader in his own right – without him the world would be more like your movies of post apocalyptic then the booming cities they are now. I suppose the only warning I might have to give you in regards to your God is … Do.Not.Piss.Him.Off.

I pissed him off and now that is why I’m down here … on earth … you see I was one of his avenging angels, weird right? I look just like you and the next person, where are my wings you ask? Hidden – they’re always hidden and no they do not fold up into my skin like a travel size comb and mirror, they are invisible until I need to use them. No, God did not cut off my wings – he has a sicker sense of humor then that, you see I
CAN earn my way back into heaven but I have to work for it. What do I have to do you ask? Well I can’t very well share that, not right now but let’s just say it’s a lot of boring help the humans crap. Personally … I like it down here with you mortals, perhaps I’ll stay a while, we’ll see ….

What I’m looking for in this story is a strong (Dominant) male lead to play one of Lucifer’s demons going about and undoing all of the work that my angel has done – basically forcing her to stay on earth knowing that if she stays on earth for to long without re-admittance back into Heaven she will become mortal. As a mortal she will be susceptible to the sins that every human is and therefore also susceptible to becoming one of Lucifer’s minions. I want your lead to be a temptation to her, even as he’s pissing her off by undoing her work I want him to speak to a darker side of her (she is an avenging angel, not all fluffy and innocent) and tempt her like forbidden fruit so that she considers leaving her role under God.

Edit: I might be willing to make this NC - or at least not turn away from that idea should the RP ever lead to it .... and I would love my partner to offer ideas and twists.

PM me if you’re interested PLEASE DO NOT respond to this thread, also if you have any ideas that are not written above just PM me I’m open to almost anything! I’m a bit rusty on coming up with story ideas it’s been a while so I appreciate any added thoughts!



Added a new RP and eddited what I'm looking for in it in regards to a partner