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Author Topic: BlkNWhite's M/M Solo RPs  (Read 734 times)

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BlkNWhite's M/M Solo RPs
« on: November 09, 2011, 01:10:14 PM »
BlkNWhite's M/M Solo Ideas

-I'll be sure to update these RPs occasionally.
-PM me if you want to play in one of the RPs.
-For group ideas, take that little arrow and aim at this link.

Open Roleplays

Realistic Fiction

The Pro and the Beginner
This is kind of a introductory scene for one of my group roleplay ideas, named Macho City. Macho City is one of California's most popular (fictitious) gay porn studios, and has many male models of different desires. This is more of a quick shot Solo RP.

This Solo RP will involve a porn star with credentials to a guy recently joining for financial reasons (whatever the person picks). This guy could be either gay-for-pay, or....just gay. This is more of a quick shot solo RP.

Juice in the Grand Canyon State
Inspired by the novel “Sex with Lex” by Carol Lynne

Last year, in one of the hottest seasons of Arizona, an Arizona State University senior from California decided to spend his summer in Phoenix, just to get familiar with his progressing independence. He needed the financial aid during the free months of break since he wasn't currently taking classes, and he was also unemployed. His Native American roommate, thankfully, insisted on him going to his family ranch in Tuscan.

While visiting the ranch, the student then meets his roommate's father, also the owner. The generous father figured that he could help the guy out, so he hired him on the spot. Little to the student's knowledge, this father had a secret, a deep dark one that even his wife and kids don't know about, and it wasn't until days later that the student discovered this secret.

Between the father, and his son's best friend, they vowed to keep it a secret, because his father didn't want his family to know about it.

Now, the college student returns once again for more family ranch work. Will the father's flame of passion light up once more?

This roleplay will involve the college student and the father. The father's son/the student's roommate, the father's daughter, and the father's wife will all be NPC.

The Fireworks of Hong Kong

Inspired by the film "Bangkok Love Story"

Hong Kong is known for it's notorious gangs, and while people kill for reputation of one's gang, or family, others kill or capture for money. This is the case for a confused Bounty Hunter with a twisted past involving his innocence being corrupted by his stepfather, which then proceeds to later finding out that his mother is HIV positive. His childhood would largely affect his adulthood, creating an imaginary wall against other individuals. Instead he makes a living by assassinating, or capturing, people.

This would become a case for his next target; a married police informant who the gunman's hire, a gang boss, felt was held responsible of a drug run that would later turn into a bust.

With the bounty successfully capturing him at a carnival, they would both discover that the gunman wasn't receiving any money. As the target was planned to be killed, so was the gunman, in case none of the gang's business would go out into the streets by those he felt weren't loyal to him. With both the gunman and target sent outside of the gang boss's mansion, they were ordered to be killed in execution. However, the bounty and target retaliated, fighting back against various gang members and fleeing from the mansion to an unknown location. The bounty hunter is injured in this event.

With them both on the run from the gangs hunting for them, their bitter meeting would develop into an usual relationship.

So basically the characters will be the hunter and the target who saved him. Other NPC characters will include the target's wife, the hunter's family (his mother and brother), and the gang against them.

In Process Roleplays

Active Roleplays

Yaranaika! (with Saku)

Inspired by “Kuro Miso Technique” Comic

Let's just say you are a college student. You have classes and other personal deals causing stress to your life, so you decide to simply take a light stroll around the park to calm the tension down from your spine. Running is something that relaxes you all the time, especially when the weather is clear and pleasant as day.

Running near a washroom/restroom, you instantly hear,

“Hey, you.”

Curious about where the voice came from, you see a tall man sitting on a bench in a mechanic suit, staring straight at you. Then he does the unthinkable. He proceeds to zip down his suit, revealing his hardworking pectorals, down to his washboard core. Zipping all the way down, a thick delicious stick peeps from behind the suit, as well as two egg-shaped balls, letting out a figurative exhale to the warm weather.

“Let's fuck.”, he commands to you.

The Blind Date (With Nekoboy89)

Danielle's gay friend has had his share of men in the past: tall ones, short ones, skinny ones, muscular ones, those with.....size differences as compared to him, but after those breakups, he just decided to take a break and give up on dating, because the men he had been out with sprouted out billions of colors like springtime.

It's been almost a year since he kept that promise, but according to Danielle, the “drought” needs to be rained down upon. People can only live once, and rather than sitting in the house masturbating to Brent Everett, or Matthew Rush, they should be going out to places and mingling. She suggested him to start dating again, but this time on a more......experimental approach:  A blind date with someone who knew nothing about him, and vice versa.

She then asked her boyfriend, Damian, who the perfect choice could be for her single friend. Damian suggested his masculine cousin, who was also a little "bicurious".

With the dates being chosen, next is the location. A restaurant was perhaps the classic choice. A 5-Star restaurant, especially.

Now for Danielle and Damian's plan to commence.
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Re: BlkNWhite's M/M Solo RPs
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2012, 01:07:59 PM »
Updated. Added Group ideas link, Juice in the Grand Canyon State, and The Fireworks of Hong Kong