Could you love an Orc? (Orc seeks young beauty)

Started by Jester, November 09, 2011, 07:20:03 AM

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Ravenlaw was the capital city. A huge city that catered for a diverse range of peoples and many hoped would secure their future and happiness.

You are a young woman intent on finding fame and fortune in the Ravenlaw. With a few gold pieces and the clothes on your back you arrive at the city with your own history and mystery. You are a skilled seamstress and dressmaker and hope to secure success in the city of Ravenlaw.

With your money you secure rent on a little shop in Darktown, the poorest district in Ravenlaw. Plying your trade you hope to secure enough business to rise through the ranks of the city and make your money. But first you have to cope with narrow and dirty streets of Darktown. You have to dodge the beggars, the rapists and the whores and attract money from the few decent people in the area.

Over the narrow road is a lodgings that seem to house the nastiest and scariest of the city's occupants. The worse is an Orc whose eyes seems to watch you and its obvious what the beasts intentions are.......One day late back from measuring a customer in the Old Town you feel someone watching and following you.... Men surround you and threaten you. Imagine your surprise when you are rescued by the Orc?

This is the story of how a young innoccent beautiful human/elf girl falls in love with a crude Orc. Would you fall in love with a monster? A grotesque muscular beast? But then perhaps this beast helps you to win new clients? Follows you home each night to make sure you are safe? Becomes a hero in the eyes of City Lords and Ladies and achieves great things?

Would she be able to cater for his whims and desires? He is ever so big, muscular and rumour has it his cock is ...well.

I imagine the first few scenes would be as follows:

Scene 1: The Seamstresses arrival and setting up shop.
Scene 2: A ltitle history on the Orc.
Scene 3: The first meeting of the two. Orc intimidates girl. Orc falls in love.
Scene 4: Late walk home - The girl thinks she is being followed by the Orc.
Scene 5: 2nd Late walk home - Girl gets attacked and nearly raped. Orc saves her and takes her home.
Scene 6: Awkward apology and girls begs for forgiveness.

And so on.

Possible Sexual Content : Rough Sex, Domination, Con,

If you think you might be interested please get in touch.