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Author Topic: Aliens, Predators, Marines, Oh My! (Interest Check)  (Read 742 times)

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Aliens, Predators, Marines, Oh My! (Interest Check)
« on: November 08, 2011, 08:43:12 PM »

Another Disastrous Discovery

Fifty years have passed since the events of Alien 3. Weyland Yutani has buried all documentation dealing with the Xenomorph Bioweapons project. Only a select number of higher ups are still aware of the creature's existence, hoping to discover it again. LV-426 was completely annihilated and beyond recovery. Nothing remained, not even the Space Jockey's ship.

Then they discovered it. LV-1582, a planet in the far reaches of space. Near as they could tell the planet was once a tropical paradise, but an asteroid impact caused global devastation and climate change. Scientists estimate roughly 300 years have passed. The planet's atmosphere became breathable, but currently unable to sustain life. A terraforming project was considered a waste of time, money and resources...until they found it.

Some ancient ruins containing hundreds of eggs lying dormant. Weyland Yutani had finally gotten another chance. The executives approved terraforming plans and got a colony set up right away.

Unfortunately, the ruins they found were an old facility. The planet had been a "game preserve" for the Predators, and they included an installation specifically for controlling the Alien population on the planet. It was one of their greatest hunting grounds, a complete mixture of species, and always the ferocious xenomorphs would be the final beast standing.

But ever since that meteor hit the planet, the use of it as a hunting ground ceased. It should be inactive. So why was it reactivating? Curious, a small team of hunters make their way to the planet to inspect and report back.

Soon, all Hell is about to break loose.


Weyland Yutani have smuggled prisoners, convicts and other unsavory types to the colony in large shipments, disguising their stasis pods as regular materials and cargo. Only a select number of scientists are granted access to the cargo, which is taken to subterranean level five, requiring the highest level clearance on the base. Only about a dozen scientists are allowed in level five, as they are the ones working on the Xenomorph weapon, trying to learn to control it.

Naturally, things go wrong. One evening when only two scientists are on duty, they make a mistake. There are a dozen drones bred in captivity, and with the new "cargo" of stasis subjects, they are to retrieve more eggs for implantation. Only one of the containers is knocked over, popping open, giving the egg a chance to open and release a Facehugger. It escapes into ventilation. The scientists warn their project lead, who notifies the security team and marines to keep on the lookout for suspicious activity. It is too late, though. One of the citizens is attacked, an egg planted into his chest. The first Xenomorph bursts forth, hiding away until it manages to set its brethren free.

It is about this time the Predators arrive, curious to see the Humans have made it this far.


For the sake of simplicity, the only films being considered canonical are Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Predator, Predator 2 and Predators. The Aliens vs. Predator films are not being considered canonical because they are stupid, and Alien: Resurrection because it hasn't happened yet (and because it was terrible).

Comics and video games will not be considered canonical, because not everyone has easy access to those materials. They can, however, act as inspiration for characters or events.


No character is safe. This is not a "God mode turned on" set up, nor is it going to be combat every five posts. Character is important here. Think about the pace of the films. There's plenty of plot between each alien attack.

Survival is not guaranteed. Players should be willing to have their characters die. There is the possibility of playing another character afterward, or another consideration.

After a player dies, they can then create a Xenomorph "character", or take control of a Predator. However, this can easily be abused and thus has not yet been decided upon.

Either way, do not be afraid to kill off your character. This is Aliens vs. Predator, after all.


A small troop of Colonial Marines are on the planet surface as back-up. No one understands why Weyland-Yutani commissioned them, that it is a precaution to try and make sure the LV-426 disaster doesn't happen again, to nip the problem in the bud if things get out of control.

There is also a standard security force, as well as the genetic scientists with access to Level 5, remaining scientists in charge of the terraforming project, engineers, janitors and various other civilian roles.


For those wanting a role in the Adult section of the site, feel free to check out the Hadley's Hope RP.

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Re: Aliens, Predators, Marines, Oh My! (Interest Check)
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2011, 08:35:37 PM »
Is this game still going? I'd love to get involved!

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Re: Aliens, Predators, Marines, Oh My! (Interest Check)
« Reply #2 on: November 25, 2011, 12:22:41 AM »
There hasn't been any interest thus far, and I've got my plate full so I don't know if I'd be capable of GMing properly.