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Author Topic: plot proposal, younger woman/student x older professor/counselor, seeking Fs  (Read 1196 times)

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Offline rick957Topic starter

Hi, thanks for coming by.  I've RPed at Elliquiy a fair bit over the last couple years, but not for many months now, and I'd like to get back into it.  Basic requirements and expectations ...:

I like RPing in forums but would be willing to do PMs or emails or whatever.  No IMs or instant anything, sorry.

I'll give you at least three sentences per post and would appreciate at least as much in return.  Those are minimum expectations; it's more natural for me to do a paragraph or two at a time, and I can do lengthy posts as well.

Again, as a bare minimum, I will post at least once per week and expect the same in return.  I'll be shooting for 3 or 4 posts per week whenever possible, and I might even get several posts in on certain days.

As to the type and amount of sexual activity in the game, I'm willing to do anything from non-sexual stories to pure smut, or whatever in between.  Heterosexual pairings with me playing the male side are the most comfortable for me.  I don't think I have any Ons and Offs posted anywhere that I can recall, because I don't consider them too important; my tastes are pretty flexible, I think, but also fairly typical for a heterosexual male.

I prefer not to know anything about your real life except your gender and sexual orientation, because it helps me to focus primarily on your character.

I do RPing as a way to practice fiction-writing and storytelling, and I'll put a fair amount of effort into my posts, so I prefer that you do too, at least enough to proofread your posts and catch obvious errors.

I like to have friendly interactions with RP partners outside of the game, so I expect you to be patient and willing to communicate whenever it becomes necessary.

Please ask about anything above that you want details about, or let me know if you want anything different from the above guidelines; I can be quite flexible.

As to plots ...

Crafting strong characters and making an interesting story is all I really care about, so I put most of my energy into coming up with inventive twists and conflicts.  I'm happy to write in a variety of settings and genres, from sci-fi to fantasy to horror to adventure to interpersonal dramas, but real-world, modern-day settings appeal to me the most, simply because they require little-to-no research. 

I know most people like to see specific plot suggestions.  I can improvise those pretty easily, and I'll do up some later and post them here if I have to.  I expect to discuss the plot details for a little while with any prospective partners before we get down to the actual RPing. 

For now, I'd like to simply invite anyone who wants to try an RP with me to PM me or reply here.  Before you do, please have a peek at some of my old RPs on Elliquiy to get some idea of how I write; if you like what you see, then get in touch.  Hope to hear from you.  :)
-- Rick
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Offline Gail Warning

Hi Rick.

I came across this while browsing old posts.

I too like to explore charcaters emotions and how their morality changes due to their circumstances. Your concept of a developing relationship between a kidnapper and is victim is very interesting and I believe it could provide a wide range of scenarios.

Let me know if you still want to play this. We can discuss plot details then.


Offline rick957Topic starter

Still seeking one-on-one RP partners ... here's a plot framework that I wrote up recently.  Not many details here, but enough to start someone's creative juices flowing, I hope.  I'm hoping to start an RP based on this with someone else, but right now, I've got time for at least two new RPs, so I could do two RPs using similar settings.  (The details will be all different in each RP anyway, and it's the details that count more than the framework, IMO.) 

PM me if you want to try this.  Thanks!

"Younger Woman/High School/College/Post-College/Postgrad X Older Man/School Counselor/Academic Advisor/Professor"

You play a late high school or college student (16-21 year old) or recent graduate or post-grad student (early to mid-20s) who ends up unintentionally having an affair with an older authority figure, either a high school counselor (like a psych social worker) or a college professor, probably in his mid-30s.  The relationship starts out as totally non-sexual.  If I play the high school counselor, he could be called upon to help your character deal with some personal emotional difficulties that are impairing her school performance; if we go with the college setting instead, I could be your academic advisor, working closely with you on your college thesis.  In either case, your character feels pressure to make a positive impression on mine, either to deflate recent accusations of school misbehavior, or to secure a positive recommendation or other career-advancing gesture from me, a person with lots of clout and public/professional influence.

Naturally, you would be free to create your character's background, lifestyle, personality, social circles, etc.  The two characters spend more and more time together, with heightening emotional interplay and unrealized sexual tension.  At some point when your character is thoroughly under the thumb of mine in emotional or professional terms, the nature of their relationship undergoes an unexpected shift into the darkly sexual.  It wouldn't be a romance by any stretch, but rather a manipulation of an indebted and vulnerable young woman by an older male superior.  The degree of manipulation and non-consent can be a little or a whole lot, depending on your preferences.

The meat of the plot would emerge as the subjugation of your character intensifies and then some outside circumstance threatens the stability of their private and socially-inappropriate sexual affair; this is pretty far down the line, assuming the RP lasts that long.  Decisions will have to be made, whether or not to terminate the dom/sub relationship, and those decisions will have dramatic consequences for both characters.
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